8 simple and practical CSS tips

#1. StructureKeeping the CSS structure clear not only helps to keep the CSS file simple, but also facilitates future checks and changes. #2. Keep it concisePersistenceCodeIt is concise and can greatly reduce the size of CSS files. #3.

Dynamic Loading of external CSS or JS files

  Function loadjscssfile (filename, filetype ){If (filetype = "JS") {// determine the file typeVaR fileref = Document. createelement ('script') // create a tagFileref. setattribute ("type", "text/JavaScript") // defines the attribute type value as

CSS controls Div display/hide and compares the original code using two methods

Display and visibility in CSS Display and visibility syntaxes In css. They can both hide and display HTML elements. They are similar, so many people may make mistakes.Their attributes are as follows: Display: None | block;Display: none; hide the

Quick query of CSS compatibility in Microsoft IE6, IE7, and IE8 browsers

Modern web design and development focus more and more on browser compatibility. The release of each new version of IE is a major step forward in the standardization of CSS. At the same time, it is inevitable that there will be compatibility issues

The CSS name cannot start with a number.

I made a mistake. The CSS name cannot start with a number. Otherwise, it will not work. I did not notice this problem today .... In addition, when defining Mo Li separately, the previous parent level should be fully written. . Loginbox_ul Li

CSS start table (css id Class Name Reference)

CSS start table Element: Element Header: Header Logon entry: loginbar Logo: logo Sidebar: sidebar Advertisement: banner Navigation: nav Subnavigation: subnav Menu: Menu Sub menu: submenu Search: Search Scroll: Scroll Page subject: Main Content:

Modular CSS-more effective CSS Management

ArticleDirectory I. efficiency issues and ultimate goal Ii. Call as few CSS files as possible Iii. multi-person cooperation issues Conclusion: Edit comment: when designing CSS for a website, the modular CSS method can be used

CSS block-level elements and inline elements [basic dictionary]

CSS document streams and block-level elements (blocks) and inline elements (Inline) Document Stream Divides the form from top to bottom into one row, and emits elements from left to right in each row, that is, the document stream. Each

CSS content Generation Technology and Application

ArticleDirectory 1. Introduction 2. A little reminder III. Basic-generate content 4. Use counters to create numbers 5. Insert correct quotation marks for multilingual content 6. Replace text with images 7. display the

[Proficient in CSS and HTML design patterns] different weights in style sheets of Reading Notes

When I write CSS, I usually only use link to import a style sheet. Today I readProficient in CSS and HTML design patterns,It is roughly divided into six levels, from high to low. 1. The highest priority is the element in the HTML document header.

Use of CSS gradient in core WebKit browsers

ArticleDirectory 1. Gradient Ii. Basic syntax 3. Create a linear gradient 4. Create a radial gradient 5. Specify the transition color point 6. Create duplicate background gradient From http://www.zhangxinxu.com by

How to use an HTC file to encapsulate CSS styles

The following describes how to create an HTC instance by creating an HTC instance with the mouse sliding over and highlighted. 1. Create the HTC file architecture. A standard HTC file contains a script block and a pair of optional component tags.

Use js to import JS and js to import CSS

Use button Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Link ID = M REL = Stylesheet href = " Docedit.css " Type = " Text/CSS " > Input onclick = "

A small bug in IE6 when using CSS Sprites

If you are usingCSS SpritesYou do not specify the background image once, but useWorkaround, not fix A bug occurs: If the Cache Control of IE is not cached and resources are retrieved from the server every time,The background image will flash This

Spell webpage Div + CSS is text completion shorthand

1. If you want the space in how are you valid: You need to add word-Spacing: 20px; 2. whether the text in the DIV needs to overflow or hide after the width of the DIV is fixed: You need to set text-overflow: ellipsis; overflow: hidden;

[Proficient in CSS and HTML design patterns] inheritance relationships neglected in the CSS of Reading Notes

Everyone knows about CSS and inheritance, but they really know what things are and will inherit them, and those will not "inherit the father". Now, let us know .[Xiao HeWe are very grateful to you for pointing out any errors.] When designing CSS,

CSS matching rule reference

ArticleDirectory 11.2 CSS matching rule reference 11.2.1 select a child Matching Element 11.2.2 inheritance 11.2.3 select child matching child element 11.2.4 use a combination to match multiple elements at the same time 11.2.5

Several foreign XHTML template sites, div + CSS template download)

Release several foreign XHTML template sites, div + CSS template download First, open source web design (oswd) open source design Http://www.oswd.org/ Second, solucija (excellent product) Http://www.solucija.com/home/css-templates/ Third Http:/

CSS gradient effect

Very dazzling CSS gradient effect     Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Doctype HTML public "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en"

Memory corruption vulnerability caused by CSS exceptions in ie7.0

  # Ghost doll: It is estimated that many of you have seen it. Someone sent it from the past two days. These two days are a little busy, so you don't have to worry about updating them. Thanks to friddy. . 1. Vulnerability Introduction

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