Getting Started with iOS development: About Performance Tuning – choose nib or Storyboard discussion

The story board is the Apple after IOS5 technology, the intention is to integrate multiple nib files in a story board file, easy to manage, story board can also respond to the navigation between the controller, a lot of navigation is a need to line

Getting Started with iOS development: building an Adaptive iphone and ipad project

Sometimes applications need to be able to run on the iphone and ipad, and of course we can choose to do two completely different projects and then share some of the classes, but we can just create a project and build a product that can be adapted to

Getting Started with iOS Development: Table View UI design mode

There are design patterns in software design and design patterns in UI design. Because the application of table views is extremely extensive in iOS, this section describes two UI design patterns in Table view: Paging mode and Drop-down Refresh (pull-

Getting Started with iOS development: Passbook and development cases

Passbook is a new feature of iOS 6 that can only be used in iphone and ipod Touch devices. It can help us manage the electronic Membership card, scorecard, coupons and so on that the merchant issues. This will have a far-reaching impact on future

Unit Test in iOS Development (ii) a matching engine that makes assertions lively

The previous article briefly introduced the more common unit test framework in the Ocunit and Ghunit two iOS development, and this article further introduced another weapon in unit testing-matching engine (Matcher Engine). The matching engine can

An approach to IOS 7 Input method

For the vast number of Chinese iphone users, input method is for everyone has been criticized and helpless part. On the one hand, as a user from the Nokia Era function machine, generally are accustomed to the input method of high efficiency nine

Cisco Cisco IOS Profile automatic backup and fallback

Automatic backup and fallback of Cisco iOS profiles requires the use of the Archive Archive configuration mode feature of iOS. In general, only the version number of iOS has the Archive configuration mode feature in 12.3 (4) and beyond. Cisco iOS

IOS Ezvpn without tunnel segmentation access to public network testing from Headquarters

. Test topology: Reference Link: General idea: Set up a loopback port on the EZVPN server, and configure the Route-map on the external

Introduction to Low-memory Processing for iOS 5 and iOS 6

Mobile device terminals have very limited memory, and applications must do low-memory processing to avoid crashes due to excessive memory usage. The thought of low-memory treatment Usually an application contains multiple view controllers, and

Playback system sound and custom sound effects in iOS development

The demand is roughly divided into three kinds: 1. Vibration 2. System sound effects (no need to provide audio files) 3. Custom sound effects (audio files required) Encapsulation of my tool class: ////WQPLAYSOUND.H//Wqsound////Created by Read

How to control the direction of screen rotation support in IOS 6

In iOS5.1 and previous versions, we used shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation: to individually control the direction of a Uiviewcontroller's spin-screen support, such as: -(BOOL) Shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation: (uiinterfaceorientation)

How to implement the image transfer PDF in iOS development

Quartz 2D Overview The Quartz 2D is a 2D drawing engine under the core grapgics for iOS and Mac OS x. It has powerful drawing function, provides visual angle effect rendering, anti-aliasing rendering, color Management, drawing PDF and so on.

iOS development: loading, sliding browsing a large number of picture solutions

To share a personal photo album today, read load, slide through a lot of picture solutions, I want to emphasize that programming ideas are not about platform limitations. I'd like to elaborate on what happens in the short 1 seconds (and the next

Visual and interactive design: starting with iOS 7

I like iOS 7, but a lot of designers don't like it first. I want to say is the difference between visual design and interactive design. We all agree that vision and interaction can bring about truly superior products. But what if the two choose one?

The main features of the iOS version of Outlook

Microsoft has released Outlook apps for the iOS platform, with the full name of the Outlook Web app for Iphone/ipad, which is simply packaging the Web version into iOS apps. The OWA for iphone requires the user to subscribe to Office 365 for use.

iOS Programming: Nsnotificationcenter Multi-threading situation

In a multithreaded application, notifications are always delivered to the thread in which the notification is posted, whi CH May is the same thread in which a observer registered itself. In this sentence, notification are both passed and received

iOS programming: The iphone lib package

Recently studied the package Lib, I experimented with 3 ways The first way. New Project-> IOS library->cocoa Touch Static Library This creates a new project for static libraries, placing the. m,.h you want to package into Lib, under the class

iOS programming: IPhone How-to: Photo for UIView

The basic principle is to depict the uiview layer mainly in the graphics context. UIView Global photo and local photo code is as follows: 1 UIView Global photo shoot - (UIImage *) screenImage:(UIView *)view { UIImage *screenImage;

IOS 6.1 New reset ad recognition code features

The second beta version of IOS 6.1 has been released, and Apple mentions the new reset ad recognition code feature in the release log. This new feature, like the history of deleting browsers, allows your device to disappear from The Advertiser

IOS QR code generation and scanning, ios Scanning

IOS QR code generation and scanning, ios ScanningAttribute @property (strong,nonatomic)AVCaptureDevice * device;@property (strong,nonatomic)AVCaptureDeviceInput * input;@property (strong,nonatomic)AVCaptureMetadataOutput * output;@property

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