iOS Development: Learning notes-variables, attributes, methods, implementations

1, Code Description: Person.h Person.h #import @interface Person:nsobject { Definition of int age,sex;//variable int height,width; } Definition of the @property int age,sex;//property @property char height; -(void)

iOS development: The WatchKit Application essentials

WatchKit Application Architecture The WatchKit application is an executable file that runs in Apple Watch. It includes the resource files required to storyboard and render the screen. The WatchKit extension is the executable file that runs on the

iOS development: Multithreading Nsthread and Nsinvocationoperation

Multithreaded programming is the best way to prevent the main thread from clogging, increasing the efficiency of running, and so on. But the original multithreading method has many problems, including the thread lock Deng. In cocoa, Apple provides a

iOS Development: Performance optimization for Mkmapview

The most recently done project is lbs, the main member positioning function, which is our UI design. At first glance, it looks good. Different people will show different avatars but when people get together, the problem comes.

iOS development: Some of the experiences of Yo's API developers

In the article "Don't make developers unhappy ..." We mention the importance of the developer experience (DX, Developer experience). A good developer experience allows developers to quickly create the required services through the API, creating

Unit tests in iOS development (i) Contrast ocunit and Ghunit

This article does not discuss what unit testing is, or the pros and cons of it in a project, and I think unit testing is an effective tool for developers to ensure the quality of output code. This article from the user's point of view to compare the

iOS development: git process

  The GIT process in iOS development The virtues of git are not to be mentioned by me, not by SVN. I used to drag files to work with other people when I was developing them. - -! I'm not going to say a few basic commands here, just to teach the

iOS development: How queues and semaphores should be synchronized

To address this issue, I think of two solutions: the first is to determine whether it has been initialized before performing these operations and, if not initialized, to use an array queue to store the operation parameters and the methods invoked,

iOS development: Custom status bar code detailed

The company's development project requires that a program download progress bar be added to the top of the status bar, and that the previously written program, because it is based on the ipad's orientation to set the custom status bar frame, as well

iOS development: Unity3d Game Engine Building framework and export project

First go to Unity3d official website, we can see a lot of information about Unity3d. Click Download start to download unity, download the proposal not to use Safari with the download tool, because not to support the continuation

iOS development: Unity3d Role Controller Component Research

The way to use it is to first open the Unity Game Engine Editor, and then right click the import Package-> charactr Controller (role Controller) in Project view to import it into our project. As the following illustration shows, the first-person and

iOS development: Simple Web application localization

At present, most of the enterprise-class iOS applications are based on statements and document approval, and the application of the development trend is bound to the web direction, although native app has unmatched flexibility. How do you localize

iOS version PSP simulator PPSSPP how to use

Many children's shoes like to play on the PSP above the game, then must need PSP equipment? Now there is a very hot PSP simulator PPSSPP, not only on the computer, but also on the Android phone to use the Apple phone. The iOS version of the PPSSPP

How to render prototypes on IOS devices

There are a lot of iOS component library on the network, it is convenient to implement the control, so green tea small series of reminders, this article is only to talk about, how to present the prototype on IOS devices? Many UX and PM students are

Assetslibrary to support multiple graphics selection in iOS

The Assetslibrary framework provides a alassetslibrary class to help us access photos and videos under the management of photo albums, as shown in official documents. if (!self.assetslibrary) {_assetslibrary = [[Alassetslibrary alloc] init];} With

Uidplayer for iOS release! The perfect encounter between the prototype and the real machine!


Perhaps you have been uidesigner for mobile senior designer, perhaps you have been through Uidesigner for mobile to complete a number of product design and online, and even bring great success to your company, but you may still have a hint of regret

iOS Programming: iphone launch screen

One approach is to place a default.png picture directly under the application root as the program's splash screen. Here is another way to go from: Today, I'll show you how to add "bells

Set application icon and boot screen in iOS

A good application icon will not only give users a good first impression, but also can help users in the vast number of desktop icons, quickly discover your application. This article describes how to add an already-designed icon and a startup

Properties and delegating methods of Uipickerview in iOS

Property Number of rows for the Numberofcomponents (readonly) selection box DataSource (readonly) Data source Delegate delegation (BOOL) Showsselectionindicator whether to display a selection indicator This selector refers to the selection box

Cisco iOS common shortcut keys

: The cursor moves to the left of the first character of a word. Action: Press ESC first, release, and then press the B key : The cursor moves to the right end of a word. Operation: Ibid. : Moves the cursor to the beginning of the command line.

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