iOS development: How queues and semaphores should be synchronized

To address this issue, I think of two solutions: the first is to determine whether it has been initialized before performing these operations and, if not initialized, to use an array queue to store the operation parameters and the methods invoked,

iOS development: Custom status bar code detailed

The company's development project requires that a program download progress bar be added to the top of the status bar, and that the previously written program, because it is based on the ipad's orientation to set the custom status bar frame, as well

iOS development: Unity3d Game Engine Building framework and export project

First go to Unity3d official website, we can see a lot of information about Unity3d. Click Download start to download unity, download the proposal not to use Safari with the download tool, because not to support the continuation

iOS development: Unity3d Role Controller Component Research

The way to use it is to first open the Unity Game Engine Editor, and then right click the import Package-> charactr Controller (role Controller) in Project view to import it into our project. As the following illustration shows, the first-person and

iOS development: Simple Web application localization

At present, most of the enterprise-class iOS applications are based on statements and document approval, and the application of the development trend is bound to the web direction, although native app has unmatched flexibility. How do you localize

iOS version PSP simulator PPSSPP how to use

Many children's shoes like to play on the PSP above the game, then must need PSP equipment? Now there is a very hot PSP simulator PPSSPP, not only on the computer, but also on the Android phone to use the Apple phone. The iOS version of the PPSSPP

How to render prototypes on IOS devices

There are a lot of iOS component library on the network, it is convenient to implement the control, so green tea small series of reminders, this article is only to talk about, how to present the prototype on IOS devices? Many UX and PM students are

Assetslibrary to support multiple graphics selection in iOS

The Assetslibrary framework provides a alassetslibrary class to help us access photos and videos under the management of photo albums, as shown in official documents. if (!self.assetslibrary) {_assetslibrary = [[Alassetslibrary alloc] init];} With

A comparison of the methods for obtaining Chinese pinyin from iOS

1. Pinyin the smallest size, Poapinyin's statement is almost 500 lines. 2. The speed is in fact similar to three, but do not use the Poapinyin native of that convert, that each time traversal lookup is very slow. 3. Contrast pinyin can only get

IOS Capture program Crash log

We are often confronted with the problem of running apps on the iphone or on the ipad tablet, sometimes opening an app and then "flashing back". For developers, this is definitely a headache. So how do I get to the iOS device crash log? This

Apple iOS9 release: A review of the past iOS highlights

Apple's operating system, iOS, has changed a lot since it was officially released in 2007. Many people should remember IOS7 's iconic flat design, but it's hard to remember all the changes that iOS has made over the years. But never mind, this

How much can Chinese iOS developers earn?

China has become the third largest mobile app market after the US and Japan, according to Bloomberg, which is popular not only with Apple's hardware products. How much can China's iOS developers earn? 3.4 billion dollars (images from Wired)

iOS dynamically set the height of the LBL text label

This article to share is the iOS dynamically set LBL text label height width of the method, a total of 3 methods, the small partners according to their own project needs free choice. The code is as follows: Txtlbl.font = [Uifont

How iOS shuts down the keyboard

In iOS application development, there are three types of view objects open the virtual keyboard, input operations, but how to turn off the virtual keyboard, but does not provide an automated method. This needs to be achieved on our own. First enter

Keypad for canceling text box input in iOS development

This article mainly introduces the development of iOS to remove text box input when the keypad, the need for friends can refer to the First in Interface Builder select Textfields, and then in the text Field attributes found text Input Traits,

Implementation method of UIWebView loading loading in iOS

Recently, a friend asked me similar micro-letter voice playback of the Speaker animation and interface image loading loading interface is how to achieve, is not a GIF Picture It! My answer is of course negative, of course, some people use GIF

iOS Touch-screen event guide

This article mainly gives you a summary of 2 ways to implement the iOS touch-screen event, simple and practical, the need for small partners can refer to. The code is as follows: Inside a function (initialization, etc.), add the scope to identify

IOS Change keyboard color code

This article mainly introduces the iOS change keyboard color code, very simple and practical, the need for small partners can refer to. IOS changes the keyboard color code The iphone and ipod Touch's keyboard colors can actually be changed by code

Imitation iOS icon jitter

Recently idle to boredom, studied the iphone desktop icon jitter, the Internet has a similar case, but I think the effect is really bad, I also write a play, the need for small partners can refer to. Imitation iOS icon jitter ? 1 2 3

The design principle of iOS double rocker shooter game

Today I would like to introduce you to an article on the development of iOS games. The original author, director of the User Experience Studio vertical slice, Regham Mccarrist Graham McAllister, takes a few of the two-pole shooter games as an

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