Some details of the collision detection of IOS game templates

We put physical bodies that need to detect collisions (we call this physical body xx) Xx.physicsbody=skphysicsbody (Rectangleofsize:cgsize (x:100,y:100)) Then set an identifier for the physical body (Bitmasktype is a new class of its own)

Coordinate problems in IOS Game templates

IOS Game general screens are horizontal, so what happens when the screen is up. The cup has occurred and the coordinates have been problematic. When the horizontal screen is the coordinates of the origin of the lower left corner (below the game

Some tips for developing iOS

1. Artifact calculates picture position function: Avmakerectwithaspectratioinsiderect () Through this function, we can calculate a picture placed in another view according to a certain proportion of the center display, may say I am more abstract,

10 iOS Development Common mistakes did you recruit?

Since 2008, I have developed dozens of applications. In the process, I learned that developers make common mistakes in the development process. Sometimes they do their best to solve the problem, but sometimes some mistakes make the developer

A discussion of best practice scenarios for device screen judgment by iOS code

The current development of the project for historical reasons are written in code UI, so judging equipment size has become an unavoidable task. This is how I judge the size at the moment. First, define an enumeration class that contains all the

The problem of screen direction judgment during iOS development

Landscape Vertical Screen Portrait horizontal screen The most effective way is: in Willrotatetointerfaceorientation:duration: method to store the direction: Drviceorientation = Tointerfaceorientation; and then in another way, use the corresponding

hexadecimal color conversion to Uicolor in iOS

Available categories to write a convenient to use + (Uicolor *) colorwithhexstring: (NSString *) color { NSString *cstring = [[Colorstringbytrimmingcharactersinset:[nscharactersetwhitespaceandnewlinecharacterset]] Uppercasestring]; String should

Developing iOS about child Uiviewcontroller and parent Uiviewcontroller calling each other method

One of the common requirements for doing iphone development today is to add another viewcontroller to one viewcontroller, while ensuring that the two Viewcontroller interact with each other and invoke methods and functions. Search on the Internet a

iOS reads content from a text file into a string

Nserror *error; NSString *textfilecontents = [NSString Stringwithcontentsoffile:[[nsbundle Mainbundle] pathforresource:@ "Mytextfile" oftype:@ "TXT"] Encoding:nsutf8stringencoding Error: & ERROR]; If There are no results, something went wrong

iOS Development Basics: UITableView

Implementation of UITableView controller needs to implement These two agents, specifically to achieve the following two methods: -(Nsinteger) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView Numberofrowsinsection: (Nsinteger) section{ return [model

IOS Foreground and background interaction

Make a landing interface on IOS. I don't know how to describe my problem, uh. Similar to the QQ landing interface type, I put the user entered the user name and password, to the background, so that the background to determine the correct user name

iOS uses single example to achieve data transfer between different interfaces

First write a single example class, Inherit NSObject In the Check.h file @property (Strong, Nonatomic) uitable * Table; @property (Strong, Nonitomic) uitextfiled * TEXT; + (check*) Sharedatamodle; In CHECK.M Defines the object of a static

IOS Dynamically changes cell height

#import "ViewController.h" @interface Viewcontroller (){UITableView *_table;Nsmutablearray *_datalist;UIView *footview;}@end @implementation Viewcontroller -(void) viewdidload{[Super Viewdidload];_table=[[uitableview

The shadow of the control appears in iOS code control

Only need to put the corresponding space, to rewrite. I developed the main target for UIButton this control . h files, as follows: #import #import @interface Shadowbutton:uibutton { Uicolor *shadowcolor; } @property (nonatomic, strong)

How to refresh a single line of data in iOS UITableView

[TableView Reloaddata]; You can refresh the entire tableview data, but sometimes we may only change one or more rows of data, do not want to all over again, how to do? This is going to use the following method. -(void) Reloadrowsatindexpaths:

teach you to use iOS controls

Actionsheet when with toolbar or Tabbar on the same page, there will be toolbar or Tabbar blocking button clicks on the Actionsheet, but the button on the Actionsheet can still display normally, But can't click. Instead of using Showinview, you can

How iOS obtains its own network IP information

2012-11-26 13:06:48.102 routeraddressdemo[451:907] Broadcast address-- 2012-11-26 13:06:48.108 routeraddressdemo[451:907] Local device ip-- 2012-11-26 13:06:48.111 routeraddressdemo[451:907] netmask-- 2012-11

Use of Uialertview controls in iOS

-(void) Initcheckversionwithdata: (NSData *) data { NSData *xmldata = data; NSString *result = [[NSString alloc] Initwithdata:xmldata encoding:nsutf8stringencoding]; NSLog (@ "result:%@", result); Getcheckversion *parser = [[Getcheckversion

Graphics and paints for iOS systems

1. iOS offers two high quality graphics rendering methods: A. OpenGL es for rendering B.quartz,core Animation, Uikit for drawing 2. The OpenGL ES Framework is mainly applicable to game or high frame rate application development. A C-language based

iOS Development Custom CheckBox control

iOS itself does not have a System checkbox component, but it is often used in actual development, so specifically write a CheckBox control, directly on the code Effect Chart: UICheckBoxButton.h files are as follows: #import

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