The problem of screen direction judgment during iOS development

Landscape Vertical Screen Portrait horizontal screen The most effective way is: in Willrotatetointerfaceorientation:duration: method to store the direction: Drviceorientation = Tointerfaceorientation; and then in another way, use the corresponding

hexadecimal color conversion to Uicolor in iOS

Available categories to write a convenient to use + (Uicolor *) colorwithhexstring: (NSString *) color { NSString *cstring = [[Colorstringbytrimmingcharactersinset:[nscharactersetwhitespaceandnewlinecharacterset]] Uppercasestring]; String should

Developing iOS about child Uiviewcontroller and parent Uiviewcontroller calling each other method

One of the common requirements for doing iphone development today is to add another viewcontroller to one viewcontroller, while ensuring that the two Viewcontroller interact with each other and invoke methods and functions. Search on the Internet a

iOS reads content from a text file into a string

Nserror *error; NSString *textfilecontents = [NSString Stringwithcontentsoffile:[[nsbundle Mainbundle] pathforresource:@ "Mytextfile" oftype:@ "TXT"] Encoding:nsutf8stringencoding Error: & ERROR]; If There are no results, something went wrong

iOS Development Basics: UITableView

Implementation of UITableView controller needs to implement These two agents, specifically to achieve the following two methods: -(Nsinteger) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView Numberofrowsinsection: (Nsinteger) section{ return [model

IOS Foreground and background interaction

Make a landing interface on IOS. I don't know how to describe my problem, uh. Similar to the QQ landing interface type, I put the user entered the user name and password, to the background, so that the background to determine the correct user name

iOS uses single example to achieve data transfer between different interfaces

First write a single example class, Inherit NSObject In the Check.h file @property (Strong, Nonatomic) uitable * Table; @property (Strong, Nonitomic) uitextfiled * TEXT; + (check*) Sharedatamodle; In CHECK.M Defines the object of a static

Make iOS debugging information clear

Objective-c, like the C language, provides standard macros that describe the current file, the number of lines in the source file, and the function information. The objective-c itself, however, also provides the associated class type. can be applied

Microsoft iOS Input Method hub keyboard how?

  Hub Keyboard Input Method How to use, Microsoft iOS Input Method hub keyboard How? Small series to explain:   #FormatImgID_0 # At present in the mobile software domain is no longer pure competition, "The enemy has me, I have the enemy" situation

Apple iOS Sogou method key tone How to turn on and off

Apple iOS Sogou Input method key tone how to turn on or off? Sogou Input method is widely loved by the input method, some people like to set the key tone, typing when the sweet voice. When using a virtual keyboard, you can know that the key is

How to publish iOS apps in Flash

This series of articles will show you how to post an iOS app in Flash Professional CS5 and how to eventually upload it to the Apple app Store. The main knowledge points are as follows: Use Flash Professional CS5 to release iOS apps Application

SSL latest vulnerability exposure can be used to attack iOS devices via WiFi

SSL is the latest vulnerability exposure, you can attack iOS devices via WiFi. Recently, Apple equipment has been proven to be able to attack through the wireless network, what is going on? Everybody wants to know why, then look at the following.

The recessive navigation design of iOS

One of the most important characteristics of mobile device reading software is to enlarge the reading area as much as possible, to do so, you must make the screen as much as possible to minimize the navigation, or even hidden, mobile browsers are

IE10 HTML5 Performance Improvement and iOS still have a gap

HTML5 has a wide range of prospects, and IE10 's progress is expected. Microsoft said in the release of Windows Phone 8, mobile version IE10 in HTML5 than IE9 will be a great progress, it seems they did not boast. According to the outside station

Ultra-practical iOS 9 Man-Machine Interface Guide (1): Basics of UI Design

1.1 for iOS design (designing for iOS) IOS shows the following three design principles: Compliance (Deference): The UI should help users better understand and interact with the content, and not distract users from the content itself. Clear

Five common design patterns for iOS licensing to users

Small text, the topic is still connected with last week, summary of five kinds of applications in iOS to the user to apply for permission of the practice mode, can refer to. Enter the translation below. For iOS apps, the user is required to request

iOS Memory error exc

The most depressing thing about iOS development is that the program crashes without warning, using the BT command to play the call stack, giving a bunch of system exc_bad_access information, and there's no way to locate the problem. First of all,

iOS product application Design user experience common sense

The iOS Product User Experience Guide (HIG) defines three types of applications for iOS products: one is a practical application, such applications can allow users to quickly get a certain kind of information or a fixed task, such as ink weather,

Usability issues and optimization recommendations for iOS when 4 UI elements

This week is another article from Nielsen Norman Group. For reference, this kind of article behind the thinking mode and even the spirit is the most to learn, the content itself is second; this kind of thing to see more, the practice of

12 places to find inspiration for designing iOS apps

Focus on sharing the details of the UI interface, sorted by design elements: Pttrns Patternsofdesign Mobileuipatterns Focus on iphone UI sharing: Tapfancy Tappgala Wellplacedpixels

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