The strict mode of JavaScript strict mode introduces _javascript techniques in detail

The "strict mode" (Strict mode) is the new syntax defined by ECMA-262 Edition 5, which means that you want to execute with a strict JavaScript syntax, and some of the past idioms will throw syntaxerror exceptions, such as:1. Variables not declared

Deep understanding of JavaScript prototype chain and inheritance _javascript techniques

In the previous article, we introduced the concept of prototypes, learn about the relationships between a constructor, a prototype object, and an instance of three good friends in JavaScript: each constructor has a "Guardian God"--the prototype

The properties and methods of the string object of JavaScript native object _javascript tips

Length The Length property can return the number of characters in the string. Length is obtained based on the UTF-16 encoding of the string, with an empty string length of 0. Length is not modifiable. CharAt () The CharAt () method returns the

JavaScript Object Clone instance Analysis _javascript skill

This example describes the use of JavaScript object clone. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Object.prototype.clone=function () { var objclone=new this.constructor (); This is to create an object for the same

JavaScript implements print, print preview, print Setup _javascript tips

WebBrowser is an IE-built browser control that requires no user downloads. One, WebBrowser control Second, the Webbrowder control method//Print WEBBROWSER1.EXECWB (6,1); Print settings WEBBROWSER1.EXECWB (8,1); Print Preview

Examples of usage of sort () in JavaScript _javascript techniques

The example in this article analyzes the use of sort () in JavaScript. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Syntax for functions: Arrayobject.sort (SortBy) You are not the right way but your love

JavaScript performance Optimization Small knowledge summary _javascript skills

With the development of the network and the speed of the machine, more and more websites use the rich client technology. Now Ajax is one of the most popular ways. JavaScript is an interpreted language, so it can't reach the level of C/java and so on,

JavaScript base article (3) The reference type of object, function, etc. _javascript tips

Reading Table of Contents Object type 1, through the constructor to create2. Creating objects by literal notation Array type The same array can also be created in two ways:If we want to print all the values in the array, we can print the

JavaScript reference type time date and array array_javascript techniques

JavaScript Reference type Time date The date type in JavaScript is built on the Java.util.Date class in early java. To do this, the date type uses the number of milliseconds to elapse since UTC January 1, 1970 Zero to save the dates. Under the

Analysis of JavaScript script loading and execution in browser environment defer and async characteristics _javascript Skills

Defer and async features are believed to be "familiar and unfamiliar" to many JavaScript developers, with two features that, literally, are well understood, respectively, as "deferred scripts" and "Asynchronous scripts". However, in the case of

Talking about the Math_javascript skill of JavaScript type system

Open the door must read Unlike other objects, the Math object is a static object, not a constructor. In fact, math is just an object namespace set by JavaScript for storing mathematical functions Property MATH.E the base of the natural logarithm,

A detailed explanation of the object _javascript techniques in JavaScript

Object is a type that we use frequently in JavaScript, and all objects in JS are inherited from object objects. Although we usually simply use object objects to store data and not use too many other features, object objects actually contain many

An in-depth analysis of scope and context _javascript techniques in JavaScript

The scope and context (contexts) in JavaScript are unique to the language, thanks in part to the flexibility they bring. Each function has a different context and scope of variables. These concepts are backed by some powerful design patterns in

JavaScript gets event Object

Usually we get the event object generally written as follows: function GetEvent (event) {return Event | | window.event//IE:window.event} If there are no arguments, it can be written (non ie: the event object is automatically passed to the

JavaScript data type conversion rules

JavaScript has 7 data types, including 5 original types (also called original values) number, Boolean, string, null, undefined, and 2 compound type object, array, which can be converted to each other according to some rule. The JavaScript authority

JavaScript Object-oriented collation

Organize the JS object-oriented encapsulation and inheritance. 1. Package JS is packaged in a number of ways to implement, here are listed in several commonly used. 1.1 Raw Pattern Generation objects Write our members directly into the object

JavaScript scope, scope chain understanding

JavaScript scopes are the accessible scope of variables and functions. 1. Variable Scope In JavaScript, variable scopes are divided into global scope and local scope. Global scope You can define a variable with global scope Anywhere 1.

JavaScript Object-Oriented programming: JS class to define functions with no prototype difference

has been using JS to write self-righteous object-oriented approach, encountered a problem, is to define a method, as follows: function ListCommon2 (First,second,third) {this . First=function () { alert (' +first '); }

16 problems with JavaScript code in browser IE and Firefox compatibility

Following IE instead of Internet Explorer, MF replaces Mozzila Firefox 1. Document.form.item question (1) Existing problems: There are many Document.formName.item ("itemname") statements in existing code that cannot be run under MF (2) Solution:

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.2 Learning notes [7] Eagle eye (thumbnail implementation and asynchronous processing, Promise, callback function, listening notes)

Before the text: About style is the CSS of the page is not a comment, because the official example of the style is too simple, copy read.This article has a lot of AJS 4.x version added content, such as listening watch, promise object, callback

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