The Linux kernel's file pre-read detailed

Linux file prefetching algorithm the development of disk I/O performance lags far behind CPU and memory, thus becoming a main bottleneck of modern computer system. Prefetching can effectively reduce the number of disk seek and the application of I/O

Linux System Web server environment build LNMP One-click installation package Detailed

Latest Version: lnmp-2.5 Update Time: 20140702 MD5 Value: D4d52e39066f041569b8ef2daa033e15 Installation Instructions: Please ensure that the server can be normal access to the Internet, yum command can be

The VPN server in Linux appears pty read or GRE write failed problem

The following log contents appear for each connection failure when Rehl (619 error) occurs when the PPTP VPN server connection is set up to view the system log [Cat/var/log/messages |grep pptpd]: Gre:read (fd=6,buffer=80504c0,len=8196) from PTY

A detailed explanation of CP Copy File command application in Linux VPS

The CP command is more commonly used in Linux VPS operations and applications, and can be used to copy files or folders, rename a new file, and copy files to other paths for transfer. Example usage: 1. Copy the file from the root

In linux ln command use parameters detailed

LN is another very important command in Linux, its function is to create a link for a file in another location, the most common parameter of this command is-s, which is the Ln–s source file destination file.When we need to use the same file in a

A brief explanation of four intrusion levels on Linux servers

With the expansion of Linux enterprise applications, there are a large number of network servers using the Linux operating system. Linux server security can be more and more attention, here according to the depth of the attack on the Linux server in

Installation, configuration and programming of ODBC under Linux/unix

Odbc|unix| programming Installation, configuration and programming of ODBC under Linux/unix Ziliang ( July 2002 The main content of this article is to introduce the simple principle of ODBC and how to install, configure and

ASE12.5 for Linux installation issues

With the development of Linux in the country, more and more units began to adopt a Linux based system platform, Sybase for Linux operating system, The introduction of the Sybasease12.5forlinux database system, of which previous database

Linux system, build Postfix server and its related configuration application under Centos7 version

Lab ReportFirst, the experiment name: the construction of mail server and the configuration of related usage functionSecond, the experimental environment and requirements: Linux system CENTOS7 versionSet up mail server to realize the basic function

Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine Learning-(vii) changing file attributes and Permissions

1.Linux the importance of file permissionsUnlike Windows systems, every file in a Linux system has a lot more attributes coming in, especially the concept of a group, so what's the use of it? In fact, the biggest use is in the "Data security" above.

Linux Load Balancing Summary description (four-layer load/seven-layer load)

Reprint:, what is load balancing1) Load Balancing (Balance) is built on the existing network structure, which provides an inexpensive and effective way to expand network equipment and server

RS, ORS, FS, OFS usage behind awk in Linux

The RS, ORS, FS, OFS meanings behind awk in LinuxOne, RS and ORS where is the difference? We often say that awk is based on the row-and-column manipulation of text, but how do you define "lines"? This is the role of Rs.By default, the value of Rs is

Linux Drive-To-Digest series: Tinyalsa (tinymix/tinycap/tinyplay/tinypcminfo) Audio subsystem "Turn"

This article was reproduced from:, the mainstream audio architecture in Linux is Alsa (Advanced Linux sound Architecture), ALSA provides alsa-driver in the kernel driver layer, alsa-

RABBITMQ cluster deployment configuration under Linux CentOS6.5

First, server and host name listEnvironment: 2 Linux hosts, hostname and IP as follows, RABBITMQ execution user is RABBITMQ, owning group is RABBITMQ172.16.192.145 ecs003172.16.192.146 ecs004Second, on a node server to do the hosts parse#cat

20 Linux commands that the system administrator should know

If your application doesn't work, or you want to find more information, these 20 commands will be useful.In this new tool and a diverse development environment, it is necessary for any developer or engineer to learn some basic system administration

Linux Quota command parameters and usage details---Linux disk quota limit settings and view commands

Feature Description: Displays the space and restrictions that the disk has used.Syntax: Quota [-quvv][user name ...] or quota [-gqvv][group name ...]Note: Execute the quota instruction to query disk space limits and know how much space has been used.

linux-Process Description (4) Process priority and process creation execution

Process priorityProcess CPU resource allocation refers to the priority of the process. High priority processes have priority rights to implementation.Permissions and precedence. Permissions (privilege) refers to the management of a multiuser

Linux installation RABBITMQ

first, the concept of RABBITMQRABBITMQ is a popular open source Message Queuing system and is a standard implementation of the AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol Premium Messaging Queuing protocol) developed in the Erlang language. RABBITMQ is

05-linux file Properties-Hard link-timestamp

Linux file Properties-Hard link-timestamp Short BrotherArchive: Learning notes2017/01/19 Directory1th Chapter Link ... 11.1 Hard links ... 11.1.1 Hard Link Introduction ... 11.1.2 Hard link Removal principle ... 11.1.3

Linux under Tar.gz, tar, bz2, zip and other decompression, Compression command summary (reprint)

The most common packaging program under Linux is tar, which is often referred to as the TAR package, and the tar package file commands are usually terminated with. Tar. After the tar package is generated, you can use other programs to enter theRow

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