Use of Linux links to create and delete symbolic connections

1. usage : When ln [option] source_file dist_file-f is established, it will be deleted with the file name.                     -I ask before deleting. LN-S ABC CDE establishes the soft connection of ABC, LN ABC CDE establishes the hard connection of

Linux notes-Operating system basics

System work Applications (direct programming of system hardware, high efficiency of application operation)Hardware--Kernel (kernel) applications| Library Call API Interface| Shell (graphical interface or text window)Coordinate, allocate

[Reprint] Application Valgrind Discover the memory problem of Linux program

Applying Valgrind to discover memory problems with Linux programsHow to locate memory problems in application development has been a bottleneck in inux application development. There is a very good Linux under the open-source memory problem

Linux crypt functions

Linux crypt function 1. Crypt definition #define _XOPEN_SOURCE/* See Feature_test_macros (7) */#include Char *crypt (const char *key, const char *salt); Above is the definition of crypt function seen by Man 3 crypt.See from the

Linux logs: Rsyslog and Loganalyzer (ii)

Last Post we analyzed the basic knowledge and configuration of Rsyslog, following we continue to improve the next blog post, the final use of Rsyslog+loganalyzer+mysql deployment log server, to achieve the WebGui display of log information.

FreeSwitch SIP (1): Linux under compile and install v1.4

This article, the original connection:, reprint please indicate the source!1, about FreeSWITCHFreeSWITCH is a soft-switching solution for telephony, including a softphone and soft switch to

Deep understanding of Linux modification hostname

When I think of the Linux system modified hostname is already very familiar with, today encountered a few problems, these questions give me a good lesson, a lot of knowledge points, when you think you have mastered, in fact, you know is only fur.

Common pitfalls and analysis for Linux shared memory usage

The so-called shared memory is the fastest available IPC form that allows multiple processes to access the same piece of memory space. is designed for inefficient operation of other communication mechanisms. It is often used in conjunction with

Linux Program Design-File Lock (seventh chapter)

7.2 File Lock This is a file lock for Linux and the code is downloaded in the file lock code. File locking is a very important part of a multi-user, multitasking operating system.programs often need to share data, which is usually done through a

LoadRunner three ways to monitor Linux

Method One, LR + Sitescope/nmon method Two, using RSTATD package 1, download rpc.rstatd-4.0.1.tar.gz2, extract tar-zxvf rpc.rstatd-4.0.1.tar.gz3, configuration. Configure4, compile make5, install make install6, start Rpc.rstatd7, add counters in

Kobject embedded structure of Linux device model

Problem Description: Earlier we know that/sys is a kernel and driver implementation information, the user can/sys this interface, the user through this interface can be a list of the core device of the full picture. This article will look at how

Linux/unix Beginner and expert tutorials

Are you looking for some high-quality Linux and UNIX tutorials? If so, this article will show you where to find these tutorials. Here we will give more than 30 fairly good tutorials on Linux and UNIX online.It should be noted that they are all in

Linux Network integrated Command--IP

IP is a powerful network configuration tool in the Iproute2 package, it can replace some traditional network management tools, such as ifconfig, route, etc., with the privilege of Superuser. This command is supported by almost all Linux

Linux system Programming--the daemon process of special process

What is a daemon process? The daemon (Daemon process), which is usually called the Daemon process (daemon), is the background service process in Linux. It is a long-lived process, usually independent of the control terminal and periodically performs

95 Tips for Linux

95 Tips for Linuxby Web full stack engineer on March 27, 2012Here's a summary of some of the tips for using Linux1. Automatic disk repair for Redhat abnormal shutdownLog in to the server first, and then add a file autofsck in the/etc/sysconfig, as

Mastering Linux Debugging Techniques

The main way to identify and resolve program errors on LinuxYou can monitor a running user-space program in a variety of ways: You can run the debugger for it, step through the program, add a print statement, or add tools to parse the program. This

Linux hostname Command Detailed

1, check the hostname of the machine#hostname2, modify the hostname of the machine#hostname newnameTakes effect immediately after running (restarting the shell), but changes are lost after the system restarts, and if you want to permanently change

Brother Bird's Linux Private Dishes _ Basic Edition _ study Note 1: The fifth chapter of first login and online Help

fifth. First login and online Helpoperation and logoff of 5.1.3 and KDE1. Lock screen shortcut key: [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [L]2. Restart shortcut key: [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Backspace] 5.1.4, X window and command-line mode switching 1, [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F1] ~

Using OpenSSL to generate CSR CRT CA certificates under Linux

This article mainly draws on and references the following 2 address content, then carries on the test and the execution on own machine, and has made the following

Xming + PuTTY remote Linux host under Windows

Xming + PuTTY remote Linux host under WindowsFirst, the principleThe Linux/unix X window has network transparency. The X window System has a unified server that is responsible for each program's interaction with input such as displays, keyboards,

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