"Turn" Linux under TTY, console, virtual terminal, serial port, console (console terminal) detailed----good

Original URL: http://blog.csdn.net/liaoxinmeng/article/details/5004743First of all:1. Neither the terminal nor the console is the concept of personal computers, but the concept of a small, medium-sized mainframe computer shared by many people.A host,

Linux Command Encyclopedia

Starting with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1. "Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine"2.http://codingstandards.iteye.com/

Ways to set up and view environment variables in Linux

1. Display environment Variables home$ echo $HOME/home/Redbooks2. Set a new environment variable hello$ export HELLO="hello!"$ echo $HELLOHello!3. Use the env command to display all environment variables $

Linux RAW sockets

Linux RAW sockets==========================================1. Why do I need to know more about raw sockets?In fact, a long time ago on the original socket has a certain understanding, then also did a small grab package program, at that time thought

Arm-linux Learning Notes-(virtual machine Linux serial terminal and USB program download, based on TQ2440)

Yesterday, after installing the SSH service on Windows with Xshell landing found on the login is not on, because of the use of VirtualBox NAT mode, in NAT mode, the client can easily surf the internet, but want to link the host will need to open

Linux kernel parameter tuning optimized network

Linux system kernel settings optimized TCP network, # vi/etc/sysctl.conf, add the following Net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 1 indicates that SYN Cookies are turned on. When there is a SYN wait queue overflow, cookies are enabled to protect against a

Turn: How to improve the search efficiency of text on Linux

Originally from: http://www.geekfan.net/6881/For system administrators or programmers, the grep type tool is probably the most popular when it is necessary to search for a specific text or pattern in a directory of complex configurations or in a

0 Copy technology in Linux, part 2nd

Technology implementationThis series consists of two articles, which describe several 0 copy technologies currently used on the Linux operating system, and simply describes the implementation of various 0 copy technologies, as well as their

Linux installation using SSH (Ubuntu&&redhat)

Transferred from: http://blog.csdn.net/zxs9999/article/details/6930736Ubuntu installation using SSHUbuntu does not have the default SSH service installed, if you link ubuntu via SSH, you need to manually install Ssh-server. To determine if the SSH

The Convert to Linux command

The Convert to Linux commandPowerful convert commandThe convert command can be used to transform the format of images, support jpg, BMP, PCX, GIF, PNG, TIFF, xpm and XWD types, and here are a few examples:Convert xxx.jpg xxx.png convert JPEG to PNG

Linux Text processing the Three Musketeers of awk detailed

ObjectiveAwk is a powerful report generator, unlike SED and grep, which focuses on how to better display textual information, commonly used with statistics and formatted output. awk acts as a miniature shell with its own set of grammatical

28 Unix/linux Command-line artifact

Reference: http://blog.jobbole.com/23638/Below are the 28 Kristóf Kovács collected under the 28 Command line tools (original link), some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I hope everyone knows.

User and user group management for Linux operating systems

Linux system is a multi-user multi-tasking time-sharing system, any user who wants to use system resources must first request an account from the system administrator and then enter the system as this account. On the one hand, the user's account can

Build a RADIUS server in Linux on a detailed

as a network administrator, you need to hold user information for administration for each network device that you need to manage. However, network devices usually only support limited user management functions. Learn how to use an external RADIUS

(reprinted) Nohup command to let Linux programs execute in the background forever

Unix/linux generally want to let a program run in the background, many use & at the end of the program to let the program run automatically. our own program is only a normal program, generally this program even use & end, if the terminal is closed,

28 Unix/linux Command-line artifact

Below are the 28 Kristóf Kovács collected under the 28 Command line tools (original link), some are familiar with, some are very useful, some are not known. These tools are very good, I hope everyone knows. This article is also discussed in Hacker

Linux interprocess communication--shmget () shared Memory (ii)

A shared memory area is a portion of physical memory that is shared by multiple processes. If more than one process maps the region of memory to its own virtual address space, those processes can access the shared memory area directly, allowing

SOURCE Analysis: Dynamic analysis of Linux kernel function call relationships

by Falcon of tinylab.org2015/04/18ReasonSource code analysis is a topic that programmers can not leave.Whether it is research open source projects, or usually do all kinds of transplant, development, can not avoid the deep interpretation of the

LINUX under CHMOD|CHOWN|CHGRP and usage and differences

1, CHGRP (change the file belongs to the user group)CHGRP user Group filename # # #便是这个格了. If the entire contents are changed, the plus-r parameter is used for recursion.Example: Chgrp-r user smb.conf2. Chown (change file owner)Landscape: A:chown

Install memcached steps on Mac (Linux)

Installing memcached on your Mac is similar to installing memcached on a Linux platform.The main need to do two pieces:I. Installation of Libevent library;Two. Install memcached;I. Installing the Libevent LibraryLibevent is a library that

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