Linux IPC Practice (2)--Anonymous pipe

Piping ConceptsPipelines are the oldest form of interprocess communication in Unix, and we refer to a data flow from one process to another as a "pipe", the essence of which is a fixed-size kernel buffer ;such as: PS aux | grep httpd | awk ' {print $

Linux Data Visualization Tool

Linux Data Visualization ToolThere are a number of applications for graphical visualization of data on Linux, from simple 2-d drawings to the-to-date cartography, to scientific graphics programming and graphical simulations. Fortunately, there are

[SVN] svn is used under Linux (SVN command line) Ubuntu Delete added Add commit status query recovery

Reprinted from: steps: (1) switch to the branch first, (2) SVN merge trunk. (3) SVN SW trunk (4) SVN merge--reintegrate branch.SVN merge

Linux Common commands

I. Common commands under Linux: File and directory operationsbasename: Remove the path and extension from the file nameCD: Switch the current working directory to the specified directoryCHGRP: Changing the group to which the file belongschmod:

The role of the volatile keyword in Linux

I. Preface1. Description of Compiler optimizations:Due to the memory access speed is far less than the CPU processing speed, in order to improve the overall performance of the machine, the hardware to introduce hardware cache caches, speed up access

The fifth day of the 10-day learning Linux Kernel---questions about the Linux file system implementation

Have time to sleep, but still five point more awake, but have been lying down nine points more to calculate up, last night has been the embedded Development Board, some problems did not solve, their computer system problems, although Win10 released,,

A summary of the causes and debugging methods of the next segment error in Linux environment

Recently in the Linux environment to do C language project, because it is on the basis of an original project two development, and project engineering is huge and complex, there are many problems, the most encountered, the longest time of the

Linux command: Find command finds files

The Find command is one of the most commonly used commands under Linux, with the flexibility to use the Find command, and you'll find it easy to find files.Command formatFind [Specify Find directory] [find rules (options)] [actions performed after

Misc Subsystem in Linux system

Misc SubsystemReprint Please specify source: Http:// of Light source devices and systemsSummary of individual Learning1. What is misc in the Linux system?When researching the camera driver, we found that the path

Configure IP address under Linux

Transfer from effect:Ifconfig eth0 netmask takes effect:Vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0Joinipaddr=

About the unzip operation of the RAR file under Linux


Under the Linux system, there is no command to RAR file operation, if need file operation to RAR format, we need to install third party software RAR and Unrar.1, linux rar management software Download the official address is:,

Linux tips: Use screen to manage your remote sessions

Original address: you often need SSH or telent telnet to a Linux server? Do you often have headaches for long-running tasks such as system backups, FTP transfers, and so on. Usually we open a

Linux calculator BC

The BC Calculator is a calculator that comes with Linux and is easy to use.OPTIONS-H,--helpPrint the usage and exit.-I.,--interactiveForce interactive mode.-L,--mathlib (commonly used, this entry will have some common mathematical functions can be

Linux Posix Semaphore Volume Two

One, POSIX signal volumeThe 1.Posix semaphore is divided into two types:1. Known semaphores: Using POSIX IPC name identifiers (known semaphores are always available for synchronization between threads and for inter-process synchronization)2. Memory

Linux Application Packaging

 Original Address: One of the application packaging Technologies (source code)I believe many friends have written their own small program for the convenience of doing something (like I wrote

The rename command under Linux

Original sticker: Http:// Original The rename command under LinuxLinuxing, 16:28, Internet service? Virtual machines, Reviews (0), references (0), read (span), Via site original Big | Small Dos/windows, rename the file

Introduction to Linux file types and directories

Reference: Linux file types and extensions1. Types of documents Normal file (regular files): The Display property is [-], for example [-rwxrwxrwx]. In addition,

Linux Find directories or files

Find directory: Find/(Look in)-name ' find keyword '-type dFind files: Find/(Look in)-name look up keywords-printIf you need further information, you can refer to the Linux command in detail. Here are some excerpts:find Path-option [-print]

Reproduced Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (i): Pre-installation for Ubuntu Linux

Reprinted from the continuous improvement of Ubuntu Linux, the process of installing Ubuntu Linux now is not only simple but also fast. In my opinion,

Reproduced Ubuntu Linux Primer (v): Ubuntu usage Basics

Reprinted from Ubuntu Linux Introduction (iv): Ubuntu Initial setup article, we have completed the basic configuration of Ubuntu, and now we will further

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