Stack overflow case analysis under Linux-gdb debug Drills

Summary:This article mainly demonstrates the stack overflow under the Linux platform, first the overflow attack according to the theory to the example code, the result is the overflow attack, but it is different from the idea, then uses the GDB

Notes Accurate delay under Linux, #include <linux/delay.h> call error

When writing application-level programs, sometimes you need to delay, what should I do?In the kernel code, we often see such a header file using # include , and thought of calling this directly is OK! But at the time of compiling, we found thatThe

"DNS for Linux infrastructure services"

Transferred from: principle of DNS and its parsing processWonderful anatomyMost of the network traffic is based on TCP/IP, and TCP/IP is based on the internet, so when the computer communicates on the

How to detect a memory leak under Linux

This article transferred from: paper discusses the memory leak detection method and its implementation of C + + program under Linux. These include the basic principles of new and delete in C + +

Linux Signal Processing One

Signal is a very important part of Linux programming, this article will detail the basic concept of signal mechanism, the approximate realization method of Linux to signal mechanism, how to use signal, and several system calls about signal.Signal

Hostname modification of "turn" Linux

Original link The Linux operating system's hostname is a kernel variable that can be viewed by hostname commands to view the hostname of the machine.  You can also view it directly

V. Linux/unix operation Command Accumulation "CP, MV, CAT, grep, PS"

under the use of Linux/unix, often use the text interface to set up the system or operating system, the author himself in the process of work is also constantly in touch with this command, so for This special brewing, preparation, began the writing

Linux command Learning (1) LS command

The LS command is the most commonly used command under Linux. The LS command is the abbreviation for list. LS is used to print out the list of current directories if LS specifies a different directory then the list of files and folders in the

Linux Program background Run

Linux Command background runThere are two ways of doing this:1. Command &: Background run, you shut down the terminal will stop running2. Nohup Command &: Run in the background, you will continue to run the terminalFirst, IntroductionLinux/unix the

The daemon process under Linux

Transferred from: #include int daemon (int nochdir,int noclose)When creating sprite processes, it is often necessary to modify the working directory of the sprite process to the "/"

Linux shutdown commands explained to the home of the script

Some common shutdown/Restart commands under Linux are shutdown, halt, reboot, and Init, all of which can be used to reboot the system, but each command has a different internal working process.Linux CentOS Restart command:1, reboot2. shutdown-r now

"Linux Learning" Countdown exit, when the process received SIGUSR1 signal start Countdown, 3 seconds after exiting the program.

Topic 3:Write a program to implement the countdown Exit function, when the process receives the SIGUSR1 signal to start the countdown, 3 seconds after exiting the program.The process of requiring output from the terminal to receive a signal and

Linux process Learning (orphan process and daemon)

Orphan process and daemon processThrough the previous study we learned how to create a process through the fork () function and the vfork () function. Now let's go into two special processes: The orphan process and the daemon.I. The orphan process1.

Linux dirname, basename (RPM)

First, use the--HELP parameter to see it. basename command parameters are very small and easy to master.$ basename--helpUsage examples:$ basename/usr/bin/sort Output "sort".$ basename./include/stdio.h. H Output "stdio".To specify a path for basename,

"Linux Device Drivers" 18th TTY driver--note

Brief introduction The name of the TTY device is abbreviated from the previous telex, originally referred to as a physical or virtual terminal connected to a UNIX system The core of the Linux TTY driver is immediately below the

Linux tools for improving code quality

Many IT companies have a rigorous division of software development, including design, testing, service support, and so on. But I've always thought that only developers are the ones who are really responsible for software quality. Without good

Oops of the Linux kernel

Original: is oops? From a linguistic point of view, oops should be a quasi-sound word. When a little accident, or do a more embarrassing thing, you can say "Oops", translated into

Linux environment variables

This article address:, reprint please indicate source address.1. What are environment variablesBash Shell uses a feature called environment variables to store information about shell

Linux Audio Programming Guide

Linux Audio Programming GuideAlthough the advantages of Linux are mainly embodied in the network services, but in fact, there is also a very rich media function, this article is based on multimedia applications of the most basic sound as an object,

Linux directory Structure

For every Linux learner, learn about the directory structure of a Linux file system, is a very important step to learn Linux., in-depth understanding of the Linux file directory structure of the standard and detailed features of each directory, for

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