Linux RPM Command Parameters use detailed


 Freeeim Linux rpm Command parameter usage [introduction and application]RPM is a "Add/Remove Program" in Windows like Redhat Package Manager (Redhat Packages management tool)RPM Execution Installation packageBinary packages (binary) and source

Improve Linux operating system performance

Improve Linux operating system performance 2011-01-05 13:48 Anonymousfont Size:T | T This article explains in detail how to tune Linux system performance from disk, file and file system, memory and compilation. The tuning method provided in this

Linux/unix lsof Usage

Using Lsof to find open filesLearn more about the system by looking at the open file. Knowing which files the application opens or which application opens a particular file, as a system administrator, will allow you to make better decisions. For

Linux RPM Command Parameters use detailed

RPM is a "Add/Remove Program" in Windows like Redhat Package Manager (Redhat Packages management tool)RPM Execution Installation packageBinary packages (binary) and source code packages (sources) are two types. Binary packages can be installed

[Reprint] Linux process management-----PID Hash List

In order to get the corresponding host structure (process descriptor) pointer from the given PID value quickly, the kernel adopts the structure of the PID hash list. First, the following questions to understand: 1) Why the PID hash list only defines

Linux common commands (Must SEE)

1. ls commandThe LS command is the meaning of listing directory contents (list directory Contents). Running it is to list the contents of a folder, possibly a file or a folder.[Email protected]:~# lsAndroid-games MusicPictures PublicDesktop

Linux Learning path to create a private key CA and to use a CA to issue certificates to clients

Create a CA (Certificate authority)There are 2 main storage formats for CAS: X509 and PKCS12X509 is currently the most mainstream CA storage format, in the X509 format of the certificate, the content is mainly stored:Certificate's public key and

Linux Programming Learning Notes----process management and program development (next)

Reprint Please specify source:, thank you!Process management and its control creation processFork () functionFunction description See:

I/O redirection and piping--"Unix/linux Programming Practice Tutorial" Reading notes (10th chapter)

1. The concept and reason of I/O redirection and standard error definition of standard input and output So UNIX I/O redirection is based on the principle of standard data flow. Of the three data were as follows: 1) standard input-the data stream to

Linux Programming Learning Notes----file management system

This article is partially organized from the networkfile System management under Linux1.VFS File System OverviewLinux uses VFS to manage file systems, and one of the principles of Linux design is the everything is file. Therefore, the file

Chmod,chown and CHGRP under Linux

The permissions on Linux have the ability to master the various permissions in the operating system with the following commands.Usage rights: All usersMode of use: chmod [-CFVR] [--help] [--version] Mode file ...Description: Linux/unix file access

Common commands for text processing of Linux learning

1. Cat (CONCATENATE): Outputs the file or input data-a--show-all: equivalent to-vet-B--number-nonblank: Number of non-null output lines-e equivalent to-ve-e--show-ends show $ at end of American Airlines-N--number: Numbering All lines of the output-S

Linux installation MediaWiki

MediaWiki is the world's most famous open source Wiki program, running in the PHP+MYSQL environment. MediaWiki was used as a system software for Wikipedia from February 25, 2002 and has a number of other application examples. The development of

The backlog in Linux is detailed

Speaking of the backlog, you will remember the listen backlog parameter in socket programming, which is the backlog that is processed in the Linux kernel?int listen (int sockfd, int backlog)Mans ListenYou can see an explanation about listen. THE

Linux nice/renice Command Summary

1. Nice commandThe kernel determines how much processor time the process needs based on the nice value of the process. The value range for nice values is: 20 to 20. A process with a nice value of 20 has a high priority. A process with a nice value

NTP under Linux

First, the computer time errorAs we all know, the computer host time is based on the computer crystal vibration at a fixed frequency oscillation, resulting in. Due to the different crystal oscillator, computer time and UTC time (Global Standard Time:

Work Management in Linux (Job control)

Before using Linux will always accidentally press CTRL + Z, and then appear to understand the situation, thinking that the program suddenly did not, today specializes in the next Linux under a few shortcut keys and work management.One of them found

Teamcenter10 step-by-step installation in Linux env-teamcenter Server installation

Introduction In the post, we'll start to deploy Two-tier Teamcenter env step by step. We'll use the following. installation tools which enable you to build and manage your Teamcenter Installat Ion. teamcenter Environment Manager (TEM) : A

The memory barrier, read-write spin lock and sequential lock of the lock mechanism in Linux kernel

the memory barrier, read-write spin lock and sequential lock of the lock mechanism in Linux kernelIn the previous blog post, I discussed the related content of atomic manipulation and spin locks, and this post will continue the discussion of locking

Linux Write file failed

Recently the network has been a bit of a problem, to the current network to check the log, found that the file written to the local disk when a large number of errors, view file and folder permissions no problem;Df-h looked at the disk space is

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