Daemon process in Linux __linux

Linux Server Development Preliminary Chen Qin Yang          server development needs to consider a lot of things, such as server architecture, stability, performance and load capacity, and so on. In fact, in the process of developing a server,

Linux Sleep command parameters and usage--linux hibernate delay execution Command __linux

Use Rights: All usersUse mode: Sleep [--help] [--version] NUMBER[SMHD]Description: Sleep can be used to delay the current action for a period of timeParameter description:--HELP: Display auxiliary messages--version: Display version numberNumber:

Some basic commands commonly used in "Linux system Programming" __HTML5

Reprint please indicate the source:http://blog.csdn.net/u011974987/article/details/52695647This article comes from: "Stromxu's Blog" preface Linux provides a large number of commands that can be used to efficiently perform a large amount of work,

Prevent memory leaks Linux with Valgrind for inspection __linux

One of the most troubling problems with C + + is memory management, and sometimes it takes days to find a memory leak or a memory access crossing, and if there is a tool that can help us do this, Valgrind is just one of those tools. Valgrind is a

Linux ll after the meaning of the field and how to modify the file's owner and user group __linux

Ls-l List Information Detailed When we use the Ls-l command to view the Shishi information of files and subdirectories in a directory, we get a detailed list of file and directory names. This listing contains the attributes of the file, the user,

Multi-angle Analysis Why Linux hard connections cannot point to directory __linux

Translator Note: Recently in the file system-related, whenever you read the inode related things, the book or blog will be related to hard link/soft link content, so today specifically for hard links translated a few English, understand it. One,

The mode of user space and kernel spatial data exchange under Linux __linux

This series includes two articles, which describe in detail nine ways of user space and kernel spatial data exchange under Linux system, including kernel startup parameters, module parameters and Sysfs, Sysctl, System calls, NetLink, Procfs,

Linux network Programming (2)--implementation of the basic server with TCP __HTML5

A basic c/s server model is simple: Client server In short, the client and the server between the call, the way the general use of TCP and UDP two. TCP and UDP differences 1, TCP provides the connection between the client and the server. The TCP

Linux File Programming-fopen function

1.2 file input and output function keyboard, monitor, printer, disk drive and other logical devices, its input and output can be done through file management methods. The most important to use in programming is disk files, so this section is

Linux replicates all files in the specified directory to another directory, Linux CP folder __linux

Linux replicates all files in the specified directory to another directoryCopy all files in the specified directory to another directoryReplication of files and directories is often used. The command for replication under Linux is CP.Suppose the

How to adjust the Linux system to the correct time zone __linux

If your Linux system time zone is not configured correctly, you will need to manually adjust to the correct local time zone. NTP synchronization of Time only calculates the offset between local time and UTC time, so configuring an NTP to synchronize

Pagoda Linux Panel-Pagoda Panel quick Build station detailed tutorial __linux

Linux free open source, build stations are basically the choice of Linux systems, and Linux VPS than Windows VPS is much cheaper, the cost is greatly reduced, unless the program has special needs, otherwise it is recommended to use Linux as a Web

Linux View system resources and load, and performance monitoring __linux

 command-Related: 1, view the diskDf-h2, view memory sizeFreeFree [-m|g] Press MB,GB to display memoryVmstat3, view CPUCat/proc/cpuinfoLook only at the number of CPUs grep "model name"/proc/cpuinfo | Wc-l4, View system memoryCat/proc/meminfo5,

Linux uniq Command Detailed __linux

Uniq command Text Uniq is a duplicate line in the Linux command usage report or delete file. Syntax Uniq [-c |-D |-u] [f Fields] [-S Characters] [-fields] [+characters] [InFile [outfile]] Description uniq command Delete file Duplicate rows in the.

LINUX under CHMOD|CHOWN|CHGRP and usage and distinction __linux

1, chgrp (change file to belong to user group) CHGRP user Group filename # # #就是这个格了. If the entire directory is changed, the plus-r parameter is used for recursion. such as: Chgrp-r user smb.conf The CHGRP command changes the file or

How to locate the problem point of CPU high process under Linux __linux

One, top+pstack+gdb of the combination of boxingGossip less, first directly on the operation of the example, and then do the principle of explanation. 1.1 Using top command to find the most CPU process >top PID USER PR NI virt RES SHR S%cpu%mem

Linux installation Mongodb__linux

Environment: Viretualbox Redhat7.0 mongoDb3.6 Steps: 1. Install Virtual machine: Please check the Linux installation Reahat Basic is the next step 2. Install MongoDB Need tool Xshell If you don't please contact me to send you MongoDB's tar package

Linux switching user identities, Su, sudo,/etc/sudoers__linux

In a Linux system, there are times when ordinary users can't do something, unless it's a root user. Then you need to use the SU command to temporarily switch to the root identity to do things. su:substitute[' sʌbstɪtjuːt] instead of user The SU

Several common Linux compression commands tar,gz,zio,bz2

Linux under the compression, decompression command a variety of, unlike in Windows next WinRAR fight all over the world without rival, exclusively. rar. zip format.For example, the commonly used tar tar.gz tar.bz2 under Linux. Z and so on. The CPU

Some basic things about Linux.

Learn a bit about Linux basic operations. Write here to do a little of your own summary and look back at the future.First is a Linux system installation, here is installed Linux CentOS6.9 system, now the latest CentOS system has come 7.0, we use 6.9,

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