Win7 install Apple Mac OS x System tutorial

First, install the Mac OS X Lion official version of the software and files required Java Virtual machine hfsexplorer.0.21 (Filtered mirrors) Leopard HD installhelper v0.3 (hard drive installation assistant, make in) Macdrive_8.0.7.38_en_setup

Mac OS X git installation tutorial

Original link: Download: Download the latest Pgk file. Graphical Openingitgui: Http:// also provides a

How to install wget in OS X installs wget under Mac OS X and resolves configure:error:

1. website Download the latest installation package wget-1.19.tar.gz2. Open terminal input tar zxvf wget-1.9.1.tar.gz unzip3. Enter the Wget folder terminal input CD wget-1.9.14. Terminal input./configureIf the

MAC OS Package Manager homebrew a few simple administrative commands

1, installation HomebrewPaste the following command into the terminal to run:/usr/bin/ruby-e "$ (curl-fssl"Or you can login directly to the website:,

Install Mac OS on Vmware

This article will show you how to install and run Mac OS X in a virtual machine, as long as you follow this tutorial step-by-step, and you can install and run Mac OS X smoothly, even if you don't know your Apple reader.First, the preparatory work

"Original" Mac OS X installs multiple versions of JDK simultaneously (JDK 1.5 ~ JDK 1.8)

While the official version of Java 8 has been released for more than two years, the current flagship version of Java Enterprise Applications is Java 6 and Java 7, and even worse, some of the company's early projects have to be run under Java 5, and

Mac OS X's powerful tool dtrace enables Process/file monitor, especially for troubleshooting

For example, I wanted to see why the Android make system went wrong, Start the tool to track the process command line that starts instantly, and then do what you want to do, such as the MM Build command for Android sudo newproc.d### #结果 ############ 

Mac os install git

Here is the first introduction to using command-line.1, download git installer, address;, open after download, double-click. PKG Installation3, open the terminal, use the git--version command to view the installation

Mac OS X "shortcut key Combinations" Summary

The following are the modifier key symbols that may appear in the OS X menu:?—— (?)? --control?—— (ALT)?—— Shift?—— Caps Lockfn--function key is FNStart shortcut keysPress the key or key combination until the desired function appears/appears (for

Intro--From The Lion of Mac OS X

Recent sentiment more and more, daughters more and more large, less hair, I know, I am old.After 30 years old, time as if the gate of the river like the rolling out, feel that they waste too much time. We have to admit that foresight people will be 1

VMware10.0 installing Mac OS X 10.9 Ultra-Detailed tutorial

the latest version of the VMware10.0 support Chinese, no Chinese, installation can be, but still need a registration code, registration machine is necessary please rest assured that: Click to enter other required software: 1. System: Use of the

Mac OS X textmate running OCaml code hints error

Mac OS X textmate running OCaml code prompt error uncaught exception:invalid_argument ("Fl_package_base.query")Workaround, modify the ~/library/application\ support/textmate/managed/bundles/ocaml.tmbundle/support/ocamlmate/run_script.rb file @ocamlc

Installing Docker on Mac OS X (RPM)

Http:// installing Docker on Mac OS X Note: Docker supports Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and the above versions. The Docker engine uses the Linux kernel-specific features, so

Mac OS X Package Manager –homebrew

RedHat CentOS Fedora Release has yum to easily install packages.Ubuntu has apt Package Manager.So does Mac OS X have a package manager? The answer is certainly yes (and more than one), he is called homebrew.Official website

Extract disc image ISO file using Mac OS X's disk Utility

Although gradually Mac notebooks basically farewell to the built-in CD-ROM era, with the popularization of the network, the use of the opportunity to the CD-ROM is gradually less, but sometimes it will inevitably require optical drives, such as two

< pro-Test to >mac OS Installation mcrypt extension

It is not necessary to mcrypt this library when installing OpenCart in the past. But the new version is needed. Add your own is the MAC environment. At that time trouble, it has not been installed. This afternoon will be thinking about loading it! 1.

"Linux Learning Journey" Ubuntu14.04 mac OS x theme installation and restore

Beautiful interface to a certain extent to enhance the visual sense and efficiency, Ubuntu14.04 the theme is good, but there is room for improvement, nonsense less, into the theme.Installation:1) Mac WallpaperDownload Mac OS X Wallpapers2) Install

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (5). NET MVC 6.0--build cross-platform. NET development environment (Windows/mac OS X/linux)

[. NET object-oriented programming in depth] (5). NET MVC 6.0--build cross-platform. NET development environment (Windows/mac OS X/linux)1. About Cross-platformThe evolution of MVC was described in the previous article, when the name of. NET 5.0 was

Win under Vm10+mac OS 10.9 installation encounters a problem

Installing Vm10.0.0+mac OS 10.9 under Windows 8 encounters a problem record such as the following:First, because I installed the Vm9+mac OS 10.7;Second, ready to install Mac OS 10.9, the vm9 replaced with VM10; find very many Mac os10.9 install or

Installation Guide for new users: step by step from windows to Apple snow leopard (install Mac OS X on a PC! Excellent collections)

At the end of August, Apple officially released the next-generation Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system. Apple's operating system has always been well received in terms of user friendliness and security and stability. The Apple operating system

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