Mac OS Sierra How to demote a reload system

first of all we need to do the following preparatory work: -Prepare a 8GB or more U disk (in the process of making system installation disk will be a U disk format, please make sure there is no important data in the U disk). -Find OS X

How does Apple Mac OS x install a dual system?

Apple's MacBook NB Heritage one of the customary style, the appearance of fashion, line is extremely beautiful, personalized interface super, its stability is a must, by the road chivalrous favorite. However, for some users who are accustomed to the

How Mac OS x is reloading

1, first in the MacBook Air close, press Command and R two keys do not let go, and then press the top right corner of the open key (remember that at this time still continue to press COMMAND + R key). 2, when entering this interface,

How does Mac OS x Dark mode Open

One, Apple Mac OS Dark mode is what Dark mode refers to the translucent black mode used for menus at the top and bottom of the Mac desktop, and is semi-transparent blue by default. If you use a light-colored desktop background image, Dark mode is

How to reload Mac OS system of Apple Computer

Now the computer is very powerful, but also very fragile, often need you to maintain, and even often need you to reload the system, then Mac OS how to reload the system? Does the user who just used the Mac computer have a headache? In fact, if you

How Mac OS x shares a network with Windows

How does Mac OS x share a network with Windows? Many people want Macs to share a network with Windows, but don't know what to do. In fact, after installing Parallels Desktop on a Mac, Windows is set to share network settings with Mac OS X by default.

Homebrew tutorial on installing and configuring the MAC OS x system

Friends with experience with Linux should know the kits for Apt-get (Debian), Yum (Rhel), Pacman (ArchLinux, lightweight Linux), which are installed online. In Mac OS There are similar, more famous is MacPorts, Homebrew. Let's now outline the

Build the MAVEN project under Mac OS X + idea-install MAVEN and Common MVN command introduction

The project that participates in the company is the Eclipse + maven under Windows. Want to play Maven on your computer, so here's the process of building a MAVEN project under Mac + idea. First installs Maven: 1. Download the latest version of

MAC OS x Application Format detailed

OS X Application Format explained How OS X executes the application Translator: 51test2003 translated from ... s-applications.html As a long-term UNIX user, I usually have some tools to troubleshoot system

MAC OS Package Manager homebrew a few simple administrative commands

1, installation HomebrewPaste the following command into the terminal to run:/usr/bin/ruby-e "$ (curl-fssl"Or you can login directly to the website:,

Panda Pig New System test two: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

After the first Windows 10 Technical preview test. This cat presents a new Mac operating system: "Yosemite". Apple is the same as the cat named after the tradition of animal code. After the Mavericks of 10.9, the second use of the name of the

Some common command-line tricks in Mac OS X

First, network settings related1. Dynamic reset of the physical address of the network cardFor some requirements, such as the IP address on the network or the network account and the physical address of the NIC to bind, so that multiple devices

Troubleshoot virtual Box installation Mac OS x when the "Hfs:summary table not allowed on FS with block size of 2048" issue occurs

Troubleshoot virtual Box installation Mac OS x when the "Hfs:summary table not allowed on FS with block size of 2048" issue occursThe first thing that happens when you installHfs:summary table not allowed on FS withblock size of 2048Error. Then

VMware 11 installs Mac OS X 10.10 and installs Mac VMware Tools.

first on a piece of excitement, Bo master poor cock Silk One, only through the virtual black Apple experience under the high-rich life, feel super cool, nonsense not much to say, direct! Directory:1. Install the required

Build openwrt compilation environment record under Mac OS (for the official latest 2015.01.20 trunk)


PrefaceIt has been built in MacOS under the OpenWrt of the compilation environment, did not expect to update to the latest official trunk, the nightmare began. A record of the thinking process and the coping methods are now made.Background

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

To use a keyboard shortcut or a key combination, you can press the modifier keys and the character key at the same time. For example, pressing the Command key at the same time (labeled Keys) and the "C" key will copy any currently selected content

Xdebug with XAMPP on Mac OS X


SOURCE Blog Address just upgraded my XAMPP to latest release and found myself trapped with no memory about how to install Xdebug on a Mac with Xampp.0. Install Xcode and

Docker Install on Mac OS X

First, IntroductionDocker is an open-source container engine that provides virtual machines to isolate applications that can be ported to any machine with Docker installed, which is a great boon for developers.For reasons of work, it is recently

How to run Lua in Mac OS X (Running lua on Mac OS X)


Reference article:1) in the development of the game for iOS, my development machine is iPhone5. The LUA language is required in the development of the game

Installing a Mac OS X 10.8 virtual machine under Windows 8.1

Reprinted from 1, readyHost operating system: Windows 8.1 64-bit. In particular, CPU support for hardware virtualization is required. If Hyper-V is installed on Windows 8.1, it is

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