DIR-503 No Line from: History of the Super Mini D-link

As a business traveller, the general wireless router is larger, inconvenient to carry, which caused their wireless network has brought limitations, but now it is different, D-link company launched a stylish compact wireless router--dir-503, volume on

Super cluster solution, part 1th: Tips for Maximizing the application's scalability

Brief introduction For most enterprise software topologies, application scalability is an important quality of service. To achieve scalability, enterprise-class Java™ee applications are typically deployed and executed in the IBM WebSphere applicatio

Manually write an instance of an XML Schema (XSD)

Simply put: XML Schema is a class of XML, which is also equivalent to the table structure pattern of relational tables. Most of the time it is possible for a program to automatically generate its XSD based on an existing XML, or to generate its corre

Consistency hashing algorithm consistent hashing discussion and corresponding new problem appears to solve

First, the business scene If we now have 12 Redis servers (anything else), there are a lot of user data data from the front end, and then to 12 Redis server storage, there will be a problem in storage, 12 servers, It is possible that several of the

Source Mode installation httpd 2.4.4

Preparation Tools httpd_-2.4.4.tar.bz2 Apr-1.4.6.tar.gz (a portable runtime library of Apache) Apr-util-1.5.1.tar.gz Mkdir/mnt/cdrom mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom/(Establish disc mount point) cd/mnt/cdrom/server/ ll apr* RPM-IVH apr-devel-1.2.7-1

Flex string problem, binary 00 after the thing is lost (base64 solve)

Recently in the development of flex, in the use of weborb.net found that if the transfer object in the binary 00 after the thing is lost. The original flex string was terminated with 00来. This is more depressing, temporarily use Base64 code to solve

DB2 Magazine: A shortcut to fast data access

Java is everywhere. If you're an application developer, you're probably using Java for development. If so, you should know that development is not always that interesting. Using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to create an application requires man

IBM DB2 Enterprise 9 performance with power5+ and AIX 5L multi-page support

Learn how ibm®db2®9 for linux®, unix®, and windows® (DB2) Take advantage of multiple page sizes (multiple page size). With the introduction of the Power5+™ processor architecture, the IBM AIX 5l™ operating system has added support for the new KB page

Informix Dynamic Server Database segmented storage

Informix Dynamic Server segmented storage, also known as fragmented storage, is based on the principle of regularly dispersed records or indexes in a datasheet to different areas of the disk, to store data on multiple disks, and to increase the effic

The concept comparison between Notes database and relational database

We know that in the database theory, there are external patterns, patterns and internal patterns. The external mode (also known as child mode or user mode) is a description of the logical structure and characteristics of the local data used by the da

The process of implementing IPSec VPN based on routers

Many people ask me how to implement IPSec VPN technology, and I've done a case to show you how to configure a router-based IPSec VPN. Due to work needs, the company's Nanjing office and the Shanghai office to establish a VPN connection. Nanjing Offi

How to set the page border in a Word 2013 document

Users can set a common line-style page border and various icon-style art page borders in the Word2013 document, making the Word2013 document more expressive. To set the page border in a Word2013 document, the following steps are described: Step 1th,

Using sets

Set has exactly the same interface as collection, so unlike two different lists, it has no extra functionality. Instead, set is completely a collection, with only a different behavior (this is the ideal application for instance and polymorphism: to e

Using lists

The List (interface) order is the most important feature of the list, which guarantees that the elements are arranged in the order in which they are ordered. List adds a number of methods to collection so that we can insert and delete elements in th

Analysis of the change Data capture function of SQL 2008

One of the tasks in common enterprise data Platform management is the constant obsession with SQL Server DBAs, which is monitoring data updates. Many data applications need to capture updates to the business data table. I have seen several solutions:

Installation jpeg-6b PNG Error resolution method

Default installation jpeg-6b shell> wget ftp://ftp.uu.net/graphics/jpeg/jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz Tar zxvf jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz CD jpeg-6b ./configure–-prefix=/usr/local/jpeg6–enable-shared–enable-static Make Make install Specify the installation di

Hadoop 2.0 Namenode HA and Federation practice

I. BACKGROUND The cloud trend in the second half of 2012 began to provide a large state-owned bank's historical transaction data backup and query technology solutions based on Hadoop, due to the industry's particularity, customer service availabilit

Redhat 6 to build the LDAP Service

Experimental environment: REDHAT6.3 LDAP server: LDAP clent: Preparatory work: Turn off iptables and SELinux before configuring to avoid errors during configuration. # Se

WCF distributed development step by step for Win (6): WCF Service contract inheritance and decomposition design

In the previous section, we learned about WCF distributed development steps to win (5) service contract and Operation Overload part. Today we continue to learn about the knowledge points related to WC

Configure the Struts2 struts.properties

struts.properties files are stored in the Web-inf/classes directory. This file is used to configure some of the basic protocols for the STRUTS2 system, and any content configured in Struts.properties

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