Nginx,apache's alias and authentication function _nginx

Since the computer switched to Linux from a year ago did not write things, recently a bit lazy, here to tell the next Nginx alias function, not server alias. First look at how the Apache alias is configured: Copy Code code as follows:

Use Win2003 to set up mail server graphics and text detailed _ server other

We can actually set up a small mail server to meet our needs through the POP3 service and SMTP service provided by Windows Server 2003.   First, install POP3 and SMTP service components Windows Server 2003 does not have the POP3 and SMTP service com

To explain the acceptance process of the request body in the core configuration module of Nginx _nginx

This article will mainly introduce the receiving process of the request in Nginx, including the parsing of the request header and the reading process of the request body. First, introduce the HTTP request basic format defined in rfc2616: Req

Read the installation Soundmax secrets, let AC 97 listen to the method _ Application Tips

The root of the word ac AC 97 is all called "Audio Codec 97", meaning "audio multimedia digital Signal codec". This is by Intel, analog devices and other related manufacturers to develop the audio circuit system standards, and has been widely recogn

XenServer Detailed introduction and Virtualization series-citrix (XenServer 6.1) installation and configuration _xenserver

First, XenServer 6.1 introduction Citrix XenServer Server virtualization systems make data centers more flexible and efficient through faster application delivery, higher availability and utilization of IT resources. XenServer provides the advanced

Perfect solution IIS Server failed to load application '/lm/w3svc/1/root '-Problem with no registration class _ Server

Phenomenon: Browse ASP page Tip 500 Internal Error Event Viewer: [1]: The server could not load application '/lm/w3svc/1/root '. The error is ' no registration category '. For more information about this message, please visit the Microsoft Online Su

SQL2005, SQL2008 Configuration instructions that allow remote connections (with configuration map) _mssql

SQL Server 2005 allows configuration instructions for remote connections When you try to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 instance from a remote computer, you may receive an error message. This problem may occur when you connect to SQL Server

Install lamp illustration tutorials on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS _linux

The LAMP scheme is a collection of free and open source software, including Linux, Web Server (Apache), database Server (MYSQL/MARIADB), and PHP (scripting language). LAMP is the foundation platform that needs to install and build dynamic Web applica

Not to be overlooked. NET Application 5 Big Performance problems _ Practical Tips

The challenges of implementing an effective APM strategy: Code dependencies Excessive or unnecessary log Sync and lock Potential database problems Potential infrastructure issues 1. Code dependence The development process i

The concept of CMD CODE page and its setting value use Method _dos/bat

ChcpDisplays the number of the active console code page, or changes the console ' s active console code page. Used without parameters, CHCP displays the number of the active console code page.Syntaxchcp [nnn]ParametersNnn:specifies the code page. The

Apache Server Global configuration detailed (full) _linux

Apache Server Global Configuration Server Identity Configuration ChapterServer Identity Related directives:ServerNameServerAdminServersignatureServertokensUsecanonicalnameUsecanonicalphysicalportThe serveradmin and Servertokens directives control wha

YII2 Create a form (ActiveForm) method to explain _php instances

The example in this article describes the method that Yii2 creates a form (ActiveForm). Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Because the form involves some authentication aspect information, the attribute setting is more and mo

VBScript down the way with the Dir command _vbs

Ask: Hey, scripting guy!. I want to do something that looks very simple: Call the dir command in a script. But it doesn't seem to work. How to realize my idea? --CR, Mexico City, Mexican For: Hello, CR. From your email, you w

You can run the SP2 Setup program from a remote server install.vbs_vbs

Install.vbs Publisher Microsoft Corporation Scripting Guys This script is started by scenario1.vbs on a single network host. Install.vbs can be run locally on a host that has SP2 installed, and it performs the following tasks: ? Run the SP2 Setup p

Solve the problem that Wincache does not support 64-bit php5.5/5.6 (provide 64-bit wincache download) [Original]_php Tips

These days the company has a server to configure, the system is Windows 2008 R2, on IIS configuration environment is 64-bit PHP5.5, request support Wincache. Originally thought is nothing but go to Wincache's official website download down, in the PH

An in-depth analysis of yii2-gii custom templates _php Examples

Objective: What is YII? Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP Framework for rapid development of modern WEB applications. The name Yii (read as ' Easy ') has the dual meaning of "extreme simplicity and continuous evolution" in Chinese, and

Some techniques used by Pl/sql DEVELOPER _mssql

1, automatically select my Objects after logging on by default, Plsql developer will select all Objects after login, if you are logged on as a DBA, To expand the tables directory, it normally takes a few seconds to wait, and the response rate after

CodeIgniter the method of logging error logs comprehensively summarizes _php instances

The example in this article describes the CodeIgniter method for logging error logs. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: CI Work Flow: All entrances are entered from the root directory index.php, after determining the directo

Excellent programmer must know 20 bit arithmetic skills _c language

A lifting bit operation, people often think of its efficiency, whether embedded programming or optimize the system's core code, the proper use of bitwise operations is always a fascinating means, or when you are looking for a job, write the appropria

Zend Framework Tutorial The front-end controller Zend_controller_front usage _php example

This example describes the Zend_controller_front usage of the front-end controller for the Zend Framework tutorial. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Main function The core mechanism of Zendframework's MVC implementation is

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