Detailed server roles for Exchange Server 2013

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, the MBS role is used only to provide mailbox databases and public folder databases. In Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, MBS also provides client access protocols, Hub Transport services, mailbox databases, and unifie

Nginx Technology (2) Nginx configuration detailed

Configuration of Nginx 1, start Nginx [Root@centos6 nginx-1.2.9]#/usr/sbin/nginx-c/etc/nginx/nginx.conf boot nginx [ROOT@CENTOS6 nginx-1.2.9]# PS- Ef|grep nginx View process root 5479 1 0 04:15? 00:00:00 nginx:master process/usr/sbin/ng

Vsphere ESX 4 Installation Guide

"ESX4 Pre-installation Considerations" (1) Considerations about the hardware First, make sure that the hardware you purchased is in the VMware Compatibility List. This site must be accessed by: Second,

Come with me. Cloud Computing (3) HBase database

HBase HBase is a distributed, column-oriented open source database that comes from the Google paper "Bigtable: A distributed storage system for structured data" Fay Chang wrote. Just as BigTable leverages the distributed data storage provided by the

Cleverly add various symbols to the data in Excel tables

What's so hard about typing data into Excel tables? This is the most basic operation of Excel, as long as you can not type the line it? In practice, however, this seemingly simple operation is sometimes not as easy to complete. Because different wor

The method of struts2 in the page representation

In Struts2, the front-end page represents a simpler implementation of internationalization. The simple application STRUTS2 provides the support internationalization the expression to be able to quickly and conveniently the internationalization realiz

Designing MIME coding class with design pattern--concurrently talking about template method and strategy

This paper describes the design idea of reusable and extensible MIME coding class, and compares the difference between template method and strategy mode by the way. I. Background knowledge MIME is an Internet protocol, all called "Multipurpose Inte

19th Chapter-delphi Custom Parts Development (IV.) (3)

3. Publish Pen and Brush By default, a canvas has a thin, black pen, and solid white brush that enables users to change the properties of canvas when using shape control, and must be able to provide these objects at design time, and then use these o

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (ii) (3)

3. System operation and Maintenance An application system performance, the level of efficiency should always be the user to make judgments, applications in the running process, users will put forward a number of new requirements and suggestions, acc

13th Chapter-DELPHI Development Database Application Overview (i) (1)

13.1 Database System Overview The database system provides us with a way to bring together information that is closely related to our work and life, and it also provides a way to store and maintain this information in a centralized location. The dat

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application Development (III.) (2)

18.3.1 use tdatabase part to join SQL Server tdatabase Parts Overview Tdatabase the connection of a part-processing application to a single database. If you do not need to control the database join, you do not have to create the tdatabase

Introduction to Enode Framework: The application of staged Event-driven architecture thought

In the previous article, a brief introduction of the Enode Framework command service API design ideas. This paper introduces the application of Enode frame to staged event-driven architecture thought. We know from the previous article that command se

The use of PHP5 exception handling mechanism throw keyword

After you create a exception object, you can return the object, but this should not be used, and the better way is to use the Throw keyword instead. Throw to throw an exception: throw new Exception( "my message", 44 ); Throw abort the execution of

Quick Browse Silverlight3 Beta: Using SaveFileDialog to save to local files

In Silverlight3 Beta, the Save File dialog box is provided, through which we can easily text (including pictures, etc.) information Save to the specified local file, which, of course, requires certain permissions, so when you enable VS2008, choose t

Insert a table or create a table in Word 2007

Insert Table In Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can insert a table by selecting from a set of preformatted tables, including sample data, or by selecting the number of rows and columns you want. You can insert a table into a document or insert a tab

Win32 Structured anomaly Handling (SEH) (i)

Of all the features provided by the Win32 operating system, perhaps the most widely used but most lacking document description is structured exception handling (SEH), and when you consider Win32 structured exception handling, you may think of terms s

Aoj 0118 Property Distribution (DFS) Meaning In the rectangular orchard of H * W, there are three kinds of fruit trees of apple, pear and Mandarin, adjacent (up and down) of the same fruit trees belong to the same area, giv

WCF Technical Analysis 25: Metadata (Metadata) Architecture panorama Presentation [metadata description]

In [WS Standard article] I have devoted a great part of the Ws-mex and the WS specification associated with it: Ws-policy, Ws-transfer, and WSDL, because the WCF Meta data structure system is based entirely on the relevant specifications of Ws-mex. F

PHP5 list of commonly used functions

PHP has been updated to many versions, the most recent use of more than a few PHP5. Here we summarize the PHP5 common functions so that you can actually write the code in the future to view. The Usleep () function delays code execution for several m

UVa 10128 Queue (DP)

10128-queue Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// problem&problem=1069 Now that you have the best sub

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