Win2003 IIS6.0 Performance Optimization Guide _win server

Q: A lot of programs, put on a server, the client connection after a period of time, on the server to open Task Manager A look, found that there are many w3wp.exe, occupy a large memory, to 1g, I would like to ask why this? Is there any way t

How to view the actual memory footprint of a process detailed _c language

The top command can view the use of process memory, but is not detailed enough. There are also commands that can be viewed in more detail. [Root@localhost ~]# Cat/proc/5606/statusName:switch4State:s (sleeping)tgid:5606pid:5606Ppid:1tracerpid:0uid:0

Install lamp illustration tutorials on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS _linux

The LAMP scheme is a collection of free and open source software, including Linux, Web Server (Apache), database Server (MYSQL/MARIADB), and PHP (scripting language). LAMP is the foundation platform that needs to install and build dynamic Web applica

win2008 IIS installation and IIS7 simple setup tutorial [graphic]_win server

IIS inside windows2008 It has the IIS service installed by default, and it integrates two types of IIS, One is IIS6.0, this version is used on the previous 2003, another is the current new product IIS7.0 (of course, when you install the IIS service,

IIS custom 404 page return 200 status code severity and resolution _win server

Before you get to 404 pages, let's get a look at some common HTTP status codes.* 404: The requested Web page does not exist (does not exclude the possibility that the link will be valid later);* 410: The requested Web page does not exist (permanent);

PHP5 and XML Sample _php basics New XML features of PHP5 Author Christian Stocker translation ice_berg16 (Scarecrow seeking the Dream) Audience oriented The object of this article is all levels of PHP developers interested in PHP5 's new

VBScript down the way with the Dir command _vbs

Ask: Hey, scripting guy!. I want to do something that looks very simple: Call the dir command in a script. But it doesn't seem to work. How to realize my idea? --CR, Mexico City, Mexican For: Hello, CR. From your email, you w

Improved Mkw3site.vbs (Create a virtual directory) _vbs

'--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Create virtual directory power by JARON, Jiangdu Information Network, 1999-2002. ' If you need to set permissions, modify the code for 40-56. * * R

Undefined reference to ' setpdupowerconsumptioncnt ' Error resolution _c language

Problem:The program model is written in C + + language, and an interface file Modelc.cpp is added between the program model and the call function, which is used to call the function in the program mod

CodeIgniter the method of logging error logs comprehensively summarizes _php instances

The example in this article describes the CodeIgniter method for logging error logs. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: CI Work Flow: All entrances are entered from the root directory index.php, after determining the directo

An in-depth analysis of yii2-gii custom templates _php Examples

Objective: What is YII? Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP Framework for rapid development of modern WEB applications. The name Yii (read as ' Easy ') has the dual meaning of "extreme simplicity and continuous evolution" in Chinese, and

Comprehensive analysis of the use of MyBatis generator _java

I. Core document Generator.xml Specify key information such as the location of the database jar package, database connection information, location of the build package, table name, and so on. The file is placed in any location. <! DOCTYPE ge

The request and response usage of YII framework learning (based on chttprequest response) _php instance

This article describes the request and response usage of YII framework learning. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The CHttpRequest is provided in Yii and encapsulates the commonly used method of request. The specific code i

Symfony2 Framework Learning Notes HTTP cache usage Detailed _php example

This example describes the Symfony2 framework HTTP cache usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The nature of rich Web applications means their dynamics. No matter how efficient your application is, there is always a lot o

Based on the jquery dropdown selection box plug-in supports the single select multiple selection function code _jquery

As a result of the recent project requirements, need to do a drop-down selection box plug-ins, support the radio display form data, multiple selection of display table data, the plug-in mainly used jquery and Jqgrid and Easyui. Below to show you the

Detail browser feature detection (1)-jquery1.4 Add part _jquery

The most classic use of this is the Universal addevent function: function addEvent(element, type, handler) { if (element.attachEvent) { //IE8及以下浏览器 element.attachEvent('on' + type, handler); } else { //W3C标准浏览器 element.addEventListener(type, ha

Solve the thinkphp using upload plugin uploadify browser Firefox 302 error method _php tips

Recently used thinkphp to develop a project, integrated the bulk upload file plug-in uploadify, Google Chrome and IE under the normal upload, only Firefox prompted this error, the Internet to find a lot of solutions, Basically said Flash in Firefox u

JS HTML5 Upload Sample code full version _javascript tips

itself with the Flash plugin has been uploaded, but there are a lot of incompatible scenarios, some of the core configuration can not be changed, and finally sorted out a HTML5 version, the following has a portal: Several key issues addressed by sev

PHP7 official version of the test, performance stunning! _php Tips

Let's take a look at the PHP 7 official version of the algorithm and the performance of WordPress application on it. PHP7 installation, really very backward-compatible, download, decompression, the previous configuration command used, all the way to

"Progressive DB2.DBA system Management, operation and application Case" (New) Reading notes 1

Tags: DB2 Database Introduction DB2 Introduction DB2 Components"Progressive DB2.DBA system Management, operation and application Case" (New) Reading notes 1Brief History of database development and DB2 introductionThe fundamental purpose of database

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