The ultimate solution for Zend Studio7 Chinese garbled characters

I introduced the PHP development tool Zend Studio7 Tutorial, in the use of the process when we create a new (import) of the project itself is UTF8 when the code, such as WordPress, we found when the u

Log4j Study (ON)

CSDN has a lot of examples and tutorials on log4j, some are very good, but in order to consolidate knowledge, I also write a bar. my request to log4j is not very high, mainly has two uses one)

To specify the compilation process for the encoding property for Jikes

compiling | process Jikes is a faster-than-javac Java compiler, an open source project for IBM in some application server run, we will choose to precompile the JSP file to improve the speed of th

MIME Little Knowledge

MIME users can use MIME to set up the server to transfer multimedia such as sound and animation information, which may be done through CGI scripts. In the following article, you can learn about mime a

30-minute Regular expression guide

Regular by Jim Hollenhorst Cold fish Have you ever thought about what a regular expression is and how you can get a basic understanding of it quickly? My goal is to get you started in 30 minutes and have a basic understanding of regular expressions.

Three measures to guarantee the security of website and set up database security

Database, the foundation of the website operation, the elements of the website survival, both individual users and enterprise users are very dependent on the support of the website database, however, many of the attackers who have ulterior motives al

Write a relatively bad directory file list program, support multiple systems, can be sorted by time, can enter the multi-level directory, other functions please add yourself!

Compare | program | sort PLEASE criticize!!! <?//list.php Power by $Path = ($dir) urldecode ($dir): "D:";/best use Session to set PATH security $handle =opendir ($Path); while ($file = Readdir ($handle)) { $newpath = $Path. "

Regular-expression Learning

Regular Regular expression is regular expression, it seems that English is better than Chinese understand more, is to check expression characters do not conform to the rules!! Regular expressions have a very powerful and complex object regexp, provid

The development of Light blog: How to increase the user viscosity of core users

Article Description: the future of light blogging--the bottleneck of dot-dot network development and the improvement plan. First, the development bottleneck Light blog Because of "exchange based on interest" and different from the blog an

Tij Reading Notes (13th chapter)

Notes 13: Concurrent Programming Object-oriented enables us to divide the program into separate modules. But you will often encounter, not only to break down the program, but also to make its various parts can run independently of the problem. This 2.0 Feature Matrix

ADO 2.0 Feature Matrix Bob Beauchemin DevelopMentor July 2004 Applies To: Microsoft 2.0 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Summary:ADO.NET 2.0 includes a new Base-class provider model, features for all providers, and Changes to System.Data.Sql

A Beginner's study summary

Write this article on the one hand is to relax for a week of their own, in order to give you a brief introduction of learning experience, and other applications recommended to the home page, thank you ~ I linux c programmer, focus on server design a

Symbian Network Zhangwei: Play mobile phone play out personal site

Zhangwei, net name Feather fly, Symbian website is long. Why did you create this site? Zhangwei: Interest, 2005 time bought a smartphone, like this, set up their own website. I think this is not a start-up, but only by interest to do, and then slowly

SQL story Excerpt (iv) Preliminary ———— information mining

The original idea of writing this book comes from the communication and learning with colleagues when working in the first company. But the trigger for releasing the book was a post on a report on the latest information on the CSDN. The questions in

Learn about the use of SMO objects in SQL2005 (-)

sql2005| objects 1. Brief Introduction:In this series, I'll demonstrate how to use the SMO (SQL Management Objects) to implement a variety of common database management tasks, such as backup, recovery, indexing, integrity checking, etc.In this articl

Tip: MIME Types in IIS

Iis|mime| Tricks MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, multi-purpose Internet Message extensions) is created for e-mail exchange, network documentation, And the specification of file formats in the enterprise network and other applications on

ODBC Basics

ODBC ODBC Basics This is the first tutorial in a series of database programming using WIN32ASM. In today's IT world, database programming is becoming more and more important, so we can no longer ignore it. But now there are many kinds of databases in

The difference between PHP4 and PHP5

The objects in the PHP5 have been systematically and comprehensively tuned, and may now look somewhat similar to Java. This section focuses on the new object patterns in PHP5, with some simpler examples to illustrate. Let this section be a new starti

SQL Story Extract (10) ———— the cursor should not be

Cursor Overview of Cursors I believe many Delphi programmers have written this code: ... Begin; Mydataset.frist; While isn't (MYDATASET.BOF or mydataset.eof) do Begin ... End Mydataset.close; End ... For a long time, we ha

is Access secure? --access Security QA Detailed

access| Security | security | detailed is Access secure? --access Security QA Detailed is Access secure? --access Security QA Detailed Many friends in the MDB file when they encounter security issues about access, here is a Q & a way to

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