HTML5 History API implementation without refresh jump

in the HTML5 , 1. Added the function of adding items through JS in the browser history. 2. Display changes to the URL in the browser's address bar without refreshing the page. 3. Added the event that is triggered when the user clicks the browser's

2003 Httpd.ini control hotlinking for virtual host


The recent website picture is hotlinking, causes the server to be overloaded therefore the Internet looked for the anti-theft chain The method most is uses. htaccess anti-theft chain, but I use the virtual host is Windows 2003 not supported. Htaccess

Thinking of website design (i.)

Design Objective Hi, I'm Atzie. I am honored to be here to discuss with you the problem of website design. At present, the network on the production of various tutorials on the web has been quite a lot, you can easily learn the latest technology and

20 Hot Issues in XML

xml| problem these days, almost everyone is talking about XML (extensible Markup Language), but few people really understand what it means. The proponents of XML believe that it solves all the problems that HTML cannot solve, and allows the data to b

XML and its technical guide

Xml Summary:This article describes XML and the various techniques in the XML family. We'll discuss how each of these core technologies is combined into a complete whole as well as some of the things that support XML technology.   It seems like thi

HTML form element Overlay style element problem and its remedy way

A typical example is a problem when designing an HTML page that often encounters a problem with a form element covering style elements. Do not underestimate this seemingly "low-level" problem, even if some of the larger web site similar problems are

Strongly recommended for beginners: good XHTML tutorials

xhtml| Beginners | tutorials   Preface: (Nonsense) Now all pay attention to the standard station, and the standard station uses the technology mainly is xhtml+css, but now we commonly use is the HTML code, then how should I transform? And what is the

Application of SQL Trigger in maintaining database integrity

Triggers are an important tool in SQL Server database application and a special type of stored procedure, which is widely used. General stored procedures are called directly through stored procedure names, and triggers are executed through events. Tr

About the news system that generates HTML files

Generate Html| News System The general transmission of the ID value of the news system is more likely to be produced is not very complicated.But the news that we see on Sina or other portal class website is not passed by ID, but an HTML or s

Methods for using an infinite lifetime session

Session in PHP4.0 added to the session support, convenient for us a lot of programs, such as shopping carts and so on! In many forums, session is also used to deal with user login, record user name and password, so that users do not have to enter the

A class that can read ID3 information [it's easy to add MP3]

<!--METADATA type= "TypeLib" uuid= "00000205-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4" name= "ADODB Type Library" --> <% ' Author: Dragon zyvslxl, please keep ' prope

Using fastcgi

A long time ago in the foreign server dug a pit, said Nginx Fastcgi_cache is a big gold mine neglected by everyone, today put this pit fill, shun wish everyone a happy new year. For data that doesn't

Phpinfo () The Little Secret (of a fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!):-) )

Access by browser Http:// You will see! A fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!:-) Secret in logos.h the image data defined in the array. unsigned char php_egg_logo[] = { 71, 73, 70

PHP4 installation instances on IIS and APACHE2 servers under WinXP

Recently, a lot of friends asked me about the installation process of PHP under Windows XP, just recently I successfully installed the PHP4.23 in a modular manner on my own machine. Since so many friends need it, I'll take the most common IIS and Apa

Embedding a resource file into an assembly in. Net

Program I. INTRODUCTION ... 3 Second, the SOFTWARE environment ... 3 Third, the resource document ... 3 Iv. Create resource Files ... 3 V. Use of resource documents ... 6 5.1 Using resource files in command-line compilation ... 6 5.2 Using reso

Let users add functionality to your. NET application through macros and Plug-ins

Program Jason Clark This article assumes that you are familiar with. NET and C # Download the code for this article: Plug-ins.exe (135KB) Overview Most user applications benefit from the ability to be extended by other developers. Extending an exi

SQL Hints Login failed for user ' sa ' wrong solution

Phenomenon:--------------------------------------------------- 1, connect SQL Server database hint: Login failed for user ' sa '. Reason:not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection error Question:--------------------------------------------

An animated tutorial for interpreting the late synthesis of long exposure photography

For those who like to take pictures of the scenery, we may have tried for a long time exposure, longer exposure time will often bring out another feature of the scene, because of this, it has also bec

On the design of Korean game website

The game site has always been the impression of the whole, gorgeous, because the essence of the game is colorful beautiful art, each game itself unique elements, creating a unique charm of the game si

PS Management and Specification V1

This is an important but easily overlooked area, many people do not have the document specification and management awareness; As a designer, the establishment of document specifications and management

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