Animation CSS3 Animation Summary

A recent small game project uses CSS3 animated properties, such as transition, transform, and animation. After three weeks, finally done, use the weekend to do a good job of summing up. KeyFramesThis property is used to define a series of keyf

CSS3 using a custom font to implement small icons icon

Recently in doing a project, studied the front of Sina Weibo, see the first page of that icon, the previous view of this kind of effect of the first reaction is to use an icon such as GIF to make!! But in the course of the study, a little trick was

Web site backup methods on a virtual host

Web site backup refers to the process of keeping the data of a website in some way so that it can be used again in the event of damage to the website system or otherwise. In Web site management, data security is the primary task of Web site managers,

Frequently asked questions in XML (ii)

What level of support does Internet Explorer 5.0 provide for XML? Internet Explorer 5 provides the following XML support: View the XML directly. Microsoft XML implementations allow users to view XML through their Web browsers using XSL or cascading s

Web page optimization Strategy

Page optimization is the Web page optimization is the Web page of the program, content, plate, layout and other aspects of the optimization adjustment, so that it is suitable for search engine retrieval, to meet the index of search engine rankings, t

DOCTYPE detailed description

The DOCTYPE statement follows certain rules that indicate what set of rules the reader should use to interpret the markup in the document. DOCTYPE not scary, but take it away, will make you scared and afraid. Recently in the blue ideal around, found

Pure HTML Tag Detailed

HTML tags are many, but in fact the commonly used is so more than 10 20, a lot of the function of the label gradually ignored by everyone. Then, if in the appropriate time, with a use, or in a certain program to our page design to bring a little conv

IIS6 and IIS7 for static file gzip compression mode

Explain why you're writing this article, and how to get tangled up in this "little problem". First of all, open the static file gzip compression is very advantageous to improve the site's access speed, and effectively reduce the spider crawling stati

HTML5 Learning Resources Web site collection

The collection of HTML5 learning resources is believed to be useful to HTML5 learners. HTML5 Specification for the consortium: The difference between HTML5 and HTML4: Opera Dev:improve yo

MY.CNF file: my.cnf parameter configuration

PS: This profile is for Dell R710, dual Xeon E5620, 16G memory hardware configuration. CentOS 5.6 64-bit system, MySQL 5.5.x stable version. Applies to the day IP 50-100W,PV 100-300w site, mainly uses the InnoDB storage engine. For other application

XHTML 1.0: Mark a New Beginning

Xhtml Familiar and getting started with the new standard: Still writing documents in HTML? If so, it is not in line with current standards. January 26, 2000, XHTML 1.0 is a recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (WWW). According to W3c,html

How to use DHTML to prepare Web pages

dhtml| Web page 1 Preface With the continuous popularization and development of internet/intranet, more and more companies, enterprises and individuals are starting to build their own web sites, write Web pages and publish information to the outside

sHTML Complete Tutorial

Tutorial |shtml What is SHTML Using the HTML file name extension for SSI (server Side include), SSI (server Side include), commonly referred to as "servers-side embedding" or "server-side inclusion," is an ASP-like server-based Web-making technology

The basic elements that make up a Web page

Web page 2.1 Topics (title)The title element is the only element in the header of the file that must appear, and it can only appear in the file header. The format of the title element is:<title> file Title </title>Title The title of the H

Force download of all files in the IIS site force download text files such as Txt,ini

When the configuration is complete, all files in the access site are forced to download, prompting the download window, including all the files such as Asp,php,txt. When making an XP theme download station, for example. bootskin files need to be prov

XHTML Day 6th: XHTML code Specification

xhtml| specification Before we start the formal content production, we must first look at the specifications of the Web standards Code. Understanding these specifications can help you take fewer detours and pass code verification as

Learn Web metrics to choose the right type of document for your Web page

Web|web Standard | Web page You do everything you think is right, but the page does not behave correctly in the latest browsers. That's what you wrote. Invalid XHTML and CSS. You use the standard Document Object Model (DOM) of the consortium to manip

IIS verbose error codes and explanations

When a user attempts to access content on a server that is running Internet information Services (IIS) through HTTP or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), IIS returns a numeric code that represents the state of the request. The status code is recorded in t

Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Properties and methods

1, what is the XMLHttpRequest object?2, create the XMLHttpRequest object.3, XMLHttpRequest properties and methods. 1, what is the XMLHttpRequest object? The most common definition is: XMLHTTP is a set of APIs that can be routed through HTTP protoco

CSS3 Embedded Web Fonts

If you want to use some good-looking fonts on your site, always have to do it in PS first. Although this can also achieve the effect we want, but this increased the HTTP request (if used in many places), even if all the pictures, but also bad managem

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