Hibernate from 2 to 3 solutions that do not support Oracle8 outer joins (+)

Recently took over a project to maintain, is written in Hibernate2+oralce8, because see Hibernate3 page out so long, but also feel Hibernate3 has many of its new features, such as bulk deletion and up

WebService Axis2 (6): Cross-Service sessions (session) management

In the "WebService" Axis2 (5): Session management, the article describes how to use AXIS2 to manage the same service session, but for a complex system, there is no single webservice service, for examp

WebService Axis2 (5): Session Management

The most intuitive feeling of webservice is that it consists of a method that is called by the client through the SOAP protocol. These methods may have return values, or they may not have return value

BDE error code comparison

0x0000 (0) = successful completion. 0x0021 = System Error 0x0022 = Object of Interest not Found 0x0023 (km) = physical Data corruption 0x0024 = I/o Related Error 0x0025 (Panax) = Resource or Limi

Enterprise Library Step by Step Series (12) Exception Handling Application Block

A Logging the exception information to the database In the log and monitoring Application block, some friends say that they want to be able to logging the exception information to the database, here

What's Sybase?

A brief introduction of Sybase database 1. Version In 1984, Mark B. Hiffman and Robert Epstern created Sybase and launched the Sybase database product in 1987. Sybase consists of three versions, one running under the UNIX operating system, the othe

Sybase database: Log is too large to start

Q: There is a question about Sybase: I open the database always remind: Cannot open transaction log file-----cannot use log file "Hms2000.log" since it is shorter than experted. I directly deleted the log, also can not start normally, said the file c

HMAC File Checker based on SHA-256

HMAC is the hash function with key, and the message Identification code (MAC) generated by it can be used to authenticate the message. Here I make a software that verifies the legality of a file. Let me briefly introduce the background knowledge of t

ExtJS Form Builder

Background As the ExtJS matures, it is constantly being accepted and used by developers. ExtJS is a complete UI framework with controls that are already well adapted to the needs of everyday development, and it is still based on HTML and styling, an

How to use Informix Users and Informix groups

1. You should use the Informix account to manage the database, such as Grant/revoke permissions, creating/deleting tables, dbload, and so on. 2. Should you create a separate account to do these things? Why? 3. Should you use the Informix account to

Installation configuration of Cassandra Database cluster

We are using DataStax Community Edition, the official website for the Cluster Control Center (opscenter) configuration is too brief, I tried 10 times to get it done: there should be no more detailed configuration instructions on the Internet. Here a

role-based access Control in Aix, part 2nd

User-defined roles In this section, we will describe the user-defined roles. Planning for user-defined roles As discussed in part 1th, "predefined roles in RBAC", the AIX V6 includes three predefined roles. These predefined roles provide a recomme

5 Open source cloud computing platform recommended

The following is a list of 5 well-known open source cloud computing platforms included in the open source China community. 1, Abicloud Enterprise-class open source cloud computing platform Abiquo's Open source cloud computing platform, "Abicloud",

HTML 5 Tutorial (iv)

HTML4 uses 5 different inline elements to represent slightly different computer code: VAR, code, KBD, TT, and Samp. However, it cannot represent basic values such as time, numbers, and so on. HTML 5 provides several new inline elements to meet the ne

How to set the page border in a Word 2013 document

Users can set a common line-style page border and various icon-style art page borders in the Word2013 document, making the Word2013 document more expressive. To set the page border in a Word2013 document, the following steps are described: Step 1th,

Analysis of coordinated design of distributed core technology

Fourinone Introduction Fourinone (Chinese name "Sibuxiang") is a Tetraena distributed computing framework, before writing this framework, I have a long time to think about distributed computing, but also read the other open source framework written

Analysis of the change Data capture function of SQL 2008

One of the tasks in common enterprise data Platform management is the constant obsession with SQL Server DBAs, which is monitoring data updates. Many data applications need to capture updates to the business data table. I have seen several solutions:

What is WINAPI

The Windows operating system application interface, which has an informal abbreviation for WINAPI, is Microsoft's name for the kernel application programming interface available in Windows operating systems. It is designed to be called by a C + + pro

Installation jpeg-6b PNG Error resolution method

Default installation jpeg-6b shell> wget ftp://ftp.uu.net/graphics/jpeg/jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz Tar zxvf jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz CD jpeg-6b ./configure–-prefix=/usr/local/jpeg6–enable-shared–enable-static Make Make install Specify the installation di

Ubuntu's chmod and Chown

Label:... Recursive nbsp option chmod Data Detail Auxiliary representation1.chown Change the owner and group permissions for a file or directoryFormatchown [OPTION] ... [OWNER] [: [GROUP]] FILE ...Parameters:-RRecursively manipulate all directories

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