DB2 Performance Optimization – How to optimize lock escalation by adjusting lock parameters

Tags: database DB21, Concept descriptionThe so-called lock upgrade (lock escalation), is a mechanism of the database, in order to save memory overhead, it will be a large number of high-resource-intensive fine-grained locks into a small amount of

SQL injection attacks

Tags: article anonymous uppercase related command multi Sch hybrid DriveSQL injection attacks are one of the most frequently used means for hackers to attack a database. With the development of B/s pattern application development, there are more and

Monodb Shard Cluster Deployment

Tags: option ons Group host server1 node design beatThis document is based on MongoDB version 3.6.2:Recommended use of the latest versionHttps://www.mongodb.com/download-center#communityinstallation filesCluster IP and port design scheme:


Tags: use ini multiple ATI summary log mes is valid and IBy hashing the algorithm, we can verify whether a piece of data is valid, by comparing the hash value of the data, for example, to determine whether the user's password is correct, we use the

Into the pit ArchLinux

Tags: use case procedure guest ECIF wireless T permission config add extraUnder the strong accusation of big yachen and sorghum, I set foot on the arch this "no return". The installation of Linux Distribution,arch as a very high personal system is

Iron python27_ Module Learning 2

Tags: gid. com ICC multilayer get file Fetch schedule environment variable setMost of the content was excerpted from the blog http://www.cnblogs.com/Eva-J/Collections ModuleOn the basis of the built-in data type (DICT, list, set, tuple),The

Algorithm notes (ii) data structure

Tags: ber mode unit custom interface. SH Padding class node1.1 Data structure:A method of storing and organizing data in a real computer, as well as a collection of data that has one or more specific relationships with each other.1.1.1 What is a

CRC32 Algorithm Notes

Tags: DMI technology standard implementation Tle www. BDD CLI CodeThese days in the study of CRC32 calculation process, see the principle of CRC algorithm, but also see a lot of code implemented by the shift method, but the results are calculated

Springboot Log frame slf4j (use Logback to output logs and use)

Tags: write log resultset deny tap evel different base ASP pictures1, why use Logback?--System.out is not recommended for development because a large amount of usage increases the consumption of resources. Since the use of System.out is performed on

Spring Boot 2.0 (a): "Heavyweight" Spring Boot 2.0 authoritative release

Tags: Spring BootJust yesterday Spring Boot2.0.0.RELEASEOfficially released, this morning in the release of Spring Boot2.0 in a small episode, the spring Boot2.0 sync to the Maven warehouse when there was an error, and then spring boot officials

Sort Quick Sort (1~10)

Tags: title name http names strong Mes sort void whileNow there are fewer students in handwritten order, but in some subjects, the use of handwritten sort may make the topic more simple. Below I will upload some sort of template.Quick SortBasic

Java_se Foundation--56. Package creation

Tags: specify is post blog log pack = = OID Package Name Next I'll tell you ... Package.Look at a piece of code firstClass Demo1{public static void Main (string[] args) {System.out.println ("This is the main method of Demo1");}}then create a new

PowerShell OPS Rookie series -03-settings-all users-owa-time zone-language-skip-time zone setting)

Tags: server LyncProject questions:When a new user logs on to the mailbox of OWA, it's always time to set the time zone, if it's a test, it doesn't matter.If it is production, you have thousands of people of the enterprise, this certainly is not

Lync Project experience -28-Settings-All users-owa-time zone-language-skip-time zone setting)

Tags: server LyncProject questions:When a new user logs on to the mailbox of OWA, it's always time to set the time zone, if it's a test, it doesn't matter.If it is production, you have thousands of people of the enterprise, this certainly is not

Python3 built-in functions Daquan (ordered)

Tags: orm pyc Help document Module Sentinel implementation page Brackets POWBuilt-in functions(1) ABS (), absolute or complex modulus1 Print (ABS ( -6)) #>>>>6(2) All () accepts an iterator that returns true if all the elements of the

Python3 Tenth-How to convert into a binary

Tags: pytho 1.2 bubuko existence Oschina weighting factor ref weighted add integerIn the world of Calculators 2 is the mainstream, and in the natural world of human 10 is the mainstream, then there will inevitably exist in the transformation of the

ID3 algorithm of "machine learning" decision Tree (2)

Tags: val heuristic algorithm acdream no probability HTTP Pytho must be decisionID3 Algorithm of decision treeContent1.ID3 Concept 2. Information Entropy 3. Information Gain information Gain4. ID3 BIAS5. Python algorithm Implementation (tbd) one, ID3

(reprint) Win32 process creation, process snapshot, process termination use case

Tags: thread safe while apt effect creates height console use ImaWin32 process creation, process snapshot, process termination use caseProcess creation:1 #include <windows.h>2 #include <stdio.h>34IntMain ()5{6//Create open system with

Delphi 7 validating XML legitimacy (using DTDs, XSD)

Tags: document settings Encoding save case document reference types dragXML with the correct syntax is called "well-formed" XML. XML that is validated by a DTD is "legitimate" XML. The role of a DTD (document type definition) is to define a

Func common modules and APIs

Tags: block CentOS War table Fedora man mount Mount example sharedFunc common modules and APIs Func provides a very rich range of functional modules, including: Commandmodule (Execute command)Copyfilemodule (copy file)Cpumodule (CPU

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