WebService Axis2 (6): Cross-Service sessions (session) management

In the "WebService" Axis2 (5): Session management, the article describes how to use AXIS2 to manage the same service session, but for a complex system, there is no single webservice service, for examp

WebService Axis2 (5): Session Management

The most intuitive feeling of webservice is that it consists of a method that is called by the client through the SOAP protocol. These methods may have return values, or they may not have return value

Watch POP3 mailbox.

This article will show you how to write your own mailbox monitoring program, the program will call the Winsock function directly for network communication. In addition to having Winsock programming kn

Analysis of design and implementation of Win32 debugging interface

The so-called debugger is actually a very broad concept, and any program that can monitor the execution of other programs in some form can be called a debugger. On the Windows platform, depending on t

The x3d of the actual Combat Foundation Lecture II

Display of the second lecture text In this lecture, we will describe how to create a scene effect with text, and in the process of creating a detailed description of how to set the light source and t

Implementation of MS Visio document cross-platform web browser--universal visioviewer

1 The XML document structure of MS Visio software Visio is a powerful, with a large number of customer-oriented office vector graphics software system, with its unique mold, template, towed drawing m

HMAC File Checker based on SHA-256

HMAC is the hash function with key, and the message Identification code (MAC) generated by it can be used to authenticate the message. Here I make a software that verifies the legality of a file. Let me briefly introduce the background knowledge of t

WebSphere Commerce and Sterling OMS Integration Solution (i) Preparing for integrated environments

Before you start About this tutorial In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an e-business platform for an integrated environment based on the WebSphere Commerce (WC) V7 Feature Pack 5 and Sterling OMS (SC) V9.2. WC and SC are two systems wit

How to use Informix Users and Informix groups

1. You should use the Informix account to manage the database, such as Grant/revoke permissions, creating/deleting tables, dbload, and so on. 2. Should you create a separate account to do these things? Why? 3. Should you use the Informix account to

Considerations for Htable and Htablepool use in hbase databases

Both Htable and Htablepool are part of the HBase client API that you can use to perform CRUD operations on hbase tables. The following combined with the application in the project, the use of the two processes of attention to do a summary summary. H

Installation configuration of Cassandra Database cluster

We are using DataStax Community Edition, the official website for the Cluster Control Center (opscenter) configuration is too brief, I tried 10 times to get it done: there should be no more detailed configuration instructions on the Internet. Here a

Catalyst 8.11 driver Bug leads to Vista x64 dual-card Crossfire blue screen Solution

Just now: "Watch out!" Catalyst 8.11 Drive may cause Vista x64 Crossfire User Blue Screen This article, the group is just asked in addition to download the Intel driver, there is no way to solve, it needs to use the Vista drive rollback function. Th

5 tips for configuring the Apache 1.3/2.0 Server

This article presents 5 tips for configuring Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.0 servers. We will address the following configuration scenarios: Aligning Apache Accept () serialization, Apache 2.0 threads, adopting mod_ssl SSL session caching, optimizing keep-a

role-based access Control in Aix, part 2nd

User-defined roles In this section, we will describe the user-defined roles. Planning for user-defined roles As discussed in part 1th, "predefined roles in RBAC", the AIX V6 includes three predefined roles. These predefined roles provide a recomme

5 Open source cloud computing platform recommended

The following is a list of 5 well-known open source cloud computing platforms included in the open source China community. 1, Abicloud Enterprise-class open source cloud computing platform Abiquo's Open source cloud computing platform, "Abicloud",

HTML5 and Flash

One of the hottest topics on the Web recently is the "open Web Technology HTML5", which has been extensively reported from foreign media to domestic media. From a lot of reports, if you enter "HTML5 Flash" from Google search engine 2 keyword combinat

Friendly visit

If you do not specify an access indicator at all, as in all previous examples in this chapter, what will happen? The default access does not have a keyword, but it is often referred to as "friendly" (friendly) access. This means that all other classe

Import or export a text file in Excel 2007

There are two ways to import data from a text file by using Microsoft Office Excel: You can open a text file in Excel, or you can import a data range that is imported as an external data range (external data range: A worksheet from outside of Excel,

In-depth analysis and diagnostics of application issues using Itcam for WebSphere

Introduction The current identification, isolation, diagnosis and repair of Java EE application problems is a very troublesome thing, although before the application on the line, we have undergone rigorous functional and performance testing, and thr

IE Automatic Landing-navigate article

Earlier, because the project needs to do an automatic landing site ActiveX Plug-ins. The main function is to start an IE instance through this plugin or use the browser where the plugin resides, Play a website (that is, through navigate navigation),

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