JVM Tuning Summary (1): Basic garbage collection Algorithm __ algorithm

Data Type In Java virtual machines, data types can be grouped into two categories: the base type and the reference type . A variable of the base type holds the original value, that is, the value that he represents is the number itself, and the varia

Comparable interface implemented by Delayqueue

Delayqueue comparable interface and delayed interface off-thread pool digression-Static inner class Delayqueue Delayqueue is a kind of implementation class of JDK to Blockingqueue interface. For the introduction of Delayqueue, you can refer to a very

Introduction to the YAML concept

Good articles must be transferred: http://www.cnblogs.com/chwkai/archive/2005/10/07/beginning_yaml.html Yaml is also a thing. In the case of XML flooding, the appearance of Yaml is really a bright, in the initial study of Yaml after a rough summary o

SWFUpload Introduction use swfupload Upload file

What is SWFUpload SWFUpload is a website front-end file upload component. SWFUpload through the flash+javascript, the implementation of the Web page without refreshing the conditions, multiple files upload (in fact, upload-by-one), and display uploa

The necessity and implementation of system call in operating system

before remember <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "Urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"/> This period of time is really too busy, there is a long time did not write a report, this time Pyos development is basically and half stagnant state, t

Programming beauty--1 Number __ Programming

This problem is the application of the typical analysis and inductive method. By analyzing each number of each bit to 1 by which factors, so summed up all the number of 1 of the occurrence of the law, very classic. There is no other better way of thi

Global variables, local variables, static global variables, static local variables

Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/chenglei/archive/2009/09/06/1561367.html Viewing from scopes: Global variables have global scope. Global variables can be used for all source files only if they are defined in one source file. Of course, other source

Ubuntu directory and permissions (create directory, change directory owner, change directory permissions)

1.Ubuntu Create directory Command format: mkdir [options] directory ... Command features: The mkdir command enables you to create a directory named with the specified name at the specified location. The user who created the directory must have wr

How to view the actual memory footprint of a process

The top command can view the use of process memory, but is not detailed enough. There are also commands that can be viewed in more detail. [Root@localhost ~]# Cat/proc/5606/status Name:switch4 State:s (sleeping) tgid:5606 pid:5606 Ppid:1 tracerpi

Zookeeper Source Learning Notes (2) zookeeper in--standalone mode

Server Portal The startup code for the server is in the zkserver.sh file. The zkserver.sh script is similar to the startup script in/etc/init.d/, and is executed through the Shell's case command parsing instructions. The specific directives are as

Openwrt-wifidog Use of Luci Certification

OpenWrt implementation of the portal certification (Web authentication) to introduce the OPENWRT environment to achieve WiFiDog authentication method, at the end of the article I wrote "Some people may also ask, can you integrate these scripts into t

Embedded System CORTEX-A8 Processor programming

3rd Chapter CORTEX-A8 Processor Programming 1. Introduction to ARM programming • In the development of embedded systems, the main programming languages currently used are C and assembler. In many places, such as the initialization of hardware system

Penetration Testing Tutorial (Basic)-2

Two. Kali Introduction 92.1 Kali Linux features 102.2 Download Kali Linux 112.2.1 Package the latest Kali ISO 112.2.2 Official Kali Linux Mirror Image 112.3 Making Custom Kali mirror image 122.3.1 Ready to start 122.3.2 Package kali ISO configuration

Some questions about the Luci <一>

Recently, due to the project's reasons, now summarizes several points: The process of 1.LUCI operation. For: First, we start with the/www/cgi-bin/file and run the code in the Luci file: #!/usr/bin/lua luci.dispatcher.indexcache = "Tmp.luci-indexcach

System Learning Machine learning SVM (iii)--LIBLINEAR,LIBSVM use collation, summary

1.LIBSVM and Liblinear differences, simple source analysis. http://blog.csdn.net/zhzhl202/article/details/7438160 http://blog.csdn.net/zhzhl202/article/details/7438313LIBSVM is a software that integrates support vector machines (c-svc, nu-svc), regre

Key technology of real-time video transmission--full analysis of H.

Wen/Xu Jianlin In the field of real-time multimedia, real-time visual and perceptual display will have more extensive development space, while the basic core technology for real-time video transmission is the coding standard of H. In this paper, the

Decryption of one of the echo cancellation techniques (theory article)

First, prefaceAs a result of the work, the author has been in contact with Echo cancellation (echo cancellation) technology since 2004, and has been engaged in the work related to echo cancellation technology in a large communications company, and is

Springmvc+activiti Perfect Integration-Process online design + code generator +UI Rapid Development Library, improve half of development efficiency

JEECG (EE code Generation) is a code generator based intelligent development platform, with code generation + manual Merge semi-intelligent development model, can help to solve the Java project 60% duplication of work, so that the development of more

Fuzzing test using Afl-fuzz (American Fuzzy Lop) (ii)--detailed instructions for use (README.txt)

Not fully translated from: Http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/afl/README.txtReprint please indicate the source. The notes, which are readily translated, have yet to be collated. AFL algorithm 1) Load the initial test cases provided by the user into the queue

Pycharm Error "fatal:could not read from remote repository."

Pycharm configuring GitHub, error occurred: Push failed:failed with Error:fatal:Could not read from remote repository. Based on search: http://danielhnyk.cz/pycharm-error-fatal-could-not-read-remote-repository/ I just encountered very unpleasant err

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