YII2 implementation of simultaneous search for multiple fields _php instance

The example in this article describes how YII2 implements searching multiple fields at the same time. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The search field in Yii2 is a andfilterwhere This method that can be used to search for

Apache Server Global configuration detailed (full) _linux

Apache Server Global Configuration Server Identity Configuration ChapterServer Identity Related directives:ServerNameServerAdminServersignatureServertokensUsecanonicalnameUsecanonicalphysicalportThe serveradmin and Servertokens directives control wha

Iis+fastcgi+php5.3+mysql5.1+gzip configuration graphics and text detailed tutorial _win server

Description This post is what I have done all day and night, different from the general online article, in addition to the details of the entire configuration process and test procedures are detailed screenshots, especially in the fastcgi aspects of

One key shutdown server dangerous port BAT file Security article [Port Introduction]_win Server

By default, Windows opens many service ports on your computer that hackers often use to implement intrusions, so mastering port knowledge is a necessary skill for safe Internet access. I. Common ports and their classification Computers on the Int

A Paging Forum _php Foundation

-------------------------------Forum-------------------------- Data tables CREATE TABLE guest (ID int not NULL auto_increment,primary key (ID), title varchar, email varchar (), homepage varchar ( , name varchar (), text text,relay int,r_time date) C

YII2 Create a form (ActiveForm) method to explain _php instances

The example in this article describes the method that Yii2 creates a form (ActiveForm). Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Because the form involves some authentication aspect information, the attribute setting is more and mo

SQL2000 Full-text indexing fully illustrated _mssql

Full-Text Search can retrieve varchar,text,image fields, but a table can only build one Full-text indexSQL Server 2000 introduces the ability to perform full-text searches on these types of data stored in the image column.If there is no Full-text ind

Let Apache Shiro protect your application _linux

Have you ever felt frustrated when trying to protect your application? Do you feel that existing Java security solutions are difficult to use and will only make you more confused? The Apache Shiro, described in this article, is an unusual Java securi

Web page screen (key, code, etc.) non-JS method 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Very early wanted to write an article on the Web page source code screen. is because often make up some JS script, in the same time, also worry about the source code will be seen, steal my script. So all along, I've been trying to maintain the securi

30 minutes to get started on a regular Expression Basics Tutorial _ Basics

Objective of this articleIn 30 minutes you will understand what the regular expression is and have some basic knowledge of it so that you can use it in your own program or Web page. How to use this tutorial Most importantly-please give me 30 minute

Advanced mappings in MyBatis a pair of one or one pairs of many, many to many _java

When learning Hibernate, small series has been exposed to more than a variety of maps, mybatis mapping in the end is how to operate, today's blog, small series mainly to introduce a simple mybatis in the advanced mapping, including a pair of more tha

Symfony2 Learning Notes of the Controller usage _php example

This example describes the Symfony2 controller usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: A controller is a PHP function you create that receives HTTP requests and creates and returns an HTTP reply (Response). The Reply object

Application of detailed diagrams (minimum spanning tree, topological sort, critical path, shortest path) _c language

1. Minimum spanning tree: spanning tree with the smallest sum of weights in all spanning trees of a undirected connected graph 1.1 Problem Background:If you want to establish a communication network between n cities, then connect N cities only need

CodeIgniter Multi-language Implementation method _php example

In this paper, an example is given to analyze the CodeIgniter implementation method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The CI application directory has a language Language pack directory that is used to configure many differ

Examples of _php in the form usages in Yii

This example describes the use of forms in Yii. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: When working with forms in Yii, you typically need the following steps: 1. Create a model class to represent the data fields that you want to

15 jquery Development Tips and insights worthy of developer attention "Classic Collection" _jquery

This article summarizes 15 jquery development techniques and tips that are worth the attention of developers. Very incisive and practical! Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In this article, we'll introduce 15 techniques to m

Use Huagepage and PGO to promote PHP7 performance _php skills

HugepagePHP7 just released RC4, including some bug fixes and one of our latest performance improvements, that is, "hugepagefy PHP text segment", by enabling this feature, PHP7 will "move" its own text segment (actuator) To Huagepage, before the test,

Two solutions to the garbled problem in the format of JSON return time _ Practical tips

Foreword: This period of time has not written a blog, the first is that I'm implementing the stunning and operational implementation of the privilege series, because we've all said it before, so we don't say that again, so we know that when we use JS

SSH Framework Online Mall project 14th War Mall homepage UI Design _java

We used Easyui and SSH to build the background of the basic framework, do a good job backstage basic functions, including the management of commodity categories and commodity management, this section we began to build the front page.To do the idea of

Analysis of the use of Wsdl.exe to generate WebService proxy class in detail _ practical skills

using Wsdl.exe to generate WebService proxy classes:Generate the WebService proxy class based on the WSDL provided1. Start-> program->visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt2, enter the following red mark partD:/program files/microsoft Visual Studio

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