The Solaris GCC installation

1 Viewing the Sun OS versionuname-a command to view the system version. Know is SunOS 5.8. SunOS 5.8 is called Solaris 8 SunOS 5.9 is called Solaris 9, then there is no 5.x, to the Solaris 10 ... 2 Installing GCC1. Download gcc-3.4.6-sol8-sparc-local

Ansi,unicode (little endian), Unicode big endian,utf-8 encoded files convert each other __ encoding

Option Explicit Private Declare Function multibytetowidechar Lib "Kernel32.dll" (ByVal CodePage as Long, ByVal DwFlags as Long, ByVal lpmultibytestr as String, ByVal cchmultibyte as Long, ByVal lpwidecharstr as String, ByVal Cchwidechar as Long As Lo

Token-based anti-duplication submissions under SPRINGMVC

Problem Description: Now the site in the registration step, because the background to deal with a lot of information, resulting in slow response (test machine poor performance is also a factor to slow down), before the front page to submit informatio

Solaris under GCC installation

Technorati Tags: Solaris, gcc Solaris under GCC installation 1 view Sun OS version uname-a command to view the system version. Know is SunOS 5.8. SunOS 5.8 is called Solaris 8 SunOS 5.9 is called Solaris 9, then there is no 5.x, to the Solaris 10 ...

hdu_4317 unfair Nim State compression DP Test instructions There are n heap of stones, each pile of stones have a certain number of stones, now you can add any number of stones in the heap, so that the initiator will be defeated. Ideas: The fir

Virtual Currency development topics (what is a virtual currency private key, public key, and address)

Blockchain Enthusiast (qq:53016353) This is the three words that often appear in the virtual currency, so what do they mean? What kind of relationship do they have? 1First, say a private key, such as a string:5KYZDUEO39Z3FPRTUX2QBBWGNNP5ZTD7YYR2SC1J

teaches you to quickly and efficiently access the sdk--Channel SDK (which is the interface for implementing the abstraction layer)

Little Black finally has his own home:, Welcome to sit down. Preface: A lot of people do game development, estimates are more or less to take the Channel SDK, what UC, when Le, 91, millet, 360 ... according to statistics the

[Ethereum Source Code Analysis] V. FROM wallet to client

Ethereum is a digital currency of the etheric currency operating system, it is obvious that it will also have a wallet-like client program, to provide management account balance and other functions. We know that the account that holds (or binds to) t

Installation of Docker-ce and Nvidia-docker

Prerequisites Using Docker recently is a lot more personal than a virtual machine. However, installing Docker under Linux and Windows will overwhelm a group of people that we don't want to see. This article describes in detail the installation of Do

[VB] [Test technology application] VB and IE interactive implementation of Web screen automatic test (with VB fill in the content of the control in IE and submit the form)

VB and IE Interactive implementation of Web screen automatic test (with VB fill in the content of the control in IE and submit the form) This document needs to have VBA programming Foundation. When we were doing Web project testing, we wasted a lot o

LDAP Error Code and workaround

1. Error code 53 =========================================================================== Issue: A data backend exception occurred while creating a new user In WebSphere Portal Express, you can set the minimum and maximum length of a password. If

Openwrt/etc/rc.button/reset Saving Configuration security scripts

Write a/etc/rc.button/reset script to deal with the feedback of security, status and configuration change. Remote operations Press the reset button and store the configuration, script file: #!/bin/sh path= "$PATH:/usr/local/sbin/:/usr/local/bin/" # O

Public inheritance, private inheritance, and protection inheritance

1. Public inheritance Public inheritance is characterized by the public and protected members of the base class as members of derived classes, all of which remain in their original state, while private members of the base class remain private. 2. Pr

Zookeeper Source Learning Notes (2) zookeeper in--standalone mode

Server Portal The startup code for the server is in the file. The script is similar to the startup script in/etc/init.d/, and is executed through the Shell's case command parsing instructions. The specific directives are as

Openwrt-wifidog Use of Luci Certification

OpenWrt implementation of the portal certification (Web authentication) to introduce the OPENWRT environment to achieve WiFiDog authentication method, at the end of the article I wrote "Some people may also ask, can you integrate these scripts into t

Embedded System CORTEX-A8 Processor programming

3rd Chapter CORTEX-A8 Processor Programming 1. Introduction to ARM programming • In the development of embedded systems, the main programming languages currently used are C and assembler. In many places, such as the initialization of hardware system

Penetration Testing Tutorial (Basic)-2

Two. Kali Introduction 92.1 Kali Linux features 102.2 Download Kali Linux 112.2.1 Package the latest Kali ISO 112.2.2 Official Kali Linux Mirror Image 112.3 Making Custom Kali mirror image 122.3.1 Ready to start 122.3.2 Package kali ISO configuration

Some questions about the Luci <一>

Recently, due to the project's reasons, now summarizes several points: The process of 1.LUCI operation. For: First, we start with the/www/cgi-bin/file and run the code in the Luci file: #!/usr/bin/lua luci.dispatcher.indexcache = "Tmp.luci-indexcach

System Learning Machine learning SVM (iii)--LIBLINEAR,LIBSVM use collation, summary

1.LIBSVM and Liblinear differences, simple source analysis. is a software that integrates support vector machines (c-svc, nu-svc), regre

Key technology of real-time video transmission--full analysis of H.

Wen/Xu Jianlin In the field of real-time multimedia, real-time visual and perceptual display will have more extensive development space, while the basic core technology for real-time video transmission is the coding standard of H. In this paper, the

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