Distributed Database 2

Label:First, the design of distributed database system1. Shard DesignIn the design of distributed database system, the most basic problem is the problem of data distribution, that is, how to divide the global data logically and physically. The

Tcpdump catch sql[Turn]

Label:Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/LMySQL/p/5060604.htmlPreface: Suppose that if there is a server dozens of links suddenly reached thousands of links, show processlist,general_log, and slow query log these are not used, how do you take

Winform various properties, methods, controls

Label:A form is a visual interface for a program to interact with a user, a form is an object, a form class defines a template that generates a form, and a form is instantiated by instantiating a form class.. The form class defined in the

3-3 data Query

Label:3-3 data QueryTags: databaseSelect definitionSELECT [ ALL | DISTINCT [ ON ( expression [, ...] ) ] ] * | expression [ AS output_name ] [, ...] [ FROM from_item [, ...] ] [ WHERE condition ] [ GROUP BY expression [, ...] ] [

Nineth Chapter: Hardware Abstraction Layer: HAL

Label:The hardware abstraction layer is the interface layer between the operating system kernel and the hardware circuitry, which is designed to abstract the hardware. It hides the hardware interface details of a particular platform, providing the

Strategy mode details-design mode (13)

Label:Strategy mode Source: in software development also often encounter similar situation, to achieve a certain function has a number of algorithms or strategies, we can choose different algorithms or strategies according to the environment or

3-2 data definition

Label:3-2 data definitionTags: database The relational database system supports the three-level pattern structure, its mode, the outer mode and the inner mode of single Basic object humor Shibiao, view and index etc. so the data definition


Label:Buffer in Java NIO is used to interact with the NIO channel. As you know, the data is read from the channel into the buffer, written from the buffer to the channel.A buffer is essentially a piece of memory in which data can be written and then

!!!!! 122. Best time to Buy and Sell Stock II

Label:Say you has an array for which the i-th element is the price of a given-stock on day I.Design an algorithm to find the maximum profit. You could complete as many transactions as (ie, buy one and sell one share of the stock multiple times).

Rhino Book Note (v)--statement

Label:One way to "make something happen" is to evaluate an expression with a side effect. Injected assignments and function calls these expressions with side-effects can be used as separate statements, and this expression is also called an

The difference between CST and GMT time

Tags: the difference between CST and GMT timeToday, a strange problem has been encountered on the server side through C # get the current time for Fri 09:37:46 CST 2009, converted toGMT time: 01:37:46 GMT, that is, GMT time plus 8 hours equals the

From Suning appliance to Kaspersky No. 06: My Days in Jiamusi (middle)

Label:supermarkets, but also a small society of all-encompassingIn fact, I in Jiamusi big run of this nearly one months of time, still met a lot of people and things. Since the book fair is basically my own responsibility, so I need to go to the

Note: 2016-06-25

Label:<link rel= "Profile" href= "HTTP://GMPG.ORG/XFN/11"/> XFN is not some kind of mysterious new technology, it is only the application of traditional technology. XFN indicates the relationship between the link creator and the linked person

Service tiers in a tiered architecture

Label:Http://www.uml.org.cn/zjjs/201009141.aspIntroductionIntroductionThe service layer does not perform any tasks directly. What it does is make a reasonable arrangement for some of the business objects you provide. The service layer is well aware

German cars vs Japanese cars

Label:Car, first of all to see the automotive industry and technology level.Look first, the United States selected 2007 of the world's top ten engine (no class, as long as the production of cars):1. Audi's 2-liter FSI turbo-DOHC I4 engine

AIX7.1_ORALCE11GR2 Installation documentation for ADG

Label:Environment Description:Main Library: ip: sid:primary1 establish GI, ASM, Oracle database software, Oracle databaseLibrary: ip: sid:standsty1 build GI, ASM, Oracle database software, no need to build Oracle

Golang Garbage Collection GC

Label:http://ruizeng.net/golang-gc-internals/SummaryIn the actual use of the go language in the process, encountered some seemingly strange memory consumption, and decided to go to the garbage collection model to do some research. This paper

The regular expression in layman's language (II.)

Label:Http://dragon.cnblogs.com/archive/2006/05/09/394923.htmlObjective:This article is a sequel to the previous article, "The regular expression of simple words (a)", in this paper, we describe the group and backward references in regular

Planning and practice in the second half of 2016

Tags: sense of self-control flexibility skillsLast night, in the "Public policy science" time, the small seven teacher told me such a sentence, in fact, everyone is only two steps away from success, one step is lazy, one step is not enough ruthless.

Week of Work-week fourth (2016/06/12-2016/06/18) I didn't drink much, but I talked a lot today

Label:- -||| ... It's been seven days this week, and there's wood.1, the team formed, although not a very large team, but someone can do things, make full use of 8 hours a day, mutual help can be a strong team to support the companyThe team does not

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