MSSQL scan and exploit module in MSF

Tags: MSSQL scan and exploit module in MSFAuxiliary/admin/mssql/mssql_enum normal Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Enumeratorauxiliary/admin/mssql/mssql_enum_domain_accounts normal Microsoft SQL Server suser_sname Windows domain account En

SQL Record-plsql array

Tags: declare array class other lengths. com PL/SQL name record LTEPL/SQL arraysThe PL/SQL programming language provides a data structure called Varray, which stores a constant-sized contiguous set of elements of the same type. Varray is used to

centos7.3 Binary Installation mariadb

Tags: Linuxcentos7.3 Binary Installation mariadb.10.2.81. Confirm that there is no maraiadb*Rpm-qa mariadb* View No package, if any, uninstall with Yum remove2.useradd-d/app/mysqldb-r-m-s/sbin/nologin MySQLGetent passwd MySQLIt is recommended to put

Important SQL commands are enumerated

Tags: ASC date union ALL tin Value ENC Pat www changeImportant SQL Commands SELECT -Extract data from the database Update-Updates the data in the database Delete-deletes data from the database INSERT INTO-inserts new data

"Database System Overview"

Tags: select osal own Universal database configuration use allow transactional resourcesCommon databases are MySQL, Oracle, and so on. Different databases support SQL standards, and different databases have been expanded on the basis of SQL

Use the duplicate target database ... from active databases to replicate

Tags: datafile   down   started   memory   value    arc   seq   login   bho    Rman> duplicate target database

Create a duplicate database on the same host

Label:put   shu   sysaux   sys   tag    ima   tle   sid   content    Rman> duplicate target database to dupdb;

Mac installation Homebrew

Tags: library cti lin FSS upd c in git bin mkdirHomebrew official website is the Horse of GodLinux system has a common problem of egg pain, package dependencies, in the current mainstream of the two major

Ubuntu Server Set time zone and update time

Tags: gif jin each run DIA sele NES technology share SEL1. First check the time zone:[Email protected]:~$ Date-rfri, 2016 16:54:59-08002. Select Region: AsiaIf you want to modify the time zone, execute sudo tzselect[Email protected]:~$ sudo tzselect[

Mac item2 color, case sensitive and common shortcut keys

Tags: shortcut key solutions Data-rom Technology clear nal Enable let (?) [-] Color Case sensitive Quick Qian ITEM2 is a very useful terminal under Mac. But the

ubuntu16.04 The wireless network card is not connected properly

Tags: index upd ethernet Lock Instructions download many Abi eth0Background: The initial connection of the wireless network card can be normal Internet access, but the use of a moment will be unable to access the internet situationVersion: Ubuntu 16.

SPRINGMVC Custom Configuration Message converter trample Pit summary

Tags: TTY mode read for Head game WAN alert utilProblem descriptionRecently encountered a problem in the development time, SPRINGMVC page to the background of the data, usually I do so, in the foreground to the data into a JSON, in the background

4. Vectors, matrices, and arrays

Tags: display function vector allow SEQ official min matrix mes4.1 Vector4.1.1 SequenceIn addition to using the colon operator, R supports other functions to create more general sequences. The SEQ function is the most common and can be used to

Algorithm--The number of different absolute values for an ordered array

Tags: tab NULL public array traverse count negative else time complex degree groupTopic:Given an ordered array, the absolute number of its elements is calculated. such as array [-3,-1, 0, 0, 2, 3, 5], returns 5.Analysis:First way of thinking. The

Math class, Random class, and array collection

Tags: math array randomMath class:The math class is A class for mathematical calculations under the Java.lang package. The Math class contains methods for performing basic mathematical operations, such as elementary exponents, logarithms,

"Python3" dictionary

Tags: type ane multi-level update display Russian BSP Japan featuresThe dictionary is the Key-value data typeCreate info = { " stu01 " : " jack " Span style= "COLOR: #000000", " stu02 ": " Mike " ' stu03 " : " View

"Introduction to Algorithms" Reading notes--the 1th and 2 chapters after class

Tags: Zha binary Search OID Experiment Review technology clip images conditionThe first chapter turns from Questions1-1 (comparison of elapsed time) determines the maximum size of the problem

Count sort & Bucket sort & Cardinal sort

Tags: location difference bsp what is visible ati Mil body WidthWhy write such a drop a blog pinch ... Because a new head asked a water problem, the result is inexplicably caused the fight.Then suddenly found that the bucket sort before

Spring4 MVC HelloWorld Annotations and Javaconfig instances

Tags: include localhost begin VAX JSP page Containe TTY CTI shareIn this section, we take the Spring4 mvc HelloWorld annotation/javaconfig as an example, step-by-step to learn Spring4 MVC annotations, project settings, code, deployment, and run in a

Day 2-4 Maximum common factor and (extended) Euclidean algorithm

Tags: procedure int reference pass Code greatest WWW return targe relatedI. Introduction of Concepts  GCD, full name greatest common divisor(max common factor).We represent the maximum common factor of A and B with gcd (A, A, a) .Two, Euclidean

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