18 Excel most commonly used formula calculation technique summary


We often use Excel to process tables and data, in the process of processing tables and data, the use of formulas and functions, the following we have to organize some of the common Excel formulas and

HTML links and attributes

Links are also implemented through elements (element). It takes only one element and one attribute to do the link. Here is an example of a link to jinanwangzhanjianshe.com: Example 1: <a href= "h

PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary

  PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary 1, consider in life and work often have friends encounter the various sources of PDF documents into Word or txt needs; 2, once a friend has published

Another way to draw a dashed line with Photoshop Basic tutorial

Recently unemployed at home idle, and friends Chat said using PS Draw dotted line method, most people choose to use AI stroke and then import PS processing, AI Although also I commonly used graphics t

Win7 How to add multiple time zone times

We all know the Windows Desktop status bar is the system time, small eyes a scoop can know the current accurate time, very convenient. But friends who often use multiple time zones, such as the need t

What is the difference between a fool switch and a smart switch

What is a fool switch? It is easy to understand the introduction is not to take care of its switch, connected to the network equipment can be used. With the development of modern society, the modern

The solution of slow speed

  Telecom, Netcom has provided users with a number of different grades of speed can be selected. The average household has 1M. 2M also has the speed 8M. I use the telecommunication adsl2m, the daily

PS Digital Late d&b (hyperbola) Cosmetic Makeup Facial Portrait

Through the PS technology we can easily for the character whitening, moisturizing, plastic and so on. How do designers reflect their strengths and professionalism in terms of popularity? This require

How to change the font size and font in Excel2007

Step 1, select the cell, cell range, text, or character you want to format. Tip To deselect a range of cells, click any cell in the worksheet. Step 2, on the Start tab, in the Font group, do the fol

ASCII code is what, the ASCII comparison table

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange, American Information Interchange standard codes) is a computer coding system based on the Latin alphabet. It is mainly used to display modern

Win 7 System Password logon process debugging method

First, introduce the fundamentals of Windows 7 systems Windows7 after the Winlogon process is dynamic, a user login creates a Winlogon process, so there may be more than one login process in the syst

What is the NIC MAC address? How to modify the NIC MAC address

MAC (Medium/media Access Control) address is for the network card, the manufacturer in the production process, the network card in its EPROM burned in a group of numbers, this group of numbers, each n

777 What do you mean by permission?

What is 777 permissions? 777 permission refers to the current user can read, write and perform the operation of the corresponding file, we build the station, some users do not have a folder 777 perm

Cake Architecture Primer

(i) Introduction This article mainly describes the cake architecture, and how to install the configuration using this architecture to get started to develop. (b) requirements (1) to understand the b

JS in switch case loop instance code

  This article mainly introduced in JS switch case loop instance code, a friend in need can refer to the The code is as follows: Switch (objnametype) {&nbsp; case ' PD ': &nbsp; valueud

10 basic Operations for Excel tables

Excel tables are the Office software that many administrative and financial personnel need to use. Therefore, we today for you to introduce the basic operation of Excel table, to facilitate some want

Tips for setting fields in Excel 2007 tables

Excel is often used in our work life of an office software, mastered the Excel table in the field settings skills can greatly improve your productivity. Use the Excel 2007 Field Settings

CMD is what cmd command Daquan

  cmd.exe is the Microsoft Windows system based on Windows command interpreter, similar to Microsoft's DOS operating system. Cmd.exe is a 32-bit command-line program that runs on the Windows nt/2000/xp/2003/vista/win7. This is not a pure system progr

Unable to open new file when SVN update svn-base system could not find the specified file

The SVN server is mounted on a Linux system, and the SVN client is on Windows, and the "can" T open file may appear when you update it. Xxxx/tmp/text-base/xx.svn-base the system could not find the specified file "error. This is because there are tw

How many pixels is the size of an inch photo? One inch photo specification typesetting tutorial

How many pixels is the size of an inch photo? The usual 1-inch photo size is 2.5*3.5cm. However, the number of pixels depends on what the use is. If it is flushing, the resolution is generally used to 300dpi, that is 295*412 If it is online to se

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