How do I remove the ch Word in the input icon in the Win7 system?

The use of computer users know that the input method is a prerequisite for the use of computer programs, if you want to type, input method is essential, so there are a variety of input method software

The Win7 flagship 32-bit system has 4G of RAM and shows only 2G available to solve

The specific steps are as follows: 1, press "Win+r" to open the "Run" window, enter "msconfig" command and press ENTER to open the System Configuration window; 2, in the bounce out of th

Samsung Book 7 Evaluation

If you've been waiting for Samsung to update the series 9 last year, the result is probably disappointing, because there's basically no change beyond the screen upgrade to 1080P resolution. However, t

Hard Drive Installation System tutorial

Download the CD image, but the computer does not have an optical drive, or have an optical drive but can not be carved into a CD-ROM, how to do? It does not matter, hard disk (PE) installation will so

OS X Mavericks 10.9 Evaluation

Recently, the foreign well-known technology website Engadget writer Blaine Hitt (Brian heater) brought us his experience on the developer Preview version of OS X 10.9 Mavericks system. The following i

How to set win7 sleep mode

There is a new sleep pattern in the Windows7 system, where the energy consumption is very low when the computer is in sleep mode. But when you wake up a system that Win7 sleep, it's very fast, and yo

Win7 system cleans up the registry, then it can't be networked.

1. First, we right click on the screen in the bottom right corner of the network icon, choose to open the network and Sharing Center, in the window, we click on the left menu, "Change adapter settings

Baidu snapshot does not show time how to do Baidu snapshot does not show the time reason and solution

Baidu Snapshot will no longer show the time, the small partners do not feel that also modify a bit very not adapt to it? We are looking for resources always want to see the latest, if there is no time

What file is TMP? What does the TMP file open with?

The first description is that the TMP file can be opened, but the file is open without any practical use. Why do you say that? This also starts with the function of the TMP file in the Windows system:

A method of fast batch modification of WIN7 system MP3 music Information

Method one, modifying in Win7 Explorer 1. Change the folder view first, open Explorer, open the folder where the MP3 music is stored, and then click the button to the right of the Change your view bu

XP installation startup failure

Fault 1. Installation Prompts unknown hardware error "Symptom" After you install Windows XP SP3, restart your computer, prompting the C0000135 unknown hard error message, and Windows Installer cannot

MSI GE60 evaluation

If you need to buy a smooth operation of the mainstream large 3D games notebook, often need to put more budget, but MSI's game this product has always been known for cost-effective and high-performanc

Three ways to disable cookies

The role of cookies many people know that--cookie keep the records of the pages we have visited, if the ulterior motives of the people to see this information, they reached the purpose of spying on th

Folder Hidden property Cannot modify workaround

Symptoms: U disk in the poisoned computer after use, the folder inside disappeared, this is because the folder properties inside is changed to hide properties. The hidden properties of all hidden fol

14 Text editors for web designers

The usability of visual tools is usually excellent because it is more in line with the natural logic that people interact and operate. However, to control Web pages and programs with precision, you al

Delete a folder virus for the EXE suffix in the system

A: a friend U disk to infect, performance symptom is all folders have suffix exe, size according to different variants, are hundreds of KB. The virus's author uses the camouflage technique, you see the folder is not the real folder, but is the virus

12306 Booking tickets do not find the order to do

You do not have the corresponding order content, you can Ticket booking function to develop a travel plan. Ni-Ma, frighten me a jump, rush home for the New Year, Click on the order query, you enter "by Travel date", and in the starting date of t

Five optimizations required to install Win7 flagship system to improve system performance

User Account Control (UAC) settings User Account Control, called UAC, is a new set of infrastructure technologies in Windows Vista and later operating systems, although this UAC is for security purposes, but users are prompted to run many programs,

Common problems with XP and Win7 dual systems

First, repair Windows 98/XP dual system boot Menu 1. Before repairing, set boot from CD drive in BIOS. Start your computer with the Windows XP Setup disk, and after you load the necessary drivers, the installation interface for Windows XP appears. T

360 System Reload Master Unsupported OS version

1. The 360 system reload master currently supports the reload of the system version: 1) Windows XP Professional Edition SP2, SP3 Simplified Chinese version 2) Windows 7 Win7 Home Basic Edition (home base version) 32-bit SP0 Win7 Home Basic Editio

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