Do you use HTML or XHTML for Web page making?

xhtml| Web page 1, what is XHTML? HTML is a basic Web page design language, XHTML is an xml-based markup language, it looks like HTML, there are some small but important differences, XHTML is a role like HTML to play the XML, so, essentially speaking

Beginners to make static Web page HTML recommendation standard

Standard | beginners | static | Web <a> double definition a link Name=text the target name (bookmark) In this webpage, can be a number or text Href=url Specify Destination Address Tabindex=number Specifies the position of the link in the tab or

The realization of session in php3,4

Implementation of session in session php3,4 In PhP3 there is no session of this stuff, but we need, how to do? Don't worry, a lot of people do this for you, the most famous one is Phplib. You can go abroad. Download, you can also go to most of the do

Invoking web Services using SOAP messages

Services|web Web Services technology enables heterogeneous computing environments to share data and communication to achieve information consistency. As the environment of heterogeneous computers is increasing, we will invoke Web services written and

HTML tags Semantic scientific and rational use of HTML tags

We have always stressed the importance of HTML tag semantics, rich in semantics and scientific use of HTML tags, the layout of the CSS Web page to create a Web-standard Web site is very meaningful, very useful.Maybe a friend is confused, how to use H

Use Phpdig to build your own Google

Google Do you know Google? Do you know Baidu? As a netizen, you must have used these tools, do you want to have your own super search engine? Do you want to go beyond these internet search giants? Where is the starting point of your dream? Then do th

The dilemma arising from MIME Type

Mime everything starts with a bad browser and it doesn't support XHTML at all.    What is MIME Type? Why do you say that? First, we need to understand how the browser handles content. The content displayed in the browser is HTML, XML, GIF, and F

Learning Web page should know: Use the example to learn HTML

Beginners | Web page Remember when I first started to learn to write a Web site to a master of how to use FrontPage 98来 to make a colorful personal web page. He told me that he did not use any web-making software to make the Web pages, but by handwri

Summary of statements for operations and management databases that are frequently used in the database 1th/2 page

/*--Finishing: The Eternal de shadow--Finishing Time: 2010/06/08-Content: Introduction to SQL Functions:*/--★★sql2000 query out the properties of each (a) table field: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★SELECTTable name = case when a.colorder=1 then else ' "En

Cookie Collection

The Cookie| collection |cookie| collection cookie is a text string handle sent to a client browser and saved on the client's hard disk to persist data between sessions of a Web site. Both the request and response objects have a set of cookies. The Re

Learn to use MoD

The standard for industry-encrypted TCP/IP networking products is SSL, which is the encrypted protocol known as HTTPS for the ubiquitous Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on the Internet, using port 443 by default. HTTPS data is transmitted after en

High quality thumbnail generation function (multiple clipping modes, best scaling by height width, etc.)

function | thumbnail/** * Scalable thumbnail generation function * The latest version (registered user) can be obtained in the forum * Demo effect also please login see, all of the site's thumbnails (jpg,png) are

Personal server Set up the full Raiders (81)

Server | Personal Server | Introduction proxy sharing Internet access and control agent access rights, friendly interface, simple settings, powerful. Support Modem Agent/ADSL agent/Broadband Agent/cable Modem agent and other ways to share the Interne

Sethours method

Sets the small value in the date object that is expressed in local time . dateObj.setHours(numHours[, numMin[, numSec[, numMilli]]]) Parameters Dateobj Required option. Any Date object. Numhours Required option. A number equal to the hour value. Numm

Powerleader PR1700G2 1U Server evaluation

Server Powerleader PR1700G2 Server is a member of the 7 Series, capable of web, Email, FTP, File, cache, messaging, multimedia, proxy host, search engine, security, virtual Private network (VPN), IP voice (VOIP), network hosting and other applicatio

Bitwise left-shift operator (<<)

Operation The bit of the left-shift expression. result = expression1 << expression2 Parameters Result Any variable . Expression1 Any expression . Expression2 Any expression. Description The << operator shifts all bits of the e

Bitwise AND assignment operators (&=)

Operation Performs a bitwise and on the value of a variable and an expression value and assigns the result to the variable. result &= expression Parameters Result Any variable . Expression Any expression . Description Using this operato

A rookie's net to make a journey

NET earn to admit that I am still a rookie level of network figures. Because I seem to have only enthusiasm and interest, lack of research perseverance and ample time, of course, there are essential funds. But still willing to the past few years of p

The experience of Web front-end development: Sharing the books you've seen and the growth process

Article Introduction: talk about my web front end of the road to share some good books on the front. Web front-end research and development engineers, in the country is a Chaoyang career, this area is not the formal education of schools, m

jquery File Upload plugin: jquery HTML5 uploader

Article Introduction: Jquery HTML5 Uploader plug-ins use notes. jquery HTML5 Uploader is a jquery file upload plugin that supports drag-and-drop uploads, but requires browsers to support HTML5 1. Download plugin

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