Label: <title>Sql–alter</title> Sql–altertable of Contents Character Engine Add Drop Primary key: FOREIGN key Default Modify Change Rename generally cannot be changed, the data may be wrong

Ubuntu frequently used command summary

Label:1.df Command# df-haShow the use of all files and partitions# df-h/DEV/SDA1Show SDA1 disk usage# df-tDisplays the file system name belonging to each partition. The format type of the zone (for example, ext3)Note: The H-parameter representation

(algorithm) to find prime or prime numbers between 1 and 100 million

Label:Topic:Number of prime or prime numbers between 1 and 100 millionIdeas:What is prime?Prime number, also known as prime number, has an infinite number. A natural number greater than 1, except 1 and itself, cannot be divisible by other natural

Introduction of MD5 algorithm and implementation method of JDK self-bring

Label:MD5 algorithm, has been known, as a senior or entry-level developers, are called "MD5 ah, know know." A few days ago the program slightly small problem, because some places are encrypted, and some places are not encrypted. A colleague is proud


Label:The official YAML website says Yaml is "a friendly data serialization standard that is available in all programming languages." Yaml Ain ' t Markup Language, like GNU, Yaml is a recursive name that says "no". The difference is that GNU says no

[Reprint] Isometric (oblique 45 degrees) game and math

Label:Original link: http://www.javaeye.com/articles/12251984 European players were shocked by a then-released tour Knight lore. This 2d game incredibly realistic simulation of the 3d environment, and then the game's release platform is ZX Spectrum,

Come with me. Ggplot2 (1)

Label:Ggplot2R's Graphing toolkit, you can use very simple statements to achieve very complex and beautiful results.QplotLoad Qplot=<-diamonds[sample (Nrow (diamonds), [+]),] #对diamonds数据集进行抽样#1. Visualize by basic classification of

Detailed usage of the file/directory permission settings command chmod

Tags: Linux unix chmod 777chmod is a command for file/directory permission settings, which is frequently encountered in Linux, this post summarizes the detailed usage of chmod.Linux/unix file call permissions are divided into three levels, namely

Some abs don't have to be torn, they're eaten.

Label:I am also a muscle lover, often see the perfect torn body can not extricate themselves. In the fitness circle there is a word: 70% of ABS is made in the kitchen. 70% of your abs (if any) is practiced in the kitchen.Don't think too much, not

How to spend every day useful

Label: On a useful day, your enemies are dull, distracted and procrastinating. A useful day, not including lazy mornings, lounging afternoons, and an idle evening for a man. A useful day, you are not living in life, but

Compiling x64 bits with MINGW-W64 ffmpeg

Label:This article from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6125d067010168dt.htmlFFmpeg x64 was used in the work. It is not easy to find FFmpeg compiled out of x64. The special record.The original plan compiles the static library, discovers the static

4D Products in GIS (DLG, DRG, DEM, DOM)

Label:DLGDigital line Map (DLG, digital lines Graphic): is a vector dataset of map features that are basically consistent with existing line strokes, and preserves spatial relationships and related attribute information between features.In the

Roman to Integer

Tags: leetcodeGiven a Roman numeral, convert it to an integer.Input is guaranteed to being within the range from 1 to 3999.Topic Analysis: The topic seems relatively simple but behind the hidden many of the rules of the Roman numerals, access to


Label:Review:1. Better application conditionsWhen---while until---do--while a fixed number---for2. Nesting loopsLoop in the loop of the sleeveOuter walk once, inner layer walk all timesAs little as possible.Break3. Arraysint[] arr = new INT[4]; 0,0,0

Ganymed SSH2 analog Similar FileZilla remote transfer file (based on SCP protocol)

Tags: ganymed ssh2 remote transfer file ganymed ssh2 SCP protocol ganymed SSH2 analog similar filganymed SSH2 analog similar FileZilla remote transfer file (based on SCP protocol)In order to transfer files or directories, we use the Scpclient class

Floor (x) function

Label:The floor (x) function, which takes the whole function down, returns the largest integer not greater than X, which is different from rounding.For example:Floor (3.14), return 3Floor (3.99), return 3Floor (-3.14), return-4Floor (-3.99), return-4

setsockopt () usage (parameter details)

Label:NT SetSockOpt (SOCKET S,int level,int optname,Const char* Optval,int Optlen);S (socket): points to an open set of interface descriptor wordsLevel: Specifies the type of the option code.Sol_socket: Basic set of interfacesIpproto_ip:ipv4 Socket

NTOP Monitoring network traffic

Label:Using NTOP to monitor network traffic____ network traffic reflects the operation status of the network, is the key data to determine whether the network operation is normal, in the actual network, if the network traffic control is not good or

Step-by-step follow official documents to install the latest Zabbix (2.4.5) A

Tags: Zabbix official installation IntroductionWhat is Zabbix?Zabbix is an open source enterprise-class distributed solution.Zabbix is a software that monitors multiple resources, including the network, the health of integrated services, and so on.

! HDU 5317 The maximum value of the GCD of a number of two numbers in an interval-preprocessing

Tags: hduTest instructions: Set a number I of the mass of the number is F (i), now give you an interval [l~r], the Max (F[i],f[j]) data range: 10^6Analysis:Preprocessing all F[i],o (NLGN), 10^6 does not time out, and then queries with O (7), the

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