Process priority, process Nice value and%nice interpretation

Label:Using the top or PS command will output PRI/PR, NI,%ni/%nice These three indicator values, what exactly is this thing? The approximate explanation is as follows:PRI: Process priority, which represents the priority that the process can be

Multithreaded Programming (iv) GCD

Label:In the previous article, we introduced the basic concept of multithreading and the implementation of multithreaded programming two ways, this article, we introduce the last multithreaded programming tools, but also the most important one: GCD.1

Introduction and differentiation of 4D products (DLG, DEM, DOM, DRG)

Label:What are 4D products (DLG, DEM, DOM, DRG)?4D products refer to DRG (digital raster map), DLG (digital wireframe), DEM (digital elevation model), DOM (Digital ortho image). 4D Composite product is a combination of any two or several product

Note: 2016-06-25

Label:<link rel= "Profile" href= "HTTP://GMPG.ORG/XFN/11"/> XFN is not some kind of mysterious new technology, it is only the application of traditional technology. XFN indicates the relationship between the link creator and the linked person

"Noisy Activation function" noise activation functions (I.)

Label: This series of articles by the @yhl_leo produced, reproduced please indicate the source. Article Link: Noisy Activation Functions is a new paper on activation function

German cars vs Japanese cars

Label:Car, first of all to see the automotive industry and technology level.Look first, the United States selected 2007 of the world's top ten engine (no class, as long as the production of cars):1. Audi's 2-liter FSI turbo-DOHC I4 engine

Command Selector survey (7 end)

Label:6.SimulationThe last category of the command selector is those that decide which instruction to choose by analyzing and comparing the role of an instruction on the target machine. An instruction that has the same effect as a given part of the

Learning Record 002-Simple instructions

Label:First, scattered offal1. View the system version Uname-aUname-m2. Zoning conditionsIDE interface/DEV/HD HDA First diskscsi:sas/sata/ssd/dev/sd* SDA SDB and the like1p+le (4 L)//p Primary partition E extended partition L logical partition

C3P0 configuration initialpoolsize and minpoolsize can be set to 0? Is it bad to set 0?

Label:c3p0 configuration initialpoolsize and minpoolsize can be set to 0? Is it bad to set 0 ? C3P0 configuration initialpoolsize and minpoolsize can be set to 0? Is it bad to set 0? 2015-04-14 11:18The questioner is adopted byEnthusiastic

Framework day59 project and project management

Label:Project Management class notesI. Project and project management1, the definition of the projectA project is a temporary activity for the purpose of creating a unique product or providing a unique service.2, the difference between the project

Week of Work-week fourth (2016/06/12-2016/06/18) I didn't drink much, but I talked a lot today

Label:- -||| ... It's been seven days this week, and there's wood.1, the team formed, although not a very large team, but someone can do things, make full use of 8 hours a day, mutual help can be a strong team to support the companyThe team does not

June 19 "Thunderbolt King" released the latest Thunderbolt members 57

Label:June 19 "Thunderbolt King" released the latest Thunderbolt members 57"Thunder King Blog" Id:xunleiaccountThunder Account _ Thunderbolt King _ The latest Thunderbolt accountThunderbolt Account _ Thunder King insisted in the blog park at least

Develop--Training (14)--Print content

Label:Android users often see the full content on their devices, but sometimes it is not possible to completely display some information on a single screen. be able to print information from your Android app to users to see larger content from your

Xdebug has been error upstream timed out (110:connection timed off) While reading response headers from upstream

Label:Local Host (Windows environment Access virtual machine ( inside the built PHP environment (System centos6.5 version, PHP version is 5.5.30, Xdebug 2.4.0), via command line PECL Install Xdebug installation of Xdebug,

Canvas element size and drawing surface size

Label:Original link: Canvas Summary: Element size and drawing surface size prefaceWhen we use canvas, we usually set its width and height directly in the canvas element: 1

MD5 post-collision era, MD5 still have the meaning of existence?

Label:MD5 is a hash function, also known as the hash function, composed of 32-bit 16, in the Information security category has a broad and primary application of the cipher algorithm, it has similar to the use of fingerprints. In the network

Zookeeper Installation and configuration (standalone and pseudo-distributed)

Label:Objective Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular today, the single machine processing capability can not meet our needs, we have to use a large number of service clusters. Service cluster in the process of external services,

YAML syntax

Label:A. YAML syntaxYaml is a foreign language abbreviation for "Another markup language", but in order to emphasize that the language is centered on data, instead of focusing on the labeling language, it is renamed with a back-up word. It is an

Resolve type and add question mark and double question mark

Label:The type in the variable definition is followed by a question mark, meaning that the data type is of type nullable. When setting an initial value for a variable, assign a value of NULL to the variable (int type), not to 0!Example:Int? i = 3

0x00 to 0xFF binary number 1

Label:It seems a little boring Yes ~~~~~ (>_<) ~ ~ ~1#include <stdio.h>2 3 Static CharGchardottab[] = {0,1,1,2,1,2,2,3,1,2,2,3,2,3,3,4};4 Static Chargdotnum[ the] = {5 0,1,1,2,1,2,2,3,1,2,2,3,2,3,3,4, 6 1,2,2,3,2,3,3,4,2,3,3,4,3,4

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