C3P0 Connection Pool & Jdbcutils

Label:First, the introduction of JAR packageSecond, Java code1 @Test2 Public voidTestxml ()throwsException {3 //creating the C3P0 Connection Pool core tool class4 //automatic loading src under c3p0 profile

Spy on kernel---process scheduling targets, nice value, static priority, dynamic priority, real-time priority

Label:Http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-24227137-id-3595610.htmlSpy on kernel---process scheduling targets, nice value, static priority, dynamic priority, real-time priorityThis series of articles written by Zhang Tonghao, reproduced please indicate the

The basic ID3 algorithm of decision tree

Label:The general idea of a ID3 algorithm The basic ID3 algorithm is constructed by constructing a decision tree from top to bottom to learn. The first thing we think about is where the structure of the tree starts, and this involves

Improved memory footprint under COCOS2DX Win32

Label:Guess it might be in the main loop using Sleep (0), a search, sure enough to locate the specific code, it is located in the Cocos2dx\platform\win32\ccapplication.cpp, roughly as long as the following: 1 while( 1 ) {

The difference between the instance method and the class method

Label:In Objective-c, there are both instance methods and class methods. Class methods are sometimes referred to as factory methods (Factory method) or as convenient methods (convenience method). The appellation of the factory method is obviously

MPEG2 TS Summary

Label:1. It should be said that the real understanding of TS, or to see a friend recommended "digital television business information and its code" after the book, MPEG2 TS and digital television is closely inseparable, it is worth summing up some

10 useful Django Tips and advice

Label:Django, as an excellent open source framework for Python, may not be as much of a compliment as other popular frameworks such as rails, but it is as refined as any other framework, paying great attention to the dry (Don ' t Repeat Yoursef)

Opticks dependent libraries for download and compilation

Label:Recently downloaded Opticks code compilation, with its own retrieve-dependencies.bat download dependent library, always prompt for missing modules.Analyzed the cause of the error, according to the command window prompt, manually download the

Abstract class

Label: abstract class editing Abstract classes are often used to characterize the abstract concepts of analysis and design of problem areas, and are abstractions of a series of concrete concepts that look different, but

Server (SMTP/POP3) address and port summary for common mailboxes

Label:163.com:POP3 Server address: pop.163.com (port: 110)SMTP Server address: smtp.163.com (port: 25)126 e-Mail:POP3 Server address: pop.126.com (port: 110)SMTP Server address: smtp.126.com (port: 25)139 e-mail:POP3 Server address: pop.139.com

Getting Started with neural network programming

Label:Transfer from http://www.cnblogs.com/heaad/archive/2011/03/07/1976443.htmlThe main contents of this paper include: (1) Introduce the basic principle of neural network, (2) Aforge.net the method of realizing Feedforward neural Network, (3)

Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnosis Update to latest version

Label:Mercedes Benz MB Star Diagnosis Update to latest version: 2016.5 xentry Das Win 7/win 8 HDDFree of charge: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1i47pkWH.Please note that the software has not been tested, please do not venture to try! But Mbstarshop offers

"Original" DIY tools----Xsmartnote [Beta 3.0]

Label:First, the previous wordsBefore I started, I always struggled to finish the tool, because the last time I gave it a code was more than a year ago, referring to your own hands-on tool----Xsmartnote [Beta 2.0], this blog post, many of the park


Label:Original source: http://blessht.iteye.com/blog/2095675 Hadoop history Embryonic beginning in 2002, Apache Nutch,nutch is an open source Java implementation of the search engine. It provides all the tools we need to run our own

Reading "Programmer's self-accomplishment--loading and dynamic link" random pick

Label:2016.05.14–"Programmer self-cultivation--link, load and library" Loading and dynamic link part.-Yu Jia Sub-Shi Fanpan seriesPersonal notes-Learn some skin.05.14Part II loading with dynamic linking1 loading and process of executable files1.1

Written question 57. Leetcode OJ (44)

Label:This problem is a similar regular expression match, but I found that the difficulty of the problem is more difficult than the previous problem of a few grades. As the title shows: '? ' Can match any one character, and ' * ' can match any

The maths problem of bzoj3209 flower God

Label: 3209: The number proposition of the flower God Time limit: ten Sec Memory Limit: MB Submit: 1612 Solved: 746 [Submit] [Status] [Discuss] DescriptionBackgroundAs we all know, the flower God over the years by


Label:Today, when it comes to the question of string conversion to int, the conversion problem of signed number, we find that we need to look back into the problem of the system. Find some information, think can also, borrow a paragraph here and

Castle Core 4.0.0 alpha001 released

Label:After more than a year after the castle project began to active, recently released the castle Core 4.0.0 Alpha version, mainly including the content is Dynamicproxy and dictionaryadapter, log integration work is under development, This version

root directory parent Directory current directory

Label:/Represents the root directory./indicates the current directory.. /indicates parent directory.. /.. /indicates upper parent directory------------------------------CD/switch to root directory CD./switch to the current directory (or CD.) Cd..

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