Wikipedia Wikipedia logo to enhance the 3D effect of the ball

Wikipedia Wikipedia updated its own logo, the new logo to downplay the imposition of three-dimensional, enhance the 3D effect of the ball. At the same time increase the font size of the word distance, and extend the design of several overall image of

Improve performance with SQLServer2000 indexed view (lower)

server|sqlserver| View | index | Performance using the Index Tuning Wizard The Index Tuning Wizard also recommends that you use an indexed view in addition to the index of the base table. Use this wizard to improve the ability of an administrator to

> Seventh, exception Handling (Rainbow translation) (from heavy particle space)

<< Show c#>> Seventh chapter exception handling (Rainbow translation) Source: Body: Seventh Chapter exception Handling One of the great advantages of the common language runtime (CLR) is that

Three problems and solutions of website design and maintenance

Three problems and solutions of website design and maintenance When we design a website, we often use visual tools such as: Frontpage,dreamweaver. With the site's construction, the site's update will inevitably appear some problems. I maintain my pe

Design perspective: Collect design leads and collect customer information

The following scenarios are still ubiquitous in our design services today: Customer: "Please help me design a website!" ”Designer: "OK, please give me design requirements and project plan." ”Customer: "We need a more stylish website." ”Designer: "I'

Design experience Comparison: Arabic numerals and Chinese numeral description

15 minutes, 15 minutes. Semantically, the two are no different. But from the eye effect, 15 minutes more intuitive. People tend to be more sensitive to Arabic numerals, it should be Arabic numerals in the brain faster operation, Just imagine that

To implement the SQL query code for Grouping statistics by department monthly total Balance

grouping | statistics Chen Youzhang's Column (Original, to now to the most complex SQL query code) to achieve by the Department of the monthly total balance of the amount of the SQL query code (debugging in MS SQL Server through) SELECT dp.dpname1 as

Site navigation user Experience Design: Selected status is highlighted or gray

A basic task point in navigation design is to accurately indicate the current selection, and improper design can easily cause user confusion. In particular, when there are only two list items, the design should be carefully designed to convey the cur

Reflection on search engine marketing strategy by data

Through a period of time to the women's Wholesale Network ( observation and practice, especially for many competitors of the site to carry out objective data analysis, found that a lot of problems worthy of our reflection and improvemen

Flash MX 2004 Time axis effects detailed explanation

Effects Today to summarize the Flash MX 2004 in the time axis special effects, I hope to help you, and provide a time axis to do the example, as for other specific simple use is not to give you examples, I hope everyone in accordance with a good prac

Design Theory: Touch screen button size and space design

In the touch-screen button design, size has a huge impact on usability. ISO and ANSI standards recommend the size of 0.75 "x 0.75" (x 19 mm), and a study from the Department of Psychology at Wright State University also shows that the 0.75 "x 0.75" b

Share the design ideas of Facebook's design team

At the headquarters of Palo Alto today, Facebook's design team shared their design ideas and how they designed products for 250 million of users. In particular, they highlighted the following points: To write code frequently (get your hands di

PHP3 Introductory Tutorials---Where to look.

1. The variables defined at the beginning of the script are the parameters of the mysql_connect () function, and of course we can insert those strings directly into the function, but in a large WEB application, these values are likely to be placed in

Send email with socket

PHP home space, the ability to provide mail functionality is really not much, always call the mail () function after the no context. But e-mail plays an increasingly important role in online life. Think of the net worm online not to receive mail can

Basic grammar rules for ActionScript

Syntax This tutorial details the basic grammar rules to follow when writing scripts using ActionScript, and is a must-read tutorial for as beginners ... When scripting with ActionScript, you can create simple actions using the normal-mode action Pane

Flash algorithm for MD5 32-bit code

Algorithm //-----------function MD5 (s) {Return Binl2hex (CORE_MD5 (Str2binl (s), s.length*strsize));}function Core_md5 (x, Len) {X[len >> 5] = (X[len >> 5]) | (128 << len%32);X[(((len+64) >>> 9) << 4) +14] =

Flash ActionScript Learning: In-depth study of conditional statements

condition | statement In the previous section, we initially tried the use of conditional statements, because conditional statements are a very high frequency statement, so we need to delve into it now. The basic format of a conditional statement if (

What should I write about the resume of the engineer in front of the website?

Before the Spring Festival in the blue Ideal to send a "Yahoo Word-of-mouth recruitment Front-End engineers," the announcement, position : front-end Engineer Salary : Negotiable valid until : 2009-02-28 work location : Wen San Xi Road, Xihu Distr

Zendcache: Let the website fly

For commercial websites, efficiency is very important. At some e-commerce sites, the server's response speed determines its quality of service, and the server's load determines the maximum access capacity it can provide. Technicians always try their

Considerations for using PHP4.2.0 and later versions

From the beginning of the PHP 4.2.0 version, the default value for the PHP directive register_globals is off (in the php.ini configuration file). This is a major change in PHP. What is register_globals for? It is used by PHP to control whether EGPCS

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