Detailed illustration Win7 simple optimization tutorial after installation complete

1, first, adjust the language option bar. Remove "EN" and move to the right of the taskbar. Click to minimize → click the triangle pop-up menu → Click the "other icon in the taskbar" to c

Win8 add clock settings for different time zones tutorial

The Win8 to add clocks in different time zones are as follows: 1, click on the bottom right corner of the desktop time, and then choose to change the date and time settings. 2, click on the a

What is word's soft return?

Word soft return: in the word processing software, by the ENTER key press down to cause a line of words to change the line called Hard return, the program is called Soft return line. Source of Soft r

Apache Tomcat installation configuration in Mac system

Apache is a common server, itself only supports HTML that is normal Web pages, you can support PHP through Plug-ins, but also with Tomcat connectivity (one-way Apache connection Tomcat, that is, throu

Ubuntu Computer Basics: New Folder

1, open the home folder 1 on the top of the Tray point menu "Location-home folder", open your own home folder window; 2 Right click on the folder blank, select the first "Create folder (

360 Cloud Disk File time machine how to use

The recent network disk War let small make up the courage to use a network disk to store Office documents, although the network disk is good but there is always a bit of entanglement. Like the problem

18 Big Browser Tips

We deal with web browsers every day, in fact, seemingly simple browser contains a lot of unexpected features or small eggs, these features some very practical, some are dedicated to the existence of f

jquery to quit Each loop

How does jquery get out of each loop? Return False in the callback function, which is true of most JQ methods. Return False in the callback function, which is true of most JQ methods. ==============

JS Clear Word Format Sample code

  This article mainly introduces the use of JS to clean up Word format, the need for friends can refer to the following   Code as follows: <input type= "button" onclick= "Cleanw

How do I use F1 to F12 function keys in Word?

The F1 key to the F12 key, these 12 function keys, also have their effect in Word. Familiarize yourself with them, making word more efficient and easier to edit Word documents. F1: Open H

The implementation of JQuery plug-in development MD5 Plug-ins


  This article mainly introduces the implementation of jquery development MD5 Plug-ins, the last return is a series of decimal number, in the jquery1.9.2 test pass, the need for friends can refer

Implement JS to retain the decimal point after the N-bit code


In JS, the general implementation of preserving the decimal point after N, are using the tofixed function The code is as follows: <script language= "JavaScript" > document.write ("

Fu Xin PDF set to create Dragon Boat Festival greeting cards for loved ones sent to warm

  Dragon Boat Festival approaching, handmade a unique electronic greeting card, sent to their friends and relatives, send a greeting, is not very interesting things? Here describes how to use the Fu

Window.onload Append Function Usage Example

This article mainly introduces the use of window.onload append function examples, need friends can refer to the followingThe code is as follows: <script type= "Text/javascript" > Function tt1 ()

European Cup 2012 live Watch full Raiders

The football fans crazy European Cup 2012 is starting soon! are the European Cup tables ready? We have prepared the European Cup schedule desktop waiting for you to download! The author of the rough p

XP system hard drive bad way to do

XP system hard drive bad way to do The steps are as follows: First, if you have the following symptoms of the hard drive, you should pay attention to the hard drive has been a bad way: (1) Read a f

All kinds of "body" big inventory in the network popular

Since the poetic circle of "pear body" spread to the network, as the "worm" generally, the online variety of "body" began a wave after wave, one after another prevailed. These so-called "body", in fac

How do the icons for the Win 8.1 UI interface be named, grouped?

1. Click the Start button on the lower left corner of the desktop or tap the Windows key on the keyboard to enter the UI (start) interface; 2. Right-click the mouse in the blank space; 3

Put a beautiful coat on a native form control

Fufu: In the Internet mature today, everyone's requirements for the site not only in the functional realization, but also began to pay attention to visual design, multi-user experience and so on. form

19 Guidelines for writing efficient jquery code

  Discussion of jquery and JavaScript performance is not uncommon. However, in this article I plan to summarize some of the speed techniques and some of my own suggestions to improve your jquery

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