DB2 tuning tips for OLTP applications

Brief introduction DB2 Universal database® (UDB) is the first relational database management system to support multimedia and the Web, which is powerful enough to meet the needs of large companies and is flexible enough to meet the requirements of s

SQL injection prevention from Microsoft Vulnerability Research and Defense Blog

Since the second half of last year, many sites have been plagued by malicious code that attackers inject malicious HTML <script> tags into the SQL database of Dynamic Web pages. This script attack began to accelerate in the first quarter of 200

How the multithreaded architecture works in DB2 9.5

Brief introduction To understand the new multithreaded functionality in DB2 9.5, this article first discusses the DB2 process model. The entire DB2 process model is controlled by the Base System Utilities (bsus). BSU allocates memory for instance an

Cisco three-tier Exchange configuration list and comprehensive case

Basic information of the network The network topology is: The central switch uses Cisco Catalyst 4006-s3,supervisor Engine III G engine in the 1th slot, for three-layer exchange, 1 24-Port 1000base-t module in the 2nd slot, for connecting to the net

Switch high speed, high performance into the mainstream

With the further construction of China's information network, the further improvement of network quality, high-speed, high-performance Ethernet switch will become the mainstream of network product development. The switch is an essential equipment fo

What's the difference between Buffer cache and page cache?

What's the difference between Page cache and buffer cache? Most of the time we do not know the system in the IO operation is to walk the page cache or buffer cache? In fact, the buffer cache and page cache are two simpler concepts in Linux, which is

Network Trouble shooting Skills Essence

We have introduced an article on how to choose the method of network fault elimination, and introduced three kinds of network troubleshooting methods. Here we return to the topic, through concrete examples to help you troubleshoot network failures.

Gigabit Access Switch

This collection of 18 gigabit access to the switch with 2 gigabit switches have 12, with 1 gigabit ports have 6. The number of switches with Gigabit copper port is only 2, gigabit port is 1000base-sx Port, only harbor technology Flexhammer24 with a 1

Common causes of network "soft fault" and its elimination method

Computer network failure is unavoidable. Network fault diagnosis is an important work of network management. Generally when the network occurs information is not available, can not browse the Web, and other connectivity failures, the phenomenon is re

Practical Network monitoring: Snmp+what ' s up gold

In this blog to chat with readers to talk about how to use the SNMP protocol and accessibility tools what ' s up gold to help monitor network devices, which is very efficient to help network administrators to understand the status of the device, then

Using IBM worklight for server-side mobile application Development (III)

Integration of IBM Worklight adapters with RESTful services Brief introduction By reading this article, you will learn how to develop and test a JPA exposed RESTful service application using IBM Rational application Developer for WebSphere, Version

Detailed server roles for Exchange Server 2013

In Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, the MBS role is used only to provide mailbox databases and public folder databases. In Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, MBS also provides client access protocols, Hub Transport services, mailbox databases, and unifie

How to use lamp to deploy phpMyAdmin system and Discuz forum system

In the previous article we have learned to build the lamp environment, and has successfully built a lamp environment, then build a lamp platform how do we deploy Dynamic Web site? Today we'll take the phpMyAdmin and discuz systems as examples to expl

Come with me. Cloud Computing (3) HBase database

HBase HBase is a distributed, column-oriented open source database that comes from the Google paper "Bigtable: A distributed storage system for structured data" Fay Chang wrote. Just as BigTable leverages the distributed data storage provided by the

Examples of Ngx_lua use techniques and applications in production environments

Lua's performance is Super Bull, and this doesn't have to be verbose. The application scene of Nginx_lua Network I/O blocking time is much higher than CPU computing time, while upstream resource non bottleneck (scalable) network applications, such

Vsphere ESX 4 Installation Guide

"ESX4 Pre-installation Considerations" (1) Considerations about the hardware First, make sure that the hardware you purchased is in the VMware Compatibility List. This site must be accessed by: http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility Second,

Daily Restart Domino service with batch scripts

To mitigate the maintenance effort of the Domino server Decide to restart the Domino service on a daily basis with batch scripts The following batch work: 1. Send quit exit instructions to Domino console first After 2, 30 seconds, check to see if

18th Chapter-delphi Client Server application development (i) (3)

18.1.3 various database server function introduction Server data management includes several software that enables users to access any node in the network and to ensure confidentiality, recoverability, and integrity in a multiuser environment. As me

Introduction to the Enode Framework: a framework for physical deployment ideas

In the last article, it introduces the overall goal of the Enode framework, and how to realize the idea of high throughput, low latency, high availability and no single point problem. In this article, we'll analyze some other issues that need to be c

Use XAMPP easy to build station (top)

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) as an open source software solution that competes with proprietary and commercial software such as Windows, IIS, and. NET, is becoming more and more popular with its unique security, fast, easy to use, easily devel

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