Application of COM technology in VFP

Say in front COM This word we listen to a lot of, it is what it is, whether it has practical value. If it works for us, then how to write COM components in Visual FoxPro. The author will stand on the position of Visual FoxPro developers, with you to

LSD: low keyword preference; chain cardinality ordering; Lst.remove (); Removing and removing header elements

According to the keyword based on the sorting method, there are MSD and LSD two kinds of schemes. Among them, the LSD scheme is very special, suitable for multiple keywords, only through the allocation and collection can complete the sorting. LSD Fi

Emit's ILGenerator

In the previous blog ( say emit ), I described the basic technology implementation requirements, the difficulty and the scope of the target is very small, build a basic shelf. The only drawback to implementing the creation of assemblies, modules, typ

Learning Guide for assembly language (II.)

The operands of the assembly instruction can be in-memory data, and how to get the program to correctly obtain the required data from memory is the addressing of memory. INTEL's CPUs can work in two addressing modes: Real mode and protected mode. Th

Common Controls for Assembly tutorials

In this lesson, we'll learn what generic controls are and how to use them. Theory: WIN95 has several enhanced user interface controls relative to the win3x. In fact, these controls are in use before the WIN95 is officially released, such as: status

Facebook Comments Plugins Profile

First, you need to create an app on Facebook and create a way to see Https://,APP there is an entry in domain that fills in your website domain. (app is bound to domain and cannot be filled in) Then you can use Facebook comme

Data Web Services: New ways to access IBM database servers

Brief introduction Web services have become a major mechanism for data exchange, access, and manipulation. Its underlying standards are ripe, and some of its advantages, such as loose coupling and virtualization, have made a big step towards the goa

I'll teach you to patch DB2.

First, stop all the instances. $db 2list results are db2inst1 and db2inst2. Stop the two of them. Install Fixpak Upgrade instance $DB 2DIR/INSTANCE/DB2IUPDT Upgrading Das Instances $DB 2DIR/INSTANCE/DASUPDT Restart Instance Bind Updated Pack

Cloning host DB2 database with DB2 cloning tool

There are many ways to replicate data in DB2 database, this paper mainly introduces a scheme of cloning DB2 data using fast disk replication technology (such as flashcopy, etc.). By using DB2 cloning Tool, you can minimize the actions that DBAs need

Lucene 3.6.2 Getting Started (SOLRJ) manipulating indexing and searching documents and integrating Chinese participle

Package COM.JADYER.SOLRJ; Import java.util.ArrayList; Import java.util.List; Import Org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrQuery; Import Org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServer; Import org.apache.solr.client.solrj.S

DB2 Performance expert simplifies performance management and tuning (2)

Brief introduction Do you need to analyze some of the key factors that enable you to control and tune DB2 and DB2 applications? Do you want to diagnose performance and availability issues ahead of time? Or have you encountered a problem using the DB

Tuning IBM DB2 UDB SQL Access Path

Brief introduction Visual Explain is an outstanding tool in ibm®db2®universal database™ that programmers and DBAs use to specify the access path that the DB2 Optimizer chooses for SQL statements. In fact, Explain should be a key component of your pe

DBAs must have the ability to manage different RDBMS across platforms


1. Introduction Today's IT environment is undergoing drastic changes, and companies that rely on a single relational database management system (RDBMS) to manage data are beginning to diminish. Analysts report that more than 90% of companies today h

SSAS: Custom Date Dimension Design

The SSAS Date dimension is basically present in all Cube design processes, and it is difficult to see an OLAP database with no time dimension. However, depending on the project requirements, the Date dimension may be designed differently, so there ar

Employee Workspace Series: Configuring and Developing a single sign-on portlet for DB2 Content Manager 8.2

Brief introduction Parts 5th and 6th of the Employee Workspace series describe how to create a Document Management portlet to access DB2 Content manger. However, the two sections do not discuss authentication in detail. This article briefly discusse

Sybase's Master Library log Management

How should the Sybase Master log be cleared when it is full? You can manage the master library in the following ways, and if you do not have enough space, consider expanding the master library. 1, simple case of the dump trans with no_log on it, Ma

DB2 Information chasing the murderer


Integrated Information Association The important part of the information crime is the correlation of the data clue, the analysis of the suspect after the 911 terrorist attacks in America is to use Information Clue Association to realize the fast sol

How the multithreaded architecture works in DB2 9.5

Brief introduction To understand the new multithreaded functionality in DB2 9.5, this article first discusses the DB2 process model. The entire DB2 process model is controlled by the Base System Utilities (bsus). BSU allocates memory for instance an

DB2 9.5 provided to. Overview of XML Tools for NET development

Ibm®database Tools for Microsoft®visual Studio 2005 introduces a new set of web-service-oriented features that expose the latest db2®purexml™ features. The new version could greatly increase the productivity of developers. The new IBM Database add-in

DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer Certification Examination 735 preparation, 3rd part

Before you start About this series These six DB2 SQL Procedure Developer Tutorials Discuss all the basic constructs and methods of SQL procedural Language, and explain how to use SQL procedural Language in stored procedures, UDF, and triggers. Incl

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