oracle11g ORA-12505

Label:I can use this problem the day before, and the next morning, I will report the mistake.I found a lot of methods on the Internet, mostly to modify the SID in this file,/listener.ora, and did not fix it.My solution is simple,Open the services in

85, switch security MAC Layer attack configuration experiment port-security

Tags: 85, switch security MAC Layer attack configuration experiment port-security1, Port security analysisConditions for triggering port security: An unauthorized MAC address The number of Port MAC addresses exceeds the limit

Cisco2960 Switch Port Security port-security

Tags: port-securityThe first two days of the engine room a Cisco2960 of the port often down, at that time let the engine room restart switch also useless, later let change a mouth on the recovery, but over a period of time the port will be down,

Analysis of binary Conversion decimal algorithm

Label:In Java there is a way to swap out a ready-made system: Public classconversion of decimal to each binary { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {//The mechanism that Java has implemented: decimal conversion into binary intdecimal = 10;

Atitit. Get the Beijing Time CST feature API summary O7

Label:Atitit. Get Beijing Time CST function API Summary O71. Get CST time ( Beijing time ) two cloth:1. Crawl URL Timtstamp >>format to the CST 1 2.  Set native time    setsystime : The command line that is called can

Leetcode-44. Wildcard Matching

Label:This problem and the previous regular Expression matching a bit similar, the first reaction is the same as before, with the return to doBOOLDomatch (Char*s,Char*p) { if(*p = =' /')return*s = =' /'; if(*p = ='*') { while(*s!=' /')/

Sharing 8 years of development experience, talking about programmer career planning

Label:Source: The Dust ProdigalIn China, there are many people think it industry is to eat youth rice, if it is 30 years old, it is difficult to have the opportunity to continue to develop! In fact, the reality is not so, in the next engaged. NET

Microsoft Smart Cloud Layout High-end service, fully upgrade cloud computing competition

Tags: Microsoft cloud computing Internet of Things650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Universe2.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1avzqdcp5sxaajltgrz-x4759.jpg "/>IBM's shares fell 14.2% in 20

An Australian-style taste to open your taste buds

Label:11The well-preserved natural beauty of Australia gives this land a wide variety of fresh and inviting specialties. Australia's wine and food culture is full of creativity and freedom, allowing us to create more fresh flavours, such as

Ant Bites the elephant's zookeeper learning process

Tags: zookeeper clustered Docker installation Centos7 Dockerfile buildAnt 01 Eats Elephant:# Author of this article-Liu Xiaotao# creation Time: 2016-1-26:22:30# Time to complete: 2016-1-27-23:11I am not smarter than others, learning things are slow,

ORA-12505, Tns:listener does not currently know of the SID given in Connect descriptor

Label:Introduction:The project in the old computer used is oracle10g, new computer installed is oracle11g, but the operation of the project does not have any relationship, originally said to create a user, with Plsql manually import data, Change the

CRC Calibration Method

Label:1 , cyclic check code (CRC code):Is the most commonly used error check code in the field of data communication, its characteristic is that the length of information field and check field can be arbitrarily selected.2 , the basic principle of

C3P0 Configuration Detailed

Label:Database connection Pool C3P0 Framework is a very good open source jar, high-performance management of the data source, here only to discuss the program itself is responsible for the data source, do not discuss container management.First, the

Nginx Match question mark rewrite

Tags: nginx match question mark rewrite jumpToday, my colleague asked me Nignx jump question match question mark needDemand is jump to is important to note that there is a question

3D video up and down conversion left and right interlaced format YUV

Label:3D video, there are some of the upper and lower format, but whether the naked 3D or 3D glasses need to format, the following is the conversion algorithm, the use of ffmpeg decoding, YUV cutting, to achieve the video interleaving, can be in the

10 reasons why colleges should use Drupal

Label:Using Drupal has become a trend in the world's top universities, and it has been chosen and applied by hundreds of universities around the world, whether it's Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Brown, Rutgers, Cambridge, Yale or many other prestigious

Distributed Service Framework Zookeeper--managing data in a distributed environment

Label:Transferred from: Distributed Service Framework is a sub-project of Apache Hadoop, which is mainly used to solve some data management problems commonly encountered in

I don't change, 2016 is just 2015 repeat.

Label:I don't change, 2016 is just 2015 repeat.tags (space delimited): Reflection summary1. Introduction It's not too late to write the 2015-year-end summary until the new year 2016.1.1, which has been nearly two weeks old.I wanted to write


Label:Original paste, only for easy searchSource Address: Http:// Common need for analyses such as ICA for Resting-state FMRI are to run a group-average ICA, and then, for each subject, E Stimate

Install OPENCV:OPENCV 2.4.8 or OpenCV 2.4.9 +VS development environment Configuration

Label:Because the research direction during the study is the image processing, so the light ink this period of time closed-door study of a lot of OPENCV and image processing related knowledge and content. See oneself accumulated to a certain extent,

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