The Axis2 of WebService Hall (4): Binary file transfer

In the WebService Axis2 (2): The transfer of composite type data, if you want to pass binary files (such as images, audio files, etc.), you can use byte[] as the data type, and then the client uses RP

ora-600 error caused by Cursor_sharing=force

1, in the Alert_lxdb.log log report 600 errors Errors in FILE/U01/APP/ORACLE/ADMIN/LXDB/UDUMP/LXDB_ORA_50379.TRC: Ora-00600:internal error code, arguments: [Kkslhsh1], [101], [], [], [], [], [], []

Redhat 6 to build the LDAP Service

Experimental environment: REDHAT6.3 LDAP server: LDAP clent: Preparatory work: Turn off iptables and SELinux before configuring to avoid errors during configuration. # Se

WCF distributed Development Step by step: WCF transaction mechanism (Transaction) and distributed transaction programming

Today we continue to learn the WCF distributed development step-by-Step Series 12: WCF transaction mechanism (Transaction) and distributed transaction programming. As we all know, in the process of ap

WCF distributed development step by step for Win (6): WCF Service contract inheritance and decomposition design

In the previous section, we learned about WCF distributed development steps to win (5) service contract and Operation Overload part. Today we continue to learn about the knowledge points related to WC

Configuring Kerberos authentication in the WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

Websphere®application Server Community Edition does not currently support Kerberos authentication. This article describes how to implement Kerberos authentication in the WebSphere application Server C

DB2 Database Daily Practical operation

1, Load method loading data: Export to Tempfile of the Del select * from tablename where not scavenging condition; Load from Tempfile of Del Modified by Delprioritychar to TableName nonrecoverable; Description In the unrelated data table export d

How to set up UPnP support

Read a lot on the internet about how to turn on the UPnP feature, and found that no article has been able to introduce the entire UPnP setup process, it is only part of the story. So decided to write an article, at least the overall idea of setting u

Prepare for IBM pureapplication System (iii) Select database options

Brief introduction The previous articles in this series have focused on how to deploy the application to IBM pureapplication System. After you deploy your application, you need to consider how your application stores and accesses the data. The relat

Super cluster solution, part 1th: Tips for Maximizing the application's scalability

Brief introduction For most enterprise software topologies, application scalability is an important quality of service. To achieve scalability, enterprise-class Java™ee applications are typically deployed and executed in the IBM WebSphere applicatio

Step by Step SharePoint 2007 One: Installing SharePoint

Summary Oh, how to install SharePoint, it may be for many people is a piece of cake, but as a way to record my learning process, I still need to record it. In subsequent articles, I will publish every process I learn about SharePoint. I hope you ca

Record each customer's call and calculate each customer's monthly bill

Topic Overview The system records each customer's call and tells you each time period (00:00~01:00, 01:00~02:00, ...) Call charges. Requires that each customer's monthly bill be calculated. Input Each input contains a test case, and each test case

Sun Solaris CMT and Virtualization Technology Analytics

Solaris 10: The core platform for the greatest operating system network computing As more and more people join the network, Network computing requires more robust infrastructure to support the possibility of unlimited expansion while maintaining 24x

5 tips for configuring the Apache 1.3/2.0 Server

This article presents 5 tips for configuring Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.0 servers. We will address the following configuration scenarios: Aligning Apache Accept () serialization, Apache 2.0 threads, adopting mod_ssl SSL session caching, optimizing keep-a

What is the difference between an AIX 64-bit kernel and an AIX 32-bit kernel

Question: How are you sure the machine will run a 64-bit kernel? Answer: Running the 64-bit kernel requires 64-bit hardware. For AIX 5.2, all IBM eserver pseries 64-bit hardware can run 64-bit or 32-bit cores. The order is as follows: #/usr/sbin/bo

Why can't I open an Outlook MSG format message after I open it again?

The problem has been around for some time and has not been solved. Today, I finally worked out a partnership with my colleagues. Users like to save messages as. msg format, as shown in the figure: But there is a situation, the user can double-clic

Initialization and class loading

In many traditional languages, programs are loaded as a one-time part of the startup process. The subsequent initialization, and then the formal execution of the program. In these languages, the initialization process must be carefully controlled to

What is WINAPI

The Windows operating system application interface, which has an informal abbreviation for WINAPI, is Microsoft's name for the kernel application programming interface available in Windows operating systems. It is designed to be called by a C + + pro

How to define the structure of a class

1: Basic concepts of the class The base unit of a Java program is a class, a class is an instance of an object, or an object is a variable of a data type defined by a class. After you have created the class, you can use it to build many of the objec

Hadoop 2.0 Namenode HA and Federation practice

I. BACKGROUND The cloud trend in the second half of 2012 began to provide a large state-owned bank's historical transaction data backup and query technology solutions based on Hadoop, due to the industry's particularity, customer service availabilit

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