oracle11g Database Import oracle10g Database

Label:EXPDP userid= ' scott/[email protected] as Sysdba ' Schemas=scott directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=dp.dmp logfile=dp.log version= tablespace houqin_tablespace datafile ' D:\dzj\orcl\TEST01111. DBF ' size 100M autoextend on next

Euclidean algorithm GCD and its development ultimate explanation

Label:Extended Euclidean algorithm-solving indefinite equation, linear congruence equation.If the two frogs meet after the S-step, the following equations will be fulfilled:(x+m*s)-(y+n*s) =k*l (k=0,1,2 ...)Slightly changed to form:(n-m)

Pat (A) 07-Sort 1. Sort (water problem)

Tags: pat1. Links: 12. Code:#include <cstdio> #include <algorithm> #include <iostream>using namespace std;int cmp (int a,int b) { return a<b;} int A[100005];int Main () { int n;

Win7 Open File Security Warning cancellation method

Label:I heard XP to stop the service, so the system to upgrade to Win7, but encountered a problem, when WIN7 open the desktop shortcut icon, suddenly prompted "Do you want to open this file?" Security warning, how should this be solved?When this

Win 7 SP1 upgrade win 10 update times error code 80070002 workaround

Tags: Win 7 SP1        Win 7 SP1Upgradewin tenthe process will inevitably encounter a variety of errors, I encountered the error is in the update download an error code for80070002. I wanted to know what this number

"Hdoj 3652" B-number

Tags: digital dp"Hdoj 3652" B-numberTo an integer n find <=n integer can be divisible by 13 and contains 13 of the Digital DP memory!!One into the memory deep like the sea ... I don't want to use recursion anymore ... It's really good to find

Lex Quick Start

Label:Regular expressions expressed in Lex language:. Match any character except \ n (line break)-Used to specify a range. For example: A-Z refers to all characters from a to Z;A-Z refers to all characters from A to Z;0-9 refers to all characters

pat04-Tree 7. Search in a Binary search Tree (25)

Label:04-Tree 7. Search in a Binary search Tree (25) time limit MS Memory limit 65536 KB code length limit 8000 B procedure StandardAuthor Chen, YueTo search a key in a binary search tree, we start from the root and move all the choosing branches

POJ 1220 number BASE CONVERSION High precision binary conversion

Tags: c + + POJ numbers iostream programmingPOJ 50 photo shoot photo SouvenirNumber BASE CONVERSION Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 10000K Total Submissions: 4620 Accepted: 2115

[Reprint] Isometric (oblique 45 degrees) game and math

Label:Original link: European players were shocked by a then-released tour Knight lore. This 2d game incredibly realistic simulation of the 3d environment, and then the game's release platform is ZX Spectrum,

IO Stream Learning Note input/output of 3--byte stream and character stream

Tags: input stream output streamThe operation of the byte stream and the character stream is basically the same, the difference is only the data unit of the operation is different: the data unit of the byte stream operation is the data unit

I've come out of the shadow of lumbar muscle strain

Label:After nearly two years and lumbar muscle strain's struggle, now finally can return to the football field, out of the sharing spirit of it, the situation and prescriptions published as follows:The process of illness:2013 the entire October of

Talking about the security of password storage

Label:ObjectiveUser information leaked events, Baidu or Google input "password leaked", search out the leak door is let people stunned: from small companies to large companies, from plaintext storage to ordinary hash encryption. As an IT

Poj_2942_knights of the Round Table (double-connected component + binary-graph determination of points)

Tags: ACM algorithm poj Tarjan graphKnights of the Round Table Time Limit: 7000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 10908 Accepted: 3585 DescriptionBeing A knight is a very

Detailed usage of the file/directory permission settings command chmod

Tags: Linux unix chmod 777chmod is a command for file/directory permission settings, which is frequently encountered in Linux, this post summarizes the detailed usage of chmod.Linux/unix file call permissions are divided into three levels, namely

POJ 3258 Minimum maximum binary search

Label:Test instructions: To the other side of the river, on a line perpendicular to the bank, there are n stones in the river, given the river's width l, and the distance of each stone from the bank of the Ox,Now remove the M-block stone and ask for

OpenSSL command line BASE64 codec

Label:OpenSSL to Base64 codec specification support is poor, using it to encode and decode the results of other languages such as PHP processing is not convenient, notice a few of the following collation1, if the PHP encryption results do base64

Concept: Class inheritance-public inheritance, private inheritance, protection inheritance

Label:I. Public (pulic) inheritance"Inheritance" is an important feature of a class. Class A inherits Class B, which we call the Class B as the "base class", also called the "parent class", and the Class A is referred to as the "derived class" or

4D Products in GIS (DLG, DRG, DEM, DOM)

Label:DLGDigital line Map (DLG, digital lines Graphic): is a vector dataset of map features that are basically consistent with existing line strokes, and preserves spatial relationships and related attribute information between features.In the

Roman to Integer

Tags: leetcodeGiven a Roman numeral, convert it to an integer.Input is guaranteed to being within the range from 1 to 3999.Topic Analysis: The topic seems relatively simple but behind the hidden many of the rules of the Roman numerals, access to

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