PL/SQL Developer usage tips, shortcut keys

Tags: blog io os ar using for SP file data1, class SQL Plus Windows: File->new->command window, this is similar to Oracle's client tool SQL Plus, but it is much more useful.2, set the keyword automatic capitalization: tools->preferences->

SQL query table, all field names of the table, SQL query table, all field names of the table

Tags: style blog http color io ar for strong SPSQL query table, all field names of the table2011-07-29 10:21:43|  Category: SQL Server | Tags: table sql fields | Report | Font size Subscription SQL query table, all field names of

Sqlite3 Introduction to use

Tags: blog http io using ar strong file Data sp(Transferred from: of SQLite1. First is to download SQLite, you can download this page:

"DB2" DB2 database restore, Backup

Tags: io using ar strong for file data SP ArtPut the entire folder (jmam_dq.0) to D:\db_bak\Start-run, enter Db2cmd:1. Create a databaseDB2 Create DB dbname on D:(The database in the D disk, then the system will automatically add sql0000* directory,

Chapter 2 User authentication, Authorization, and Security (10): Create a containing database

Tags: SQL Server database Security DBA contains databasesOriginal source:, featured catalogue: No person shall, without the consent of

How the collector operates on the database

Tags: collector databaseThe collector can read data from the database, write data to the database, or call the database's stored procedures. Based on these three basic operations, the collector can be applied to a variety of database-related

code example of a database stored procedure called by the collector

Tags: collector database stored procedure Code callsThe collector can easily invoke the stored procedure of the database, here is an example to see the specific program. Call a stored procedure with no return value using Oracle 's

SQL Advanced (3)

Tags: sqlSQL Advanced (3) SQL SELECT INTO statement the SQL SELECT INTO statement can be used to create a backup copy of the table.The SELECT INTO statement SELECT INTO statement selects data from one table and then inserts the data into another

SSIS 64-bit environment access oracle11g

Tags: style blog http using OS file data arSSIS needs to install 64-bit Oracle Provider in order to have SSIS access to Oracle on a 64-bit machine, but the biggest problem is that SSIS is executed in two components, DTExec.exe (32-bit version) and

Basic introduction of Postgres Database

Tags: des style blog http java using OS IORecently, I have been working on a project related to PostgreSQL database, documenting the knowledge that I have learned in this process. About PostgreSQL database online already have too many relevant

DB2 Data types

Tags: http using io file data art ar timeThe built-in data types of the DB2 database are mainly classified as numeric (numeric), string (character string), graphic string (graphic string), binary string (binary strings), or DateTime. There is also a

. NET Connection Database mode

Tags: des style blog http color using OS IO. NET Connection Database mode1. Connect OracleA oracleclient approach that Microsoft has developed specifically for Oracle databases (typically used)Reference Class Library:

[OSX] Installing the MacPorts guide in OS X

Tags: style blog http color io os ar using forOriginal address: is MacPorts?MacPorts is a third-party package management tool used in Mac OS.MacPorts allows you to easily compile, install, and

Background Multi-task multithreaded breakpoint download

Tags: breakpoints multi-task background multithreadingForgot:Multi-threaded breakpoint download is not very difficult, mainly is three aspects: 1, according to the size of the file and the number of download threads, determine the size of

[Turn] The algorithm of seeking greatest common divisor

Tags: ar strong sp div problem on BS algorithm C + +More subtractive loss SurgeryMore subtractive damage, also known as "equivalence algorithm"On the question of numerator, the essence is how to find the numerator, the denominator greatest common

Win7 Get system permissions

Tags: style http io os using AR for file dataWindows7 under the authority of the problem, but this mysterious ubiquitous system is bigger than the administrator and can not log in is not understandable, especially a lot of directories actually have

Texternalthread TThread--Delphi--cannot terminate an externally created thread?

Tags: des style blog http color io os ar forcannot terminate an externally created thread?The VCL have a new Texternalthread class which derives from TThreadAnd can be attached to a existing Win32 thread object by filling inThe Handle and ThreadID

Win7, Ubuntu dual system, encounter partition is not available problem, and uninstall Ubuntu after Win7 can not open the machine

Tags: http io os using AR for file data artProfile:Last night is still intended to physically install Ubuntu, with virtual machine is really some cards, after all, is virtual out, there are so many programs to allow, low efficiency is understandable.

How to read phone and SMS records on Ubuntu platform (history API)

Tags: des style blog http color os io using JavaOn the Ubuntu platform, we can use the history API to read the contents of the phone book and the text message, and use the ListView to display it. Let's show you how to do it.1) Create a basic QML

Windows2008 Server General settings and basic security policies

Tags: des discuz blog http using OSI. Systems and PROCEDURES1. Screen protection and power supplyDesktop right-click--〉 Personalization--〉 Screen SaverScreen Saver Select NoneChange power settings Select High PerformanceChoose to turn off the

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