To export the [database DB3] file using the ADB command line

Label:Cmd->CD to:D:\tools\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\sdk\platform-toolsADB start-serviceADB pull/data/data/com.example.day03_db/files/my.db3 d://To export the [database DB3] file using the ADB command

LocalDB: Microsoft's new generation of lightweight databases

Label:What is LocalDBWith the release of SQL Server 2012, LocalDB jumps into our line of sight, which can be seen as a lightweight version of SQL Server Express. LocalDB is created specifically for developers, it's very easy to install, almost no

MD5 Algorithm Implementation

Label:A brief description of the MD5 algorithm is: MD5 handles the input information in 512-bit groupings (512-bit grouping?). Remove 512 bits of data per processing? ), Each grouping is divided into 16 32-bit sub-groupings (16 times 32 is just 512),

vc++2010 under Compile Stlport,boost

Label:vc++2010 under Compile Stlport,boostRecently in the process of trying to move to boost, trying to master the boost code,STLport Version: 5.2.1Boost version: ( OK)Compiler Visual Studio 2010For STLport compilation, select

Assembly language--Baidu Encyclopedia

Label:Assembly Language (assembly language) is a low-level language for computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, or other programmable devices, also known as symbolic languages. In assembly language, a mnemonic (mnemonics) is used instead of

Encryption algorithm using (a): using CRC32 to compress 32uuid strings

Label:CRC32 is higher than MD5 repetition rate,However, we can still compress the 32-bit UUID string into a shorter shaped unique identity by using CRC32 and then turning the long shaping.1 /**2 * 3 * @Title: Getcrc32value4 * @author:

Summary of 10 sorting algorithms

Label:There are many sorting algorithms, so it is important to use which algorithm in a particular scenario. In order to select the appropriate algorithm, the following criteria can be considered in the recommended order:(1) Execution time(2)

Calling the Win32 API from the. NET Platform

Label:Small OrderThe Win32 API can directly control the core of Microsoft Windows because the API (application programming Interface) is the interface that Microsoft left us to control windows directly. You want to play? Oh, it's too hard.C # is

Scala Learning

Label:Study material one, do more cool documents, look very comfortableHttp://'s a tutorial for a Java programmer to get started, but it's not much, but it's a quick introduction to Scala.Original address:

March 16 Jobs

Tags: project implementation project Manager project establishment Human Resources corporate culture1, the overall management process:1) project start-up. Develop the project charter, formally authorize the project or start the project phase.2)

Cdoj 1069 Qiushi Big Brother to work monotonous stack subscript processing

Label:E-Qiushi Big Brother to the jobTime limit:1000MS Memory Limit:65535KB 64bit IO Format:%lld &%llu Submit Status Practice UESTC 1069 Appoint Description:System Crawler (2016-04-24)DescriptionTian Jian, gentleman to self-improvement. The

Cloudfoundry in 1 box introduction: Lattice

Tags: Solution Product Manager Staging server virtual machinePivotal Web Service Supervisor Engineer Product Manager Wu JianThis is the last of the Cloudfoundry in 1 box Introduction series, and in two previous articles, we introduced the

Install OPENCV:OPENCV 3.0, OpenCV 2.4.8, OpenCV 2.4.9 +VS development environment Configuration

Label: this series of articles by the @ Light Ink _ Mao Nebula produced, reproduced please indicate the source.   Article Link: Mao (Light ink) Weibo:

Say the last time! About the reason for not updating Skysrs!

Label:Say the last time! About the reason for not updating Skysrs!Https:// published in 2012-5-1 14:53:57posted this morning to investigate the image recovery environment,

After reading, change the password! But I bet you'll never see it through.

Label:Hubble News Channel May 30 today Xiao-bian in the fried egg net found a long article, with the player's words "I ... I've never seen anything so long on a fried egg ... In addition to sidebar ads ... ", this article title" User password thin

View6.2 viewpm and Microsoft User-configurable roaming apps

Tags: Profile server manage folder user groupBecause view needs to be in a domain environment, centralized management of user profiles is a topic that can be bypassed, especially with virtual desktops that use Linkclone mode, and if persistent disks

Network byte code, local bytecode (big end, small side)

Label:The origins of big-endian and small-end patternsThere is an interesting story about the origin of the small end nouns, from Jonathan Swift's Travels of Gulliver: The two powerful powers of Lilliput and Blefuscu have been fighting for the past 3

Virus Trojan killing actual combat No. 019: Virus signature Killing program implementation

Label:This series of tutorials is copyright "I spring and Autumn" All, reproduced please indicate the source. for Video tutorials, please visit "I Spring" ( last time we have introduced the basic method of virus signature

Mouse (Draw rectangle event)-Not much

Label:1#include <iostream>2#include <opencv2/opencv.hpp>3 4 #defineWindow_name "Mouse Event window"5 6 using namespacestd;7 using namespaceCV;8 9 Rect G_rectangle;Ten BOOLG_bdrawingbox =false; OneRNG G_rng (12345); A - voidDrawRectangle

ASCII, ANSI, Unicode encoding

Tags: ASCII ansi Unicode encoding3.1 ASCII encodingThe following are from "Wikipedia":ASCII (American Standard Code for information Interchange, US Information Interchange standards Codes) is a set of computer coding systems based on the Latin

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