Use the MD5 transform algorithm to prevent exhaustive decoding of passwords

Conversion | algorithm MD5 is the most commonly used cryptographic encryption algorithm in Web applications. Since the MD5 is irreversible, the ciphertext after MD5 calculation can not get the original text through the reverse algorithm. The intentio

fleaphp Development Guide-4. Naming conventions and directory structures

Specification | Development Guide Fleaphp's naming rules and directory structure look more complicated at first, but after you get used to it, you'll see a lot of benefits from this naming convention. The same approach is therefore used in the Zend F

Data structure and stored procedure of BBS (III.)

Stored Procedures | data | structure/*************************************************************************/ /* */ * Procedure:up_getpostedtopiclist * * /* */ /* Description: The essence area posts list * /* */ /* Parameters: @a_intForumID: Layout

AS2.0 the bitmap of the wonderful effects

Flare | special effects Elliptic parametric equation, is a very commonly used in animation programming technology, can make a lot of practical effects, such as the effect of the banner, in this case, with the mouse movement, the bitmap is like a bann

J2ME MIDP Currency Converter Tutorial for NetBeans IDE 4.0

J2ME MIDP Currency Converter Tutorial for NetBeans IDE 4.0 Feedback Feedback The Currency Converter application you are build in this tutorial shows you to: Start a J2ME MIDP

Baidu big Update yesterday, I have a "new" experience

Today's relatively late, up to open the computer, check the next ranking, Baidu yesterday a big update, sure enough, a few days ago daily original update + pseudo original update help very large, following the last time in A5 to share a "15 days to o

Oracle9i new Features: Isqlplus

Oracle Oracle9i new Features: Isqlplus Last Updated:wednesday, 2004-10-27 12:04 eygle Isqlplus is a new feature provided by Oracle9i and is a sqlplus Web-form release. is based on a three-tier structure. Its client, middle, and server can be

GB code converted into UTF

The conversion has long been found a function to convert GB code to UTF-8, with a GB to Unicode comparison table (Gb2312.txt), for the output of Chinese characters in GD. It was later found that there was confusion in the content to be exported that

Online "Shop" DIY (2)

Part II: Examples Project structure: The project consists mainly of several ASP files and a database: Book.mdb: Storing the contents of a database Index.asp: The main document of the website, most of the content is displayed by it Buy.asp: The cont

File upload Download

Upload | Download Jspsmartupload is a fully functional file upload download component that is developed by website, which is suitable for embedding in JSP files for uploading and downloading operations. This component has several fea

The correct expression in the interactive design is illustrated by an example

See a blog post on smashing, take an example to illustrate the correct expression in the interactive design, real expression and creative expression.Instance Source: xamples-and-trends/ The page expresses meaning

360 of the smoke, how to move forward on the search

Today, Baidu for 360 of the containment can speak of madness, from years ago to years later, the action is never stopped. Because in the current search engine industry, the only way to bring direct competition is obviously only 3,601, and its advanta

Wikipedia Wikipedia logo to enhance the 3D effect of the ball

Wikipedia Wikipedia updated its own logo, the new logo to downplay the imposition of three-dimensional, enhance the 3D effect of the ball. At the same time increase the font size of the word distance, and extend the design of several overall image of

ORA FAQ Performance Tuning Series-When the first column of the index is generated by the sequence, what's the use of a reverse index?

Index | performance ORA FAQ Performance Tuning Series-- The Oracle (tm) Users ' co-operative FAQ Why would a reverse index to useful when the leading column of the "index is" generated from a sequence? When the first column of the index is generated

Oralcle 10g Fedora Core x Quick Installation Guide

Core Home-> Oracle-> Oracle 10g Release 1 ( on Fedora core 1 Oracle Database 10g Release 1 ( installation on Fedora core 1 Please note that Oracle Database 10g are not certified to run on Fedora Linux, therefore your should no

Flash Creative Design Tutorial: Probation-"Urban Love"

Tutorials | design 1.3 Basic Effect production 1.3.1 Frame animation 1. Urban Love In the twilight of the poetic, the city's buildings are flashing lights, gradually the lights fade, leaving the "Love" of the musical notes ... This idea comes from th

6 strokes to teach you to do high-quality site outside the chain

A lot of webmaster often ask a question: the website just did not have enough weights to exchange good links, but not enough money to try to buy the link, that how to get more external links? This article will show you how to efficiently build the ex

Configure the APACHE+PHP5+MYSQL5 under WINDOWS2000ADV

In the past for the convenience of the diagram, the package is used. The version is long, it is apache1. X.mysql4.x,php4. X's. It's been out of date for a long time. And there's a lot of holes, but luckily I'm just using it locally ... But in order t

> Seventh, exception Handling (Rainbow translation) (from heavy particle space)

<< Show c#>> Seventh chapter exception handling (Rainbow translation) Source: Body: Seventh Chapter exception Handling One of the great advantages of the common language runtime (CLR) is that

Three problems and solutions of website design and maintenance

Three problems and solutions of website design and maintenance When we design a website, we often use visual tools such as: Frontpage,dreamweaver. With the site's construction, the site's update will inevitably appear some problems. I maintain my pe

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