Watch POP3 mailbox.

This article will show you how to write your own mailbox monitoring program, the program will call the Winsock function directly for network communication. In addition to having Winsock programming kn

ora-600 error caused by Cursor_sharing=force

1, in the Alert_lxdb.log log report 600 errors Errors in FILE/U01/APP/ORACLE/ADMIN/LXDB/UDUMP/LXDB_ORA_50379.TRC: Ora-00600:internal error code, arguments: [Kkslhsh1], [101], [], [], [], [], [], []

Redhat 6 to build the LDAP Service

Experimental environment: REDHAT6.3 LDAP server: LDAP clent: Preparatory work: Turn off iptables and SELinux before configuring to avoid errors during configuration. # Se

Configure the Struts2 files are stored in the Web-inf/classes directory. This file is used to configure some of the basic protocols for the STRUTS2 system, and any content configured in

WCF distributed development step by step for Win (6): WCF Service contract inheritance and decomposition design

In the previous section, we learned about WCF distributed development steps to win (5) service contract and Operation Overload part. Today we continue to learn about the knowledge points related to WC

Implementation of MS Visio document cross-platform web browser--universal visioviewer

1 The XML document structure of MS Visio software Visio is a powerful, with a large number of customer-oriented office vector graphics software system, with its unique mold, template, towed drawing m

WSDL Editor Developer's Guide

About the WSDL editor The WSDL Editor enables you to edit the Web Service Description Language (Web service Description language,wsdl) file. WSDL is an xml-based language used to describe Web services. A WSDL file contains the following types of in

Step by Step SharePoint 2007 One: Installing SharePoint

Summary Oh, how to install SharePoint, it may be for many people is a piece of cake, but as a way to record my learning process, I still need to record it. In subsequent articles, I will publish every process I learn about SharePoint. I hope you ca

VB's control Data

Validating control data by restricting focusThe Validate event and the CausesValidation property are used in tandem to confirm the input to the control before allowing the user to move the focus away from the control. For example, suppose you have se

Show, hide Win95 taskbar

Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" _  (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long Declare Function ShowWindow Lib "user32" Alias "ShowWindow" _  (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nCmdShow As Long) As Long Pu

How to design a programming language (10) regular expression and domain specific language (DSL)

A few months ago, bloggers were concerned about DSL, so I thought, I created some DSL in, so I said it today. Creating a DSL I'm afraid it's the first time a lot of people have ever designed a language. The first time I did this was

Flex string problem, binary 00 after the thing is lost (base64 solve)

Recently in the development of flex, in the use of found that if the transfer object in the binary 00 after the thing is lost. The original flex string was terminated with 00来. This is more depressing, temporarily use Base64 code to solve

To change the Sybase database password by modifying the field skillfully

For small and medium-sized enterprises through the database to manage the internal application of information is the most direct and simple method, so many enterprises through a professional database management program to achieve this method. It happ

DB2 Magazine Chinese version: support for compliance call records


Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1875, people have wanted to record and retrieve calls. Although this basic desire has not changed, the reasons for recording and effectively retrieving calls are clearly different. Compared with t

Usage of bcp

BCP is a tool that Sybase company provides for data backup at the level of database tables.Typically stored in the installed ASE or open Client Bin directory.The previous ASE,BCP storage directory for the 12 version is $SYBASE/bin12 Version (includin

Using an XQuery query to DB2 XML data

About XQuery XQuery differs in many key ways from SQL, largely because the two languages are designed for two data models with different characteristics. XML documents contain hierarchies and have their intrinsic order. The tabular data structures s

FreeBSD other related systems and organizations

Free use and free is the characteristic of FreeBSD, which can be expressed in English by using the word "freedom". This means that the user is not only free to use the system, but also to adapt to the software needs of their own changes, and can affe

Initialization and class loading

In many traditional languages, programs are loaded as a one-time part of the startup process. The subsequent initialization, and then the formal execution of the program. In these languages, the initialization process must be carefully controlled to

Hadoop 2.0 Namenode HA and Federation practice

I. BACKGROUND The cloud trend in the second half of 2012 began to provide a large state-owned bank's historical transaction data backup and query technology solutions based on Hadoop, due to the industry's particularity, customer service availabilit

Performance comparison of array sorting methods (2):array.sort<t> implementation analysis

Yesterday we compared the performance of the Array.sort<t> method with the LINQ sort, knowing that the performance of the LINQ sort lagged significantly behind the Array.sort<t> method. And for Array.sort<t>, the most performance is

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