Gcc,gdb,makefile and IO multiplexing functions

Label:2015.1.22C Advanced Environment Construction:GCC compilers:Full name GUN CC, is a GNU tool chain, the source code compiled into machine code, the compilation of GCC depends on a lot of gadgets4.3.3 and 3.4. Version 3 are relatively stableGCC

Linuxshell Script Programming Basics 5--Numeric, string, file status test, ((..)) and [[...]] The use

Label:1. Numerical comparison! /bin/Bashecho"Enter a score:"Read NUM1if[$num 1-ge the]then Echo"Very Good"elif [$num 1-lt the-A $num 1-ge -]then Echo"Good"ElseEcho" Low"fiwhich-eq equals-ne Not equal to-lt less than-le less than or equal to-GT

Running (zssure): ipc=inter-process Communication, interprocess Communication Learning Note (i)

Tags: operating system communication interprocess communication IPCPreface:Blog articles want to organize the logical, easy to follow their own review study and communicate with you. I don't know if you feel the same way? Sometimes busy all day,


Label:---------------------------------------------------------------------------working Questions-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Setup AppscaleHttps://github.com/AppScale/appscale/wiki-Vagrant box for

VC + +, MFC's best open Source project

Label:Introduction: Introduce the best open source project written with Vc++/mfc. SourceForge.net There are many high-quality VC + + Open source projects, I listed some can be used as VC + + programmer reference.Body:VC + +, the best open source

Spring Core source code interpretation one of the ASM4 User manual translations ASM Introduction

Label:Chapter One: ASM introduces 1.1 asm motives:Program analysis, generation, and conversion techniques can be applied to many scenarios:1. Program analysis, from simple syntax parsing to complete semantic analysis, can be applied to find

leetcode#44 Wildcard Matching

Label:Original title AddressA very technical problem, although the essence is still search + backtracking, but the key is how to deal with the redundant in the pattern String *, if the bad processing time out.The basic search + backtracking

Notes on similar issues with token=%1$s

Tags: %1 $ s indicates that the first replacement location is placed as a string type such as System.out.println (String.Format ("%1 $ s Hello%2$s", "XXX", "!")); The output is "XXX Hello!" String.Format after the first argument is an expression,

ASCII Code table 0-127

Tags: Bin Dechex abbreviation/character interpretation 00000000000NUL (NULL)//null character 00000001101SOH (start of headling)//title Start 00000010202STX (start of text)/ /Body Start 00000011303ETX (end of text)//body end 00000100404EOT (end of

Try the development, deployment of Office 2003 VSTO

Label:Background: A year ago, a project needs to use Excel for data entry, considering that many users or Xp+office 2003, so the development of the time directly using the Excel 2003 version of VBA development. Perhaps a lot of people will say, Win10

Bzoj 1185 HNOI2007 minimum rectangular cover rotation jam

Tags: bzoj bzoj1185 swivel jam convex bagTitle: Minimum Rectangle coverFirst there is a conclusion: there must be an edge on the convex hull coincident with the edge of the rectangle.Proof: If there is no edge coincident with one edge of the

Actually, the woman didn't die on the third floor.

Label:In fact, the woman is not in the third floor dead, but in the dead after going out, the man in the third floor is not going to do, because there is a camera, he would like to do, in the first floor and the third floor hands are the same, are

Construction of "zookeeper" zookeeper single machine and cluster environment

Tags: zookeeperFirst go to the official website to download the zookeeper installation package, this article uses the 3.4.6stable versionhttp://zookeeper.apache.org/doc/r3.4.6/The directory structure after extracting the TAR command is as

Leetcode:longest Substring with at the most of the Distinct characters

Label:Given a string, find the length of the longest substring T that contains at most 2="ECE" which its LENGT H is 3.Method One: Using HashMap, Map contains elements and their occurrences. Maintain a maximum length. With two pointers, the right

Some experiences from March 2012 to the end of 2014

Label: -years3month into a site to do the company internship, one months 800, the first day to report, the leadership asked what to do, in fact, there is no special idea, said in accordance with the company's arrangements to it, after the leadership

The ASCII decoded table-driven mode of the Tomcat kernel

Tags: table-driven tomcat ASCII coded socketsWe know that the Tomcat communication is based on the socket, and the socket on the server side and the client passes the message is not encoded byte stream, each 8 bits constitute 1 bytes, the computer

DLL concept, DLL export class

Label: 1, the concept of DLLDLL (Dynamic linkable Library), dynamically linked libraries, you can provide some functions, variables, or classes to your program. These can be used directly. the difference between a static link library and a

Open source ≠ free, open source Agreement license detailed

Label:In the case of software development, open source software or open source components, they will be based on some kind of protocol to provide source code and authorization, then what are the constraints of these open source agreements?Before

Object reference not set to an instance of an object-summary of possible issues

Label:I. GENERAL statements on the Internet1, the ViewState object is null.2, Dateset empty.3, the SQL statement or datebase cause DataReader empty.4. When declaring a string variable, the variable is applied without assigning a null value.5. The

5 things to lose on a programmer's resume

Label:Nothing can negate your job search faster than a resume, and it inadvertently shows that your technology is out of date. HR and bosses will always notice the outdated programming language, useless tools, and no longer popular terminology in

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