JTA (XA) transactions and JDBC transactions

Introduction to Transactions   In general, the Java EE Application Server supports JDBC transactions, JTA (Transaction API) transactions (typically managed by a container). In general, it is best not to use the above three transaction types in your

Apply memcached to improve site performance--reduce read from databases and data sources

Martin Brown, freelance writer, freelance Developer Martin Brown has been a professional author for more than seven years. He is the author of numerous books and articles with a wide range of subjects. His expertise involves a variety of development

The difference between ALTER INDEX rebuild and ALTER index rebuild online

This paper uses 10046 events to analyze the difference between ALTER INDEX rebuild and ALTER index rebuild online Alter index rebuild online is essentially a scan table rather than scanning an existing index block to achieve an indexed rebuild Alter

How to build HTTPS two-way authentication environment with Tomcat and OpenSSL (HTTPS client authentication)

This article describes how to build a Web server certificate and personal digital certificate using the HTTPS feature of Tomcat, and a CA that you create yourself, and eventually build an HTTPS two-way authentication environment that can be used for

Use of Jndi

The Java Naming and directory interface (the Java naming and directory Interface,jndi) is a set of APIs that access the naming and directory services in Java applications. The naming service links names to objects so that readers can access them by n

Basic operations for Websphere MQ __web

Websphere MQ the basic OperationA MQ Basic Operations There are several important components in MQ: Queue Manager (QueueManager), queues (queue), and channel (Channel). The basic methods of operation are as follows: Creating a Queue Manager Crtmqm

Ora-01756:quoted string not properly terminated problem

Ora-01756:quoted string not properly terminated problem when I execute an upgrade script, I find the Execute Table declaration statement "Comment on column ticket_mm_01.ticket_id Is ' list serial number '; A ora-01756:quoted string not properlytermin

June notes

---need to consider the last field//get fields of one row from a char* str comparted by the Compart Char long cgmdbtable::getlinefromstr (char * str, char seg) {char* phead = str; char* ptail = str; int ipos = 0 while (*ptail!= '/0 ') {if (*ptail = =

Use Php_codesniffer to standardize your code ____php

Today, I chatted with two-and-61-year-younger sister paper about code specifications, I also probably said some need to pay attention to the point, but feel not careful enough, here to share the recently began to use the tool, of course, code specifi

Treatment method of exp-00091:exporting questionable statistics problem

In use EXPTools for exporting BackupOr migrate the data sometimes will report a lot of "exp-00091:exporting questionable statistics" error, the specific phenomenon and processing method please watch ... 1. The phenomenon of problems [oracle@rh207 ex

Import (IMPDP) and export using Data pump (EXPDP)

Data pump technology is a new technology in Oracle Database 10g, which is 15-45 times faster than the original import/export (IMP,EXP) technology. The increase in speed stems from the use of parallel techniques to read and write export dump files. E


Checked for relevance on 08-dec-2008Problem Description-------------------You are running Customer Interface racust and there are an error message in theInterface_status column, but you don ' t know what it means.Solution Description-----------------

Phpstorm+xdebug breakpoint debugging under Mac php____php

Foreword: The previous article has introduced the overload Windows PHP debug (phpstorm+xdebug Breakpoint Debugging PHP), the MAC configuration process is exactly the same, but encountered a variety of twists and turns are tired, and encountered the p

HTTP protocol Header header detailed

In this paper, according to RFC2616 (http/1.1 specification), reference http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2068/rfc2068 http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616 Http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3229.txt Typically, HTTP messages include the client's request

Zendstudio under Zend Debug installation and use

"Original address": http://blog.csdn.net/newjueqi/article/details/7209857 On the network on the installation of Zend Debug and use of the tutorial is relatively simple, remember that the study was a long time to get it done (the most important is the

Language Reference >> predefined interfaces and Classes >> generator >> Send

Because the Send method is the key to the implementation of the coprocessor, it is necessary to learn the next send method in detail, because it is really weird; official documentation generator::send (PHP 5 >= 5.5.0, PHP 7) Generator::send-send a


LDAP is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, the English full name is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, generally referred to as LDAP. It's based on the X.500 standard, but it's much simpler and can be tailored to your needs. Unlike X.500, L

Laravel5.5 source code Detailed--AUTH middleware

Laravel5.5 Source code detailed –auth middleware In order to reflect the full picture, the previous Code section did not do too much pruning, focusing on the annotated part of the special addition. The original comments are deleted to reduce the len

GDB Tutorial

Last year to study C, see Song Teacher's "Linux C one-stop programming", feel very suitable for their own. Today with GDB, some unfamiliar, and then look at ~ Original address: http://songjinshan.com/akabook/zh/gdb.html -------------------- In addit

Section Error Summary (segmentation fault)

You always have a segment error when creating shared memory, and the user who has been using it in the virtual machine is your own account. The key is to create shared memory that is restricted by permissions, and then after Su Root, the program runs

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