What is the. htaccess? htaccess few simple applications

Label:What is the. htaccess?. Htaccess is called a distributed configuration file, which provides a way to change the configuration of a directory by placing a file containing one or more instructions in a particular document directory to act on

Using goaccess to analyze Nginx logs

Tags: goaccess log analysis NginxFirst, the need to install LNMP, has been installed to complete, in order to test the effect I put my own site can be tested. If you do not know how to install LNMP can refer to the shell script with a key to build

Why the programming language and database are to be calculated starting from January 1, 1970

Label:I was watching today.Python APIwhen, see TimeModule:The epoch is the point where the time starts. On January 1st of this year, at 0 hours,the "time since the epoch" is zero. For Unix, the epoch is 1970. To the "What's The epoch is",

Unexpected exception ' cannot run program ... error=2, No such file or directory ' ... adb '

Label:Eclipse ADT Unexpected exception ' cannot run program ' Up vote 8 down vote favorite4 I have the installed ADT Bundle on my laptop. I have Ubuntu 13.10 if I open the ADT I see this message:Unexpected exception ‘Cannot run

Azure SQL Database Point-in-time restore feature

Label: Microsoft China TechNet 7 Oct 9:17 PM Comments 0 Likes Original address: Http://blogs.technet.com/b/azuretw/archive/2014/10/06/azure-sql-database-point-in-time-restore.aspxThis article describes the point-in-time restore

Emacs is the easiest to get started, just 10 minutes

Label:macs最简单入门,只要10分钟 windwiny @2013 无聊的时候又看到鼓吹emacs的文章,以前也有几次想尝试,结果都是玩不到10分钟就退出删除了。这次硬着头皮,打开几篇文章都看完一遍,再动手操作。这次好像有些进展 最大的发现,emacs里所有操作都是LISP指令,包括上下左右移动光标,这意味着什么?

WEB API Authentication (authentication) and authorization (Authorization) "One" (12)

Label:ObjectiveWhether it is an ASP. NET MVC or Web API framework, the authentication of request information from the request to the response, and the authorization of the access page after the success of the authentication are extremely important,

Try-catch in-depth understanding

Label:Try-catch in-depth understandingLet's look at an example (example 1) to explain the process of try, catch, finally in Java 1234567891011121314151617181920212223 publicclassTryCatchFinally

A simple method of MD5 and salt encryption (to prevent rainbow table collision)

Label:MD5 encryption (or digest algorithm) Everyone is familiar with it, and it doesn't explain.Now a lot of database design like to use one-way encryption to save the password, verify that the password is encrypted once again to do a ciphertext

[Leetcode] Unique Word abbreviation

Label:Problem Description:An abbreviation of a word follows the form <first letter><number><last letter>. Below is some examples of word abbreviations:A) It --it (no abbreviation) 1b) d|o|g- d1g

Self-taught MIT 33 courses in a year? There are ways to study crazily

Label:[Guide] The ability to quickly master complex information is critical to achieving excellence in business. Scottyoung's learning process not only applies to students, but also helps to learn the expertise of complex skills.The ability to

Personal blog Job Week2 (case study of Microsoft Bing Dictionary client)

Label:Summary: We have a lot of time to deal with the software, we have to play in class when the mobile games, buy train tickets website, contact with each other Weibo, and so are software, are worth analyzing. Why do you become their users? What

ds-5/rvds4.0 Variable initialization error

Label:There are always various debugging errors, memory errors in general, I inadvertently found that all global variables failed, that is, after the global variable declaration, the early value of the ODE value is wrong.The initial value is

Servlet Working principle Analysis

Label:Servlet Working principle AnalysisWeb technology has become one of the mainstream Internet Web application technologies, and Servlet is the core foundation of Java Web technology. Thus mastering the work of the Servlet is a basic requirement

One of the STL: a string usage explanation

Label:Reproduced in: http://blog.csdn.net/longshengguoji/article/details/8539471A string is one of the most complex aspects of programming. The STL String class provides a powerful feature that allows a lot of tedious programming content to be done

GFS Architecture in Google cloud computing (collation analysis)

Label: Google has developed cloud computing technologies for many of its businesses, which have a huge amount of data. Google's file system in Google's cloud computing architecture is one of three key technologies in cloud computing. This article

VSFTPD most detailed configuration file

Label:VSFTPD as a flagship secure FTP server, there are a number of options set. The configuration file list for vsftpd is described below, and all configurations are based on the vsftpd.conf configuration file. This article will provide a complete

MyBatis automatically generate mapping profile information using generator

Label:using MyBatis To configure mapping file comparisons is cumbersome, but there are auto-generated jar tools that facilitate faster development, mainly the use of the tool and the associated configuration. 1. Download Related ResourcesWe need to

A014-values Resources

Tags: android it-xiao wizardsAbout the resource files used in Android, the previous land continued to introduce a lot, this lesson to you about the use of Android "value resources."You can see the above, in the values folder contains a lot of XML

Why a constructor cannot be a virtual function

Tags: function constructors1, from the storage space angleThe virtual function corresponds to a vtable, which we all know, but this vtable is actually stored in the object's memory space. The problem is that if the constructor is virtual, it needs

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