case in syntax SQL then else end usage-resolves a field to take a different value based on the condition

Tags: copy replacement labor and so on unique female not mode economicsCase has two formats. Simple case function and case search function.--Simple case function when ' 1 ' then ' Male ' when ' 2 ' then ' women ' else ' other '

Display engine InnoDB status explanation

Tags: exe No 4.0 moni multi-point KB tuple lag numberA lot of people asked me to explain the output of show INNODB status , to see what the show INNODB status is outputting, and what information we can get from this information to improve MySQL

Some SQL commands commonly used in the Oralce database (add field annotations, modify data, and so on)

Tags: comment upd lib Owner var justify note ase GesRecently began to contact Oralce, organized a few recent SQL commands commonly used in PL1. Modify the data in the tablewrite the query statement and condition, and then add "for Update", "for

NoSQL status

Tags: Big data html post org Relationship interesting span project allowsAfter at least 4 years of intense debate, it is time to make a phased conclusion about the state of NoSQL. So much has happened around NoSQL that it's hard to make a simple

Solve myEclipse2014 Card

Tags: design splash Error compiling default foreign condition speed INISolve the myeclipse eat memory and the method of card dead blog Category: Eclipse MyEclipsePreface: MyEclipse5.5 size 139m;myeclipse6.5 size 451m;myeclipse7.0 size 6

wget (Download) command usage in Ubuntu

Tags: led access succeeded password occupy specified ASE let testReprinted from: wget is a tool for downloading files, which is used at the command an essential tool for Linux users,

JS table sorted by a column

Tags: table field render gets des table order function dataThe essence is that the object is sorted by an attributeThis takes the form of JSON data returned in the first order/* Sort */function Getsortfun (order, SortBy) {var Ordalpah = (Order = =

SPRINGMVC4 (7) Model View method source code synthesis analysis

Tags: oca data-script user PDF file length row content div In full web development. SPRINGMVC primarily acts as a control layer. It accepts requests from the view layer. Gets the view-level request data and then the business logic processing of the

Python_ nested lists into normal lists

Tags: idea nbsp list break except count www through spanHow to put [1, 5, 6, [2, 7, [3, [4, 5, 6]]] into [1, 5, 6, 2, 7, 3, 4, 5, 6]?Thinking:--The For loop iterates through the list layer at a time--Add a single value to the new list--To change the

Initialization of arrays and two-dimensional arrays, pointers and arrays

Tags: c1, the initialization of the array, relatively simple, the instance is as follows:#include <stdio.h># define M 12int main (void) {int Days[m]={31,28,31,30,31,30,31,30,30,31,30,31};int i;for (i=0;i <m;i++) printf ("Months%d has%2d

Multi-threaded Combat (a): Traffic light Management system

Tags: indicates exe als demand analysis thread track ack place voidI. Project requirements:Simulation realizes traffic light management system logic at intersection. Detailed requirements such as the following:1. Asynchronously randomly generates a

Array string

Tags: tin error break standard concat standard input input password substring contains(1) Call Method:GetsCharacter array)(2) function function: from standard input device(stdin)On the keyboard, read1A string(You can packageWith spaces), and store

Little Turtle Python3 Notes

Tags: How much structure is passed another user argument 16 one variable scope000-Happy StartEasy to get started, hard to learn, less code.Cross-platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX.  Application area: Operating system WEB 3D Animation enterprise

Spring-oauth-server Practice: Client and Server Environment setup

Tags: CLI tar word business play technology share dash log infClient: http://localhost:8080/spring-oauth-client/index.jsp Server: http://localhost:8080/spring-oauth-server/ INDEX.JSPACCESS_TOKEN=942090FC-1AA0-4444-8127-57214680DF3B Verification

The difference between args and arg-names in Spring AOP

Tags: a pre CTC getc names print logs get systemThese two days in looking at the various syntax of AOP ASPECTJ, found that there are two concepts of args and arg-names is easy to confuse, the Internet is basically not clear, so try it out, find it

"BZOJ2843" Polar travel agency offline + Tree chain split + tree-like array

Tags: handling ret 16px Microsoft desc sam swa int ace"BZOJ2843" Polar travel agency description not long ago, Mirko established a travel agency called "Polar Dream". The travel agency buys N Iceland near the Arctic and provides sightseeing services.

Top ten most popular programming languages, how many are you good at?

Tags: stat end CTI OID reliability using the ASP. NET Learning ClassKeeping the lead is one of the biggest challenges faced by any software project engineer.So which programming language needs the most enduring?Ten. ASP.Asp. NET is the server-side

Implementation of a queue class (70 times times faster than Delphi comes with) (thread-safe version)

Tags: begin function hive implement RTL TCA function CTI DelphiUnit Sfcontnrs;Interface{$DEFINE Multi_thread_queue}//thread-safe version, if thread safety is not required, comment out this line of code{$IFDEF

Dates and APIs

Tags: calculate last save pattern RAC version between ane simpleJava1.0 support for dates and times can only depend on the Java.util.Date class, the start of the year is 1900 you, the beginning of the month is calculated from 0. Its return value

HTML5 some uses of the upload API (on)

Tags: server response add admin error Upload control pos head Insert

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