Label: <title>Sql–alter</title> Sql–altertable of Contents Character Engine Add Drop Primary key: FOREIGN key Default Modify Change Rename generally cannot be changed, the data may be wrong

Build lamp Environment "apache2.4.12 + php5.5.12 + mysql5.6.13"

Label:lamp   apache   mysql   php   cmake     CentOS 6.61. apache/2.4.122. PHP 5.5.123. MySQL 5.6.13#--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Comparison of two algorithms for calculating natural logarithm

Label:IntroductionSome time ago, I wrote two essays on algorithms for calculating natural logarithms, using the elliptical θ function-arithmetic geometric averaging and Taylor series expansions-to calculate. What about the performance of the two

Introduction of MD5 algorithm and implementation method of JDK self-bring

Label:MD5 algorithm, has been known, as a senior or entry-level developers, are called "MD5 ah, know know." A few days ago the program slightly small problem, because some places are encrypted, and some places are not encrypted. A colleague is proud

UVA 1345 Jamie's contact Groups (Max Stream + two minutes)

Label:UVA 1345 Jamie ' s contact GroupsDescriptionJamie is a very popular girl and have quite a lot of friends, so she's always keeps a very long contact list in her cell Phon E. The contact list have become so long that it often takes a long time

Day06_ Method _20150806

Label:day06_ Method _20150806-------------------------Review:---------------------------------1. Better application conditionsWhen---while until---do--while a fixed number---for2. Nesting loopsLoop in the loop of the sleeveOuter walk once, inner

Ganymed SSH2 analog Similar FileZilla remote transfer file (based on SCP protocol)

Tags: ganymed ssh2 remote transfer file ganymed ssh2 SCP protocol ganymed SSH2 analog similar filganymed SSH2 analog similar FileZilla remote transfer file (based on SCP protocol)In order to transfer files or directories, we use the Scpclient class

Yii2 in the GridView

Label:YII2 Native Sql+gridview Paging problemhttp://www.yiichina.com/question/235Yii2 The use of the combination of GridView and DropDownListhttp://www.yiichina.com/tutorial/473<?= $form->field ( $model, ' provinces ')->dropdownlist

Drug discovery and inventors for the treatment of malaria

Label:Tu yo yo, female, December 30, 1930 born, pharmacy, lifelong researcher and chief researcher of Chinese Academy of TCM, director of Artemisinin Research and development center. He was hired as a master tutor in 1980 and a doctoral tutor in 2001

eq equal NE, neq unequal, GT greater than, LT is less than GTE, GE is greater than or equal to LTE, Le is less than equals not non-mod modulo, etc.

Label:eq equal NE, neq unequal, GT greater than, LT is less than GTE, GE is greater than or equal to LTE, Le is less than or not non-mod modulo is [not] div by whether it can be divisible by a number is (not) even is an even is [NOT] The even by $b (

ACM-ICPC 2015 Asian continent Sub-division (Asia Eastcontinent sub-region, including mainland China division) special rules

Tags: acm-icpc china asiaI. Simplification and reorganization of the Asian CommissionIn view of the requirements of the CEO of ACM-ICPC headquarters: simplifying and reorganizing the Asian Commission and simplifying the rules for the Asia team to

Floor (x) function

Label:The floor (x) function, which takes the whole function down, returns the largest integer not greater than X, which is different from rounding.For example:Floor (3.14), return 3Floor (3.99), return 3Floor (-3.14), return-4Floor (-3.99), return-4


Tags: Internet application netcom Telecom IP address Network ServicePreface tipsMy most used DNS is Google's free DNS, the effect is very good: DNS is the abbreviation for the domain name Server, which is used to name computers and

setsockopt () usage (parameter details)

Label:NT SetSockOpt (SOCKET S,int level,int optname,Const char* Optval,int Optlen);S (socket): points to an open set of interface descriptor wordsLevel: Specifies the type of the option code.Sol_socket: Basic set of interfacesIpproto_ip:ipv4 Socket

NTOP Monitoring network traffic

Label:Using NTOP to monitor network traffic____ network traffic reflects the operation status of the network, is the key data to determine whether the network operation is normal, in the actual network, if the network traffic control is not good or

. md File Markdown Syntax description

Label:Markdown Syntax Instructions (Simplified Chinese version)/(click to see Quick Start) Overview Purpose Compatible HTML Automatic conversion of special characters Chunk element Paragraphs and

Step-by-step follow official documents to install the latest Zabbix (2.4.5) A

Tags: Zabbix official installation IntroductionWhat is Zabbix?Zabbix is an open source enterprise-class distributed solution.Zabbix is a software that monitors multiple resources, including the network, the health of integrated services, and so on.

STM32 Hardware CRC32 Use

Label:Recently used STM32 CRC32 module, look at the official website Lib, feel very simple to use. However, you will find that the direct use will appear, and many online CRC32 Web sites or PC-side CRC32 Verification Tool calculation results

Design of the calculator using UI custom controls in OC (version 1 simple subtraction, add, subtract, connect, connect)

Tags: UI Control Calculator Button Event TriggerDesign of the calculator using UI custom controls in OC (version 1 simple subtraction, add, subtract, connect, connect)#import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface

"The twists and turns" Excel skill hundred example 08. Calculate the difference of two dates

Tags: Excel skew date DifferenceIn Excel, if you quickly calculate the difference between two dates?For example a date is: 2012/3/12 B Date: 2015/7/29 then the two dates are a few years, a few months, how many days difference?We use the DATEDIF

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