IANA reserved address

The IANA refers to (Internet assigned Numbers authority), the Internet number distribution authority. Responsible for IP address assignment planning and port definition for TCP/UDP public services. Th

What is the NIC MAC address? How to modify the NIC MAC address

MAC (Medium/media Access Control) address is for the network card, the manufacturer in the production process, the network card in its EPROM burned in a group of numbers, this group of numbers, each n

Pagination sample sharing for ZF Framework DB classes

  This article mainly introduces the pagination example of the ZF framework DB class, the code is very simple, you can take a look at the comments to use the A sample pagination   code

ZF Framework DB Class Select query Join list Use example

  This article mainly introduces the ZF Framework's DB Class select query Join list Use example, the need for friends can refer to the following The Zend framework's query join () list uses the

JS in switch case loop instance code

  This article mainly introduced in JS switch case loop instance code, a friend in need can refer to the The code is as follows: Switch (objnametype) {  case ' PD ':   valueud

Introduction and examples of php5.3 goto functions

The  goto operator can be used to jump to a specified position in a program. The target location can be marked with a colon for the target name. The goto operator is added after php5.3+ to jump to another location in the program; the usage is

ASCII code is what, the ASCII comparison table

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange, American Information Interchange standard codes) is a computer coding system based on the Latin alphabet. It is mainly used to display modern

Revealing Apple's latest operating system Yosemite icon Design

@ Chen Zimu last month Apple released a preview of the latest OS OS X Yosemite, and the visual design of the interface was closer to the iOS7 design language. Those familiar fuzzy backgrounds and tran

Cake Architecture Primer

(i) Introduction This article mainly describes the cake architecture, and how to install the configuration using this architecture to get started to develop. (b) requirements (1) to understand the b

Whether the files uploaded by the cool disk are safe

Cool disk uploaded to the cool disk server files, have been multiple block encryption, only through the account password authorization to access, you can safely store files. Cool disk in the upload pr

Magican Magic Cans Evaluation

Apple's Mac OS X operating system has always been fast, security is known, but any computer for a long time, there will be some "no more than the year", in the major Apple forums can be seen, many Mac

Control Site page size with Google WEBP picture format

Whether you believe it or not, with the rapid development of the Internet Web pages are also constantly growing. The culprit for the rapid expansion of the Web page is not the extensive use of JavaSc

Let Word2007 's default format be changed from Docx to Doc

Microsoft Word's latest version of Word 2007 changes a lot, but one of the biggest changes in the document format changes, from Doc into a strange docx, although the new format has a small size, but t

Ubuntu Computer Basics: New Folder

1, open the home folder 1 on the top of the Tray point menu "Location-home folder", open your own home folder window; 2 Right click on the folder blank, select the first "Create folder (

All kinds of "body" big inventory in the network popular

Since the poetic circle of "pear body" spread to the network, as the "worm" generally, the online variety of "body" began a wave after wave, one after another prevailed. These so-called "body", in fac

What is the telnet command? What's the use of the Telnet command?

  One: Introduction Although it is now believed that Telnet/ftp/rsh as an unsafe service has not been used, but in some cases within the local area network is still widely used, especially security i

"SVN" is not an internal or external command

When I enter "SVN" in the run-cmd, I will be prompted that "SVN" is not an internal or external command. I've got the problem of environment variables, but there's always this in the path of environm

"Quality Effect 3" Engineer's alternative play skill flow detonation

Before playing the ability, pioneer, infiltrate several occupations. Power crazy bombing, pioneer desperate charge, penetrating burst head. Strange speed is a good career, power, pioneer skills flow,

JS Clear Word Format Sample code

  This article mainly introduces the use of JS to clean up Word format, the need for friends can refer to the following   Code as follows: <input type= "button" onclick= "Cleanw

There are generally two ways to parse a JSON string into a JSON data format in JS

There are generally two ways to parse a JSON string into a JSON data format in JS: 1. One is to use the Eval () function. 2. Use function objects to perform return parsing. The first parsing method

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